Friday morning and another road traffic collision at Gilden Way junction

News / Fri 8th Mar 2024 at 09:04am

FRIDAY has begun with another road traffic collision as the traffic lights continue to be out of operation.

On Friday morning YH was sent photographs of an apparent road traffic collision on the Old Harlow junction.

Most traffic coming from Junction 7a or from Mark Hall seem to be treating the lights as red whereas those going across, hoping to go into Churchgate Street, are having to be very cautious indeed. And even then.

The police have told YH that “the responsibility for traffic control and a temporary fix of the lights is solely a matter for Essex Highways to attend, fix and if necessary put in a solution.

Both Conservative and Labour councillors have been pressing all the relevant parties for a solution.

In an e-mail from Old Harlow councillor Joel Charles to Essex Police, he said : “I contacted the police main control room on Wednesday and completed a report about the traffic lights not working at the main Gilden Way roundabout.

“The traffic lights at the roundabout have not been working since yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon. I was told on the phone that a traffic officer would contact Essex Highways immediately to help move things along.

When the traffic lights stopped working roughly two weeks ago, I did report the issue through to the police control room then. A traffic officer did push Essex Highways to respond at the time and the lights were fixed in a matter of hours.

“There is a risk to public safety as vehicles are travelling at great speed through the middle lane of the roundabout, which is making it very difficult for local traffic to navigate a way from and to Churchgate Street and Gilden Park.

“I have also asked Essex Highways to install a temporary traffic management system to reduce the risk of a collision”.

Labour’s Chris Vince said he got the following response from Highways.

Chris Vince said: “I have made contact with our Traffic Light Maintenance Team, they have advised that the traffic signals at this site are under the developer for maintenance to look after, they have contacted the Developer and advised them the lights here need to be looked at urgently”

We were told at 9am on Friday morning that the lights were back in operation.

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9 Comments for Friday morning and another road traffic collision at Gilden Way junction:

A Smith
2024-03-08 09:27:44

Essex Police confirm that the responsibility of the lights and the maintenance and repair is that of Essex Highways, yet councillor Joes Charles contacted the Police main control room. Why? At least Chris Vince contacted the correct people and got an answer.

Kim Oconnor
2024-03-08 09:28:19

Essex highways, get this sorted before there's a terrible accident. This is badly planned out in first place.

Mark M
2024-03-08 10:05:42

Discussed a total shambles I came home from work late last night and nearly got wiped out a bloody joke nice to see our so called mp is sorting it out

2024-03-08 11:52:37

Why not park two police cars there and slow the traffic down!

2024-03-08 12:37:42

When these first came online. All the traffic lights were at a constant green. Death trap.

Fraser Macmaster
2024-03-08 12:40:28

My wife reported it on Wednesday to the police as Essex Highways were shut . It's been like Russian roulette for the passed three days. Someone hung signs on the traffic lights saying they were out of action, so someone knows about this ? Why hasn't anybody just put a line of cones across the Centre through road and a filter a line of cones making drivers go round the roundabout ????

2024-03-08 13:21:49

Sadly politics again rears its head! Its not my fault its theirs, No its someone else's fault, No No its their fault! Listen who hell cares who's fault it is someone just bloody sort it out! Simple Its a little like the pot hole saga! again no one knows who,s fault they are! These lights are broken so someone sort it out have we not got Tsar who can fix anything that is clearly a very big danger!

2024-03-08 13:36:48

Tomcat, this one has Essex County Council written all over it – There oversee the roads, the police and they were the ones who funnelled the traffic from the M11 along their poorly designed road scheme through Old Harlow. We could however blame Robert Halfon as he cites J7a as one of his few achievements Robert Halfon isn't as faceless and remote as Essex – When are the elections for Essex?

2024-03-09 17:20:01

As soon as these traffic lights fail the police should close the centre road through the roundabout and just revert it back to a traditional roundabout.....death trap otherwise. And how about some monitoring of speed along the newly widened Gilden Way from Junction 7a. And how about fitting kerbstones that are fit for purpose to the Junction 7a roundabout.....ones with drainage in just shatter all the time when trucks run over them.

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