Old Harlow councillor details action taken and changes to Gilden Way traffic lights

News / Fri 8th Mar 2024 at 04:56pm

COUNCILLOR Joel Charles, who has been working with Cllr Mike Garnett and Robert Halfon MP to respond to the Gilden Way roundabout situation, has issued a further update now that the traffic lights are working.

Cllr Charles said: “The fact that it took two days for the traffic lights at the Gilden Way roundabout, that serves as the main access to Churchgate Street and Gilden Park, to be fixed is not acceptable.

“Fundamental lessons need to be learnt about communication and making sure there is a deliverable contingency plan. There was a risk to public safety as vehicles were still allowed to continue using the middle roundabout lane after exiting the M11.

“A full contingency plan urgently needs to be drawn up setting out how Essex Highways and its contractor at Gilden Way will respond if the worst-case scenario happens again. The collisions that sadly took place could have been avoided if a contingency plan was already in place.

“Closing the middle lane should be one of the first actions that is included in the contingency plan for the roundabout to help reduce the risk to drivers. Essex Highways officials need to also consider having on standby a temporary traffic management system that can be rapidly deployed in such situations. I am pushing Essex Highways officials to agree to both, and am seeking confirmation that the repair work on the traffic lights has managed to resolve the issue that caused them all to stop working in the first place.

“It has now been confirmed that the set of traffic lights controlling the Churchgate Street roundabout exit will have their frequency changed at peak morning and evening rush hour times to allow more cars through. Engineers are also exploring placing a traffic beacon at Sheering Road that will trigger a light change if there is congestion at the exit. This is in direct response to concerns raised by Churchgate Street residents about the long waiting time at their roundabout exit.

“I know that residents are deeply frustrated about what has taken place this week. There does need to be a greater sense of urgency to resolve major road traffic issues. Highways officials must now put in place the safety management steps and traffic flow improvements that will restore confidence.”

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5 Comments for Old Harlow councillor details action taken and changes to Gilden Way traffic lights:

Felmongers resident
2024-03-08 19:20:05

I am glad this has been sorted but at least they have got some traffic lights unlike the drivers trying to get out from Momples Road. Garnett says they will just have to put up with taking their life in their hands every time they turn right onto First Avenue.

2024-03-09 07:28:05

Good design fails safe. Essex CC and National Highways make same mistakes again and again since the M11 was built on the wrong side of town. It'll not be long before Harlow gets totally gridlocked.

Tracie Sullivan
2024-03-09 08:52:31

Thank you, at last. It’s terrible that we don’t even know the company that manages the lights. The fact the police were sat just up at the mayfield farm roundabout and could not do anything. Hopefully they will take action. Churchgate street is really suffering, pot holes, speeding traffic, dirty unkept broken pathways to the schools, it’s like no one cares about the traffic increase and the damage it’s going to our beautifully village. We have a thundering unmanaged road, cars and Lorrie’s going way way over 60 miles an hour. It is an accident waiting to happen.

Geraldine Sinclair
2024-03-09 16:35:01

We need traffic average speed cameras. We cross over on the Marsh Lane/ Gilden Park pedastrian lights. Traffic coming off Junction 7a still think its okay to speed at 70. The lorries are the biggest concern due to the time it takes to slow down when the lights go red for us to cross. Many times they have jumped the lights. Cars as well not just lorries.

Nicholas Taylor
2024-03-10 09:05:45

Lets be clear, it does and indeed should not take the involvement of politicians to get these lights fixed, it is a matter of public safety and part of the every day job of staff at Essex County Council. I am afraid this is another example of electioneering as we approach the local elections. The real fault of course rests with Councillors at County Hall who refused to stump up the cash to build a northern by-pass around Harlow which would have resulted in far less traffic running through the town, passing two schools, the industrial estate and retail parks.

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