Time to be Nasty at the Harlow Playhouse

News / Fri 8th Mar 2024 at 07:52am

DO you remember that time you pooed yourself in public? How about all those times you swore at your mum for asking you to tidy your pigsty of a room? Maybe you’re still blushing over the time someone pointed out your cellulite when you were getting changed for P.E. in year 11. The Nasty Girls are here to tell you about all their angriest, grossest and most shameful moments in full, uncensored detail. This autobiographical, confessional piece of theatre explores the hidden side of what it means to be a woman.

SURPRISE! They’re just people. And people are pretty gross. Witness real-life theatre about what it felt like for two chubby girls who grew up in the thigh-gap worshipping, fart denying, skinny tea-peddling dumpster fire that was the 2010s. Through the use of monologues, duologues, movement and music, NASTY examines a range of different thoughts and fears about real-life experiences as women with regards to body image and bad habits.

Breaking away from patriarchal notions of ‘femininity’ and normalising how women feel situated in their bodies and all its accompanying functions, is something that traditionally is not publicly discussed. NASTY wants to challenge that notion.

Trigger Warnings: eating disorders, self harm, strong language, masturbation. We operate an open door policy throughout all our shows.

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Peter p
2024-03-08 11:51:24

Sounds horrific!!!!

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