Essential pothole repairs continue despite wettest February since 1836

News / Mon 11th Mar 2024 at 08:55am

CREWS were hard at work across Essex last month despite significant wet weather says Essex County Council.

Essex Highways fixed more than 700 potholes over the past month despite record-breaking wet weather.

Crews carried out a total of 708 pothole repairs during East Anglia’s wettest and warmest February on record.

This included 408 on priority roads and 300 on local roads.There was a 90% increase in pothole repairs across 2023 compared to the previous year. 

This follows £17.4 million of additional funding committed for Highways. This includes an extra £5.4 million for pothole repairs from the Department for Transport.

The funding meant Essex Highways could hire 11 additional crews to carry out significantly more pothole repairs across the county.

Councillor Tom Cunningham, Cabinet Member for Highways, Infrastructure, and Sustainable Transport at Essex County Council, said: “The additional funding underscores our commitment to improving road conditions.

“We won’t let adverse weather deter us from our mission to maintain top-quality roads for a safer, greener and healthier Essex.”

The council recently announced an extra £12 million for highways to be spent from April 2024.

£8 million of this will go towards bringing on additional crews to repair defects across the county this year.

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11 Comments for Essential pothole repairs continue despite wettest February since 1836:

2024-03-11 09:41:07

We are intended to read this as good news. But please tell us, how many potholes remain to be filled in and when will they be done?

kelly stander
2024-03-11 10:16:11

so the very dangerous pavements near my house have been reported 3 years ago and numerous times since , nothing done accident waiting to happen , maybe when someone does trip and fall injuring themselves they may do something only may !!!!!!

Tony Edwards
2024-03-11 11:03:52

I just wish Essex County Council would stop Gas Lighting us all. The roads are in a dreadful state and they know it.

2024-03-11 11:40:08

Want to sort out the major pot holes on Harlow mill bridge, fixed once and yet again they’re back, Sort it out,

2024-03-11 12:05:11

Just got my car tax reminder through, gone up by £11, still dodging the holes, where's my money going????

2024-03-11 12:28:49

I suppose the craters near the BP M11 RBT are invisible..

James Gamble
2024-03-11 14:26:54

Take a look at Hook field where the potholes were repaired a few months ago. There are new potholes and some old ones appearing again. Instead of quick fix sub-standard repairs either replace the whole road or return it to concrete.

2024-03-11 16:17:14


Peter Sumner
2024-03-12 09:15:30

The roads in Old Harlow are in a shocking condition and have been for some time. A considerable amount of patch repairs where completed in October last year and improved the road conditions for two months until they started to breakdown again. Carrying out these chap patch repairs only to have to repeat them in a couple of months time, is a complete waste of Tax payers money.

2024-03-12 12:07:27

I swear ECC Highways puts these stories on line just to wind people up. Do they seriously expect praise- idiots We have paid over and over for road maintenance which they have totally failed Just do the job you are being paid for and stop taking the piss out of us

2024-03-12 14:25:06

The potholes in Hookfield have appeared yet again despite them been filled only a few months ago. I agree with Mr Gamble either replace the entire road or start using concrete which has a much longer life. Come on Essex county council It's not rocket science !!

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