Over-40s urged to get free blood pressure checks

Health / Mon 11th Mar 2024 at 02:39pm

THE NHS wants more people over 40 to get a blood pressure check, saying there are millions who do not realise they have dangerously high levels reports the BBC.

Often, there are no warning symptoms and it is thought about a third of cases are undiagnosed – that is 4.2 million people in England alone.

Sometimes called a “silent killer”, high blood pressure can lead to heart attacks and strokes.
Free checks are available at many local pharmacies and GP surgeries.

While the cause is not always clear, risk factors include being overweight, drinking too much alcohol and smoking.

Lifestyle changes, such as cutting down on salt and quitting smoking, as well as medication can treat it and reduce the risk of complications.

The campaign is being backed by Graeme Souness, TV pundit and former footballer, who is affected by high blood pressure and had a heart attack.

He said: “It’s so important to get your blood pressure checked – in my experience, high blood pressure doesn’t only affect the ‘usual suspects’, it can and does affect anyone so you could be at risk without knowing it.

“I’ve had high blood pressure for years but have been able to manage it with a routine of healthy eating, regular fitness and regular blood pressure checks.”

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2 Comments for Over-40s urged to get free blood pressure checks:

Logan Van Der Pole Tracey
2024-03-11 23:21:45

Ok so I resonate with this. Years ago on jeans for genes day...my chops got absolutely bashed in....I'm talking full of chops GONE. This was done by Sam Bolton. If anything is gonna raise blood pressure its that..even to this day. Sam...I loved my black hair and you bust my chops in for it...you was cruel

2024-03-12 07:55:16

For those who can afford it , for £25 you can buy your own blood pressure machine. It will save on queues at the doctors

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