Harlow Council carry out improvements to Ward Hatch near Tanys Dell

News / Wed 13th Mar 2024 at 07:57am

HARLOW Council is carrying out improvements to Ward Hatch near Tanys Dell as part of its shopping hatches improvement programme which is all part of the council’s priority to restore pride in Harlow. 

As part of the improvements the memorial bench for Private Robert Foster is being restored. It has been temporarily removed while it is carefully restored and it is being looked after in a workshop. The bench will return in a couple of weeks. 

This week, the council’s maintenance company HTS, has jet washed the brick planters and fencing has been put up as repairs to the brickwork will begin next week. 

Next week the stairs will also be painted as well as the cycle rack. 

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5 Comments for Harlow Council carry out improvements to Ward Hatch near Tanys Dell:

David Forman
2024-03-13 11:28:48

Yes, I saw the private contractors in action only yesterday. You will notice there are not any HTS signs on the vans. Anyhow, they look like they are doing a good job and wearing all the right PPE. A much needed improvement that is appreciated.

John C
2024-03-13 12:42:17

About time! They put off their duties for years and neglected the hatches, now they do the bare minimum and expect a big fanfare for “restoring pride” and making improvements when it is simply doing what they should’ve been doing for years! They should have never been left in the first place to need restoring.

Crazyhorse 75
2024-03-13 15:21:39

Any chance of a better sweet shop and a decent chinese!!

2024-03-13 18:08:25

What a load of moaners.

2024-03-15 08:36:43

You can't please some people, always whinging about something and everything. Great Chinese👍

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