Princess Alexandra Hospital issues statement after major incident at Intensive Care Unit

News / Thu 14th Mar 2024 at 04:30pm

Update: Statement

Stephanie Lawton, chief operating officer at The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust, said: “Today, 15 March, we have stepped down the major incident for our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to an internal business continuity incident. Patients who need intensive care are being cared for by the ICU team in a purpose-built area with all the ICU specialist equipment required.

“All services are operational whilst remedial work is underway in ICU.

“Our thanks go to all of our teams their prompt action and for their continued specialist care for our patients.”

THE DEPUTY chief executive of Princess Alexandra Hospital has issued a statement after reports of an incident at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) today (Thursday).

Sharon McNally, chief nurse and deputy chief executive at The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust, said: “We can confirm that an incident took place in our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) on 14 March, where medical equipment detached from its fitting. No one was harmed as a result of the incident.

“As a precautionary measure, we have declared a major incident as we have vacated our ICU while we fully assess and check the fittings for other medical equipment in the area.

“We are continuing to manage patients who require intensive care safely within our hospital and we are also grateful to our healthcare partners for their continued support. We are continuing our investigation of this incident to ensure patient safety.

“Our emergency department (ED) and wider hospital facilities remain open as usual.”

A spokesperson for the Essex Fire Service said: “Firefighters were called to Princess Alexandra Hospital at 5.54am. On arrival, crews reported a ceiling had partially collapsed and worked to make the scene safe by 9.09am.”

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19 Comments for Princess Alexandra Hospital issues statement after major incident at Intensive Care Unit:

Eric Wenham
2024-03-15 08:28:36

The deputy Chief Executive’s statement, issued twelve hours after the “incident” is a corporate one which tells nothing of what actually happened. The result is a complete mismatch with the statement by the Fire Brigade. I presume that, if the ceiling collapsed, there was a risk of fire because the ceiling contained electricity cables and possibly oxygen or other gases. Why can’t people say what happened clearly and honestly?

J Mcghee
2024-03-15 09:33:20

Job for you Robert

2024-03-15 12:17:19

Shouldn't health services for Harlow now be delivered from the new hospital you promised us Mr Halfon.

2024-03-15 12:19:16

Eric - you were told exactly what happened , no one was injured , there was obviously no risk of fire as the Fire brigade stated . What more information do you need ?

2024-03-15 12:30:59

My daughter had her baby in the maternity part,and that was a disgrace,toilets in the waiting* area broken,Vending and coffee machines not working.rude nurses.So not surprised important machinery failing also.

2024-03-15 12:35:04

Not being funny Harlow won’t get this new hospital nothing has been said about for ages and we haven’t seen any plans for this so called new hospital. All we get from the Conservative are promises after promises but all we get is lies and for Mr Halfon every thing that comes out of his month I don’t believe anymore. So if any one has a link for this so called new hospital I would like to see it thanks

Eric Wenham
2024-03-15 13:45:41

Mex - I think you missed the point which was that the hospital said nothing - probably to make sure that if there were any questions about the incident in the future they hadn’t admitted anything up front. E.g. lack of maintenance, ignoring leaks, cracks in the ceiling etc.?

Mo Fonzo
2024-03-15 14:15:19

This hospital is an absolute disgrace. Write to the deputy director of nursing who passed my complaint on to PALS. If I had wanted PALS would have contacted them myself, they are useless as well. Have a friend who had cancer surgery, on the day of her discharge I rang the hospital god knows how many times. Got through eventually, to inform them I was picking her up, would the medication be ready. Informed them that I would have to park in pick up/drop off point as she was weak and vulnerable. When I got there no medication ready. Also they had to find a wheelchair, that delayed us even more. It was raining hard, and I was not going to wheel an ill person across a carpark which was out in the open. Oh all your carparks do not have any cover. For my trouble I got £100 fine. I appealed to our local MP complete waste of time. Ian going to email the papers. Everything about your hospital is not conducive to anyone's well being. Nothing is fit for purpose, not an ounce of compassion, simpatico, empathy etc.

Mrs T
2024-03-15 16:04:14

I suppose all the right people were more interested in safely moving all the patients on life support machines from one end of the hospital to another, rather than updating people like you Eric.

Miss K
2024-03-15 16:28:57

Nobody has said what actually caused it? Is it workmanship incompetence/negligence?

2024-03-15 16:51:39

People are so quick to so how awful PAH is, We all know that a new Hospital is needed. My 30 year old daughter was in and out of there due to cancer ,she finally died there ,the staff were amazing even when some of the equipment wouldn't work, but they managed to source it from somewhere else, Collectively people need to contact MP for answers.

2024-03-15 17:07:15

The hospital and many of its staff mainly bank staff are not fit for purpose! Three words. Saunders Ward Shambles.

2024-03-15 19:21:27

Detained and Barry. I imagine the nurses are under a lot of pressure , they do a great job , So Barry have you never been a bit rude when you have been under pressure.

2024-03-16 07:15:27

I did my nurse training qualification over 15 years ago was appalled then by nurses attitudes hard, uncaring, still I healthcare yet to find many kind thoughtful nurses,my husband was unwell for a this time so also wife of patient again the hospital description if mo was identical to my experience I was run ragged by the service and since then its just become normal short staffed or not these places are chaos have had fantastic Consultants I fact brilliant how they carry on while l around is a nightmare I don't know ow sorry its the truth gps also dreadful

John Doe
2024-03-16 14:19:14

NHS should be privatised like in US. That will solve all this moaning from you lot. You will then get the kind of treatment you paid for. There will be no issue of over-worked and rude nurses. Patients who get everything free, but are on benefit and still very rude will finally realise how lucky they were under a totally free NHS.

2024-03-16 16:34:52

John Doe,I am with you on this!!! If the NHS was privatised, they would realise how very lucky we brits are, I am not saying the folk who have made the comments with regards To the staff who were not helpful especially the person who had cancer,and the person collecting them,got a £100 fine,as he had to park outside the entrance as his friend was very poorly,no meds ready either,that is unfair,but those who moan and moan about the NHS,should really think on.......

Eric Wenham
2024-03-16 20:18:52

So, Mrs T Now you are speculating as well!! Who knows?

2024-03-16 22:52:30

Really NHS should be privatised!! Half of it has already been privatised.Thats why things are deteriorating. Its all about making profit for companies and their shareholders. The words greedy and selfish spring to mind. What planet are you all on??!!

Kim Oconnor
2024-03-18 19:26:24

Sue , you are absolutely right.. and we do pay for NHS its not free.

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