Groundbreaking water strategy to safeguard Essex’s future is unveiled

News / Sun 24th Mar 2024 at 09:10am

THE first ever water strategy for Essex has been launched today at the Essex County Council Spring Climate Summit.

The strategy has been developed by the council in partnership with Water Resources East, water companies, regulators, farmers, environmental groups, and other interested parties. It outlines the current and future water issues facing Essex.

Essex is a seriously water-stressed area, with high demand, low rainfall, and poor water quality. Climate change and population growth are expected to worsen the situation, leading to water shortages, restrictions and impacts on the environment.

The strategy identifies the roles and responsibilities of various organisations involved in water management and highlights the need for change across three core areas. 

These are:

  • reduce our demand for water
  • change land use to work with nature, increasing natural green infrastructure
  • develop new sources of water supply, such as reservoirs and through desalination

There are 30 recommendations put forward in the strategy that aim to help safeguard Essex’s water.

The Essex Water Strategy calls for greater collaboration across all parties to deliver its recommendations and achieve the national targets for clean and plentiful water.

Alongside the strategy, the council has worked in partnership with the Young Essex Assembly to create theEssex Water – Your Future online explorer. This tool includes videos explaining the water challenges in Essex and solutions suggested in the Essex Water Strategy.

Councillor Peter Schwier, Climate Czar and Cabinet Member for Environment, Waste Reduction and Recycling, said: “Water is essential for our people, economy, and environment, but it is a resource at risk if we do not make changes.

“This strategy sets out a clear vision and roadmap for how we can protect and enhance our precious water resources, so that we can continue to enjoy the vital benefits that flow from it well into the future.

“We urge all our partners and residents to join us in this endeavour and help us make Essex a water-wise county.”

Read the Water Strategy for Essex in full.

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6 Comments for Groundbreaking water strategy to safeguard Essex’s future is unveiled:

2024-03-24 09:26:26

Stop building more bloody homes then.lol.

2024-03-24 12:02:00

Essex might start by blocking the project to build an Eastern Crossing from Herts into Harlow Essex from Pye Corner. The Crossing is in fact a raised road with culverts and a barrier that will destroy the ecology of the Stort River, threaten the chalk aquifer (a construction opposed by the unfortunately toothless Environment Agency) and with the works on the Central Crossing into Harlow reduce the flood plain and increase the frequency and volume of flooding. (As stated by hggts own consultant engineers in the hggt planning application) All sewage from Gilston estate will flow into the Valley towards the Thames trunk sewer that serves Harlow and that already frequently overflows into the Stort. The crossing itself has a phenomenal embedded Carbon footprint and as hggt Engineering consultants themselves reveal provides inadequate protection for the river against pollution during construction and run off pollution once in operation. Add to the destruction the felling of many ancient trees, the risks associated with disturbing old landfill sites, the air and noise pollution in the Valley, the effects of vastly increasing Gilston estate construction HGV traffic and the gridlock road congestion this project dumps on Harlow to benefit East Herts Council and developers cashing in on the exodus out of London and one can see Conservative Essex CC only wishes to conserve profits for developers who bankroll the party and not the environment. SOS

Guy Flegman
2024-03-24 14:50:50

No mention of the millions of gallons lost to leaks in the pipework. This should be the first port of call if they feel water supply is an issue.

Matthew Gillman
2024-03-24 15:01:42

We get such a lot of rain in winter. They should build more reservoirs.

Kim Oconnor
2024-03-25 09:51:05

Nostradamus, well said.

Stuart Guarniere
2024-03-25 13:53:52

We wouldn't have such an issue if we built more reservoirs. Not a single new reservoir has been built in England since the water companies were privatized. That, and underinvestment in water infrastructure leading to vast amount lost to leakage, is the primary reason we have an issue.

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