Essex Council appoint new communications officer on recycling

News / Tue 2nd Apr 2024 at 12:59pm

A NEW position offering up to almost £45,000 a year is hoped to improve messaging around recycling in Essex reports the Local Democracy Reporter.

The communications lead on waste and recycling is a new position being created at Essex County Council.

As communications lead, the individual will be responsible for coordinating the development and delivery of external communications and campaigns to support the delivery of the waste reduction behaviour change programme around waste reduction and increased recycling.

The fixed-term contract opportunity until March 2026 is being advertised with a salary of between £37,920 and £44,612 per year.

The advert comes as Essex County Council looks to procure black bag waste contracts potentially worth almost £1 billion while aiming to stop landfilling by January 2028.

Essex needs contracts to deal with the treatment and disposal of approximately 337,000 tonnes of residual black bag waste per year.

The tender is necessary as Essex County Council’s current residual waste disposal contracts expire on March 31 2025. Over the preceding year, almost 350,000 tonnes of black bag waste is set to be sent to landfill at a cost to taxpayers of at least £42 million.

The restrictions on waste going to landfill come two years ahead of the recommendation from the Essex Climate Action Commission to send zero waste to landfill by 2030.

It also comes as the council begins to develop its waste strategy plan for managing recycling and waste in Essex over the next 30 years.

The strategy sets out a vision to rethink waste and focus on reducing, reusing and recycling more.

Essex County Council launched a 10-week public consultation on behalf of the Essex Waste Partnership in September 2023 so residents could have their say on the draft strategy.

The responses of over 4,500 residents have now been independently analysed to show a good level of agreement across all localities on key proposals.

Findings from the report will be used to develop a final version of the Waste Strategy for Essex, with the adoption of the strategy by councils subject to a separate decision.

The advert says: “We’re dedicated to minimising the impact on the environment by supporting residents to reduce waste and increase the amount recycled, and by working with others to deliver a more circular economy.

“The communications lead is a new position where you’ll be instrumental in developing and driving the team’s engagement with the public, partners, and stakeholders on recycling and waste.

“We are seeking a passionate individual to lead a team and champion engaging and innovative external communications and campaigns that deliver lasting behaviour change.”

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5 Comments for Essex Council appoint new communications officer on recycling:

2024-04-02 18:48:10

Essex has got the whole strategy wrong. Look abroad to models that work with repairing and recycling business at local refuse centres. "Where there's muck there's brass". It needs to be set in a new approach from government to ensure all manufacturers make goods that a. Aren't made to a minimum lifetime specifications b. Are made of entirely recyclable materials.

2024-04-03 08:11:11

You do not have to go abroad to see how a recycling centre should be run, Ware have done this for a while and still manage to keep the roadways clear of debris and nails etc.

2024-04-03 18:09:43

Does the job include locating and clearing all the dumped waste from fly tippers and people who can't use on line booking system or can't be bothered no land fill by 2030 who thinks they will reach that Target 😂😂😂

2024-04-04 00:58:31

Just stop with net zero (it is frankly b****cks), fire all these make work idiots who do nothing but make life harder. Funny how all these things require a solution of more tax, more restrictions on what we can and cannot do (of course for the greater good, while the people who push it jet around the world) Here is a tip, in nature bright colours on animals act as a warning to others they are poisonous and should be kept away from. Take the same approach in life, if someone has bright coloured hair, blue or red etc notice they are idiots and their views and opinions best ignored. That solves all the climate, equality and other issues we face in the world, ignore them all they are mentally ill and life is better if you just laugh at them.

2024-04-04 10:34:02

Totally agree with Adam. The majority of people don't care about recycling and certainly do not know what is required! The obvious answer is to build Waste-to-Energy incineration plants, to recover the most from rubbish. Metals would be recovered, leaving only ash to go to landfill. Sorry, I forgot the NIMBY's and net zero morons who are stupid enough to believe the MP's sound bites.I am nearly 70 now, but I was warned as a young Engineer that being an MP / Councilor was the only job where you needed NO qualifications! How true, and we let them rule us!

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