Question Time set to be held for Harlow District Council Elections

News / Fri 5th Apr 2024 at 09:50am

A LOCAL election Question Time is set be held later this month.

The question time (or hustings) will be held at 7pm on Thursday April 18th in the main hall at Passmores Academy, Tracyes Road, Harlow.

This is organised and hosted by Your Harlow. This is a public event.

This is an all-out election year, that is, where all 33 seats are up for election. This is due to boundary changes.

The last time this happened was 2002.

So, with that in mind, we thought it would be appropriate to hold a Question Time.

We have invited the leaders of all the parties (that we know of as the list of candidates are yet to be published).

Conservatives, Labour, Green, Harlow Alliance and Ukip have accepted an invitation.

The event will last one hour and twenty minutes.

Eight questions to be discussed over 80 minutes.

The questions must be submitted to [email protected].

Ideally, as in Question Time/Any Questions, the person must be available to ask the question in person.

The event is free but we will have a charity bucket at the entrance for St Clare Hospice.

Parking available.

More details to come.

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22 Comments for Question Time set to be held for Harlow District Council Elections:

2024-04-05 11:30:44

Will it be on zoom/streamed or some other platform so those who cannot attend can view proceedings?

David Forman
2024-04-05 13:12:58

Harlow Labour were challenged to a hustings on 11th March and only this week agreed to take part. Obviously, Labour have grown a backbone in the preceding month.

Matthew Gillman
2024-04-05 14:10:15

Can we park there?

Staff Reporter
2024-04-05 14:33:35

Hello Matt, Yes parking available..

Bruce Downey
2024-04-05 15:11:02

1st image: young & old alike..2nd image: short-sighted..3rd image: not kimbo..4th image.. last rites.

Gary Scott
2024-04-05 15:21:33

Why do we have to submit questions, are the participants scared to answer real questions, or is it a way to cherry pick who can be in the audience, as we see on most question times, we all know councillors and mps never really answer anything but how great they are

2024-04-05 16:45:08

James, can you stop the council commenting on these things then, for example stop with the climate emergency and net zero bo****ks. empty the bins and make the roads drivable (i know essex CC) and keep out of our lives. What is the plan to stop tax payer funding the play house and other non statutory spending ? How do you work with essex CC to cut their taxes.

James Leppard
2024-04-05 17:02:19

Adam, I have natural empathy with many of your posts. I believe in individual freedom of speech and choices , a small, preferably non-intrusive State, low taxes and an awareness that a thriving private sector generates the tax revenues to pay for public services. This administration believes in a constructive, mutually beneficial relationship with the private sector as has been evidenced with sponsorship deals, which have great potential, the Harlow Regeneration Partnership as examples. Many of the most successful and efficient councils have adopted this approach. At the end of the day, results and value for money are what counts. Too often politicians (frequently but not exclusively on the Left) think the public and business sectors are cash cows to be plundered at will. Were this undertaken by private individuals, it would constitute larceny. The State is there to serve; it is not an end in itself.

Sarah P
2024-04-05 18:15:03

Due to a leaking roof my flat has had plastic roofing on for the past 5 years which has been replaced over and over again, each time scaffolding having to be erected. Do the panel think this is acceptable and what promises do each of them make to rectify the housing repair issues.

2024-04-05 20:04:05

Unfortunately no amount of hustings and hot air will be believable. Trust in our local representatives (and the Tory Essex County Councillors) has gone: we see what their actions have resulted in over many years. Words are cheap. The simple questions about pollution, housing, decimation of the environment and green spaces are answered by track records not in promises dreamed up just before elections. I've yet to decide which way to vote but clearly Torys clearly are only interested in property developers and don't have a clue about the environment nor how to transform the town centre (trying to resurrect a bomb site they have created to build vast numbers of flats in clusters of hi rise buildings), all smoke and mirrors. Labour let hggt pfp property developers in and haven't published any clear strategies for development. Lib Dems have disappeared, Green Party is actually talking to residents and spearheaded the campaign prevent the StortValley raised road barrier Eastern Crossing project they'll also gridlock East Harlow, Alliance Party is the only party that seems to have published sensible plans for development eg the town centre as a green, entertainment, leisure sports and arts hub with seemingly no national axe to grind and here and there we have long time residents independent candidates standing for the benefit of their local wards. Personally the tory vision of Harlow being a mini city is a nightmare scenario, they've already been duped into supporting hggt pfp and the development of housing and transport that only benefits East Herts, Epping, Essex and Herts Tory Councils to the detriment of Harlow and the decimation of our natural nature reserve The Stort Valley River. Look at actions not hot air and vague promises. Beware of parties who say they are sticking to the brilliant Gibberd plan but are actually only paying lip service, one doubts that they have ever read it nor the philosophy and strategy that underpins it. Be aware that the Gibberd was low pollution that put people and the environment first in a low rise town where people had green spaces and gardens. Labour and Conservatives are too busy scoring points off each other.

2024-04-05 20:19:27

James the Council and Councillors are there to first serve those they represent (Nolan Principles) not toe a party line. Business needs to thrive but taxes are actually good. It's privatisation by stealth starting by Thatcher that's show how small state and austerity for the general population Tory policies that's ruined virtually every sector in the UK including sewage filled rivers, obscene profits for fossil fuel companies and an insane desire to enrich foreign speculators and throw money at companies like EDF. (To support an old technology, nuclear power that actually doesn't work!). As Ritchie Sunak showed big state that kept business running through COVID actually works; he might do well to cross the floor rather than wait for a Tory Brutus to strike him down)

2024-04-05 20:26:58

I want to ask a few questions , so if I can I will be going

James Leppard
2024-04-06 02:09:17

Some suggestions: * It should be encouraged that questions come from members of the public rather than candidates. * Questions and answers should relate specifically to matters under the remit of Harlow Council, because whoever is elected will not influence Gaza, Ukraine or the price of crude oil, etc. * Would it not make sense for each leader to have 5 minutes to set out their plan at the start. * Questions and answers should be rigorously timed to ensure fairness, with clear signal to indicate end of time. * The proceedings should be conducted with courtesy, so no heckling or interruption from the floor or the panel. I hope these points are considered.

2024-04-06 07:44:12

James the Parties have each shown themselves incapable of producing a straightforward manifesto for every household to say how they have and would address the key issues such as housing for Harlow residents, transport, health centres, community, environment, green space, crime, the town centre, development of affordable low cost youth and sports facilities, antisocial behaviour, the arts, jobs and services generally, a few minutes in an address by leaders and 8 questions aren't going to cut it. Besides there's been such a loss in trust in most Councillors who remain pretty inaccessible that it's a safe bet the meeting will be stuffed by blind ardent party members and engagement from the rest of the community will be as dismal as that for local elections. Each party has been very aware of these elections and either has been rich enough to circulate what can only be described as propaganda or too lacking in funds to do so. Instead of the Tory party hi jacking the regular "news" paper that goes to every home the Council should have dedicated all editions giving each party the space and opportunity to present their manifestos over the last year.

2024-04-06 08:40:12

Nostradamus - so many of those things should not be the responsibility of the council. I think the only fair hustings is we put a boxing ring up and let all the candidates fight it out for the seat. 33 fights in one night, we could go pay per view and make a fortune for the town, who would not pay to watch politicians slugging it out.

2024-04-06 12:53:58

Adam, great idea! But why in blue blazes did they invite UKIP? Late April Fool?

Mark Gough
2024-04-07 12:37:43

They invited us John because we are standing for Election. We have set up again because Reform UK turned out to be a joke! Mark Gough -Leader Harlow UKIP

Mark Gough
2024-04-07 12:41:45

They invited us John because we are standing for Election. Remember we won the Council Election outright in 2014, just a decade ago. The only Party to ever do so other than the Old Two. If you want a late April Fool - try Reform UK! Mark Gough -Leader Harlow UKIP

Martin Harvey
2024-04-07 13:45:00

UKIP has a track record of getting things done, they won the referendum to leave the EU. The Conservatives have done nothing to implement this decision of the British People; so UKIP are here, back again to finish the job that means that even at Local level, your vote will be a vote that counts for Action, Martin Harvey.

Dan Long
2024-04-07 15:22:20

There is a big difference between Ukip Harlow compared to the Harlow Tories, The Harlow Labour group, the Liberal Democrats of Harlow and the Greens of Harlow. When we talk to residents of Harlow and they say that they would like a specific issue or matter looked into, we have it looked into unlike the parties who I named above. They are all quick to promise residents of Harlow but are just as quick to sweep it under the carpet. Plus, who can anyone trust the Tories of Harlow or Labour Harlow after all the lies they have both told the number residents of Harlow. Especially when it comes to housing and council tax. Labour being the worst for this when they wren in power between 2012 and 2021 they increased the council tax 8 times in them 9 years. The number one priority of Harlow is the people of Harlow and that is who I am here for.i have always said this since 2014 and I will carry on saying this Harlow housing for Harlow residents. From Dan Long Deputy leader of UKIP HARLOW

paul f
2024-04-07 15:23:00

I feel sorry for sarah and her roof,they have put black sheeting over it and batten it,they have put scaffold up various times and took it down which must of cost a bit,surely some one can fix the roof properly,other houses in the area have had there roofs done without any problems,so why not get sarahs roof done,come on council do the decent thing

Gillian Harris
2024-04-09 17:45:03

I want to know why our council rent has gone up by 7.7% when people are already struggling to by their bills ie gas, electric, food, petrol etc. no one has been given a 7.7% pay rise, especially pensioners so why make people pay this high rent increase now?

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