Rally for Gaza set to be held in Harlow Town Centre

Politics / Fri 5th Apr 2024 at 08:31am

A GROUP of people from Harlow, concerned about the ongoing killing of Palestinian civilians (mostly women and children) have been travelling together to the national Stop The War demonstrations in London for several months.

In response to the destruction of al-Shifa hospital by Israeli forces they decided to call a local rally. Since then the bombing of a food aid convoy has been reported.

A spokesperson said: “The bombing of schools and hospitals, the denial of food and clean water to the civilian population of Gaza – these are war crimes”.

At the Obelisk in Broad Walk, Harlow Town Centre at 12.30 on Saturday speakers will be calling on the government to stop supplying arms to Israel and to add their voices to international calls for a ceasefire.

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19 Comments for Rally for Gaza set to be held in Harlow Town Centre:

2024-04-05 11:55:34

The people of Gaza voted for Hamas. What about the rockets being fired into Israel killing innocent people? Surely the rally should be for both?

2024-04-05 12:29:44

Have you called on Hamas to release their hostages and surrender. Have you called on Iran to stop supplying weapons to Hamas, indeed supplying weapons to Hezbollah, Syria, Houthis in Yemen including missiles used to murder innocent sailors, and militias in Iraq. I am sure there are others I haven't mentioned (including murdering their women for protesting). Of course, I want this war to stop, indeed all killing much of which seems inspired by Islam but Israel aren't the guilty party. Blaming Israel plays into the hands of the terrorist countries -who would be happy living under an Iranian or even Russian govt?

David Forman
2024-04-05 12:40:38

I will be attending this event. Over 33,000 Palestinians killed, 192 United Nations aid workers killed that includes three former British Special Forces soldiers working for aid agency World Central Kitchen. Over 1.8 million Palestinians displaced from their homes and starvation and disease in progress. Hospitals destroyed and medical professionals killed. Restricted medical, food and food supplies. Israeli hostages shot dead by the Israeli Defence Forces and growing demonstrations in Tel Aviv against Netanyahu's far-right Government. Israeli Human Rights group speaking out about war crimes: https://www.btselem.org/gaza_strip/20240221_establishing_so_called_security_zone_in_gaza_is_a_war_crime

2024-04-05 12:56:47

Over 78% of Palestinians think what Hamas did on October 7th was acceptable.

Isla yousef
2024-04-05 15:02:54

Pro Palestine is pro Hamas…

2024-04-05 18:40:12

Socialist Worker Party (SWP) are the only group I have seen there.. what other groups are involved this time?

2024-04-05 19:06:17

How many Arabs live in Israel and how many Jews live in Palestine? Once you find the answer you realise it’s the Palestinians that want to eradicate the Jews.. please let the Jewish community have ONE state to live in peace… Islam doesn’t want the Jews

2024-04-06 07:16:35

The ongoing conflict in Yemen has seen upwards of 300,000 people killed and around 7,000,000 displaced and starving. Yet we see no demonstrations from Muslims about that. No doubt because it’s Muslims vs Muslims, and they must not be criticised.

2024-04-06 08:45:01

Don’t talk about Muslims killing that’s not allowed! Islam is the most misogynistic backwards religion on earth.

2024-04-06 13:28:28

It amazes me how people are so ignorant and simply accept the Zionist propaganda rather than actually researching THE TRUTH about what has been happening in Palestine for decades. There was no Isreal until some of Palestine was given to Zionists in 1948 by GB (what right did we have?) and they called it Israel. Palestinians have been pushed out of their homes, land and country by Israel. They have been murdered for decades with no sanctions on Israel. Israel have Palestinians penned in. They cannot move freely in and out of Palestine or indeed within it. There are check points all over and Israelis totally control all food, water, power, everything going in and out of Palestine. There used to be an airport and it was a thriving country. Israel satanic army keep them terrified for decades and arrest children and torture, starve rape and murder innocent prople for decades. Wake up and find the truth and stop being a sheep listening to the lies and propaganda that Israel want you to believe so that they can wipe out all Palestinians. IDF sre not interested in saving any hostages and killed many Jews on 7 October to prevent them being bartering chips for Hamas. Hamas are simply resistance fighters wanting the freedom of their people. Same as Mandela was called a terrorist once for fighting apartheid regime in South Africa, so Hamas are fighting apartheid and oppression in Palestine. If you won’t read the history, go on Netflix and watch a few Palestinian films like ‘The Present’ /‘Born in Gaza’ /‘Farha’ (which shows you how far back this oppression goes) 3000 nights/the crossing/Like 20 Impossibles’ Tgese films give you a tiny taster of every day life in Palestine. Nothing to do with 7 October all way before and the reason 7 October happened when people tried to defend themselves against the Israeli oppressors. For those who think other Muslim countries should take in those remaining alive in Gaza, why the hell should Palestinians leave their country? Imagine if Zionists knocked on your door and pushed you out or shot you and took your home, belongings. If not killing you, threw you on the street, Imagine going to the authorities who take no notice and tell you to jog on or shoot you themselves. Imagine you and your family being forced further and further away with no food water shelter or safety into a corner of UK after thousands being murdered and then saying, well Ireland could take you or Scotland off you go. Imagine your children being used as target practice. Hamas are not the problem. This has been going on way before Hamas existed. Israel are using the fact that Hamas exist so they can keep killing saying Hamas are hiding here or there, it’s all nonsense. If Hamas were wiped out, the Israelis would still continue to murder Palestinians. Zionists are brought up from birth to hate. Real Jews are not Zionists. Natanyahu is a psychopath and an evil and barbaric liar and dictator and shoulder to shoulder with Hitler and he and his satanic army are committing genocide.

2024-04-06 15:38:25

Free Palestine now! Stop the genocide, the oppression and apartheid! Hold Israel accountable for the murders of the innocent Palestinians! Throw away the key!

2024-04-06 17:40:23

Sharon - Mandela was terrorist. He planned and planted bombs in areas where black people were also likely to be, arranged the murders of people and openly said in court that any blacks who disagreed with his actions should have their tongues cut out. And as for freedom from the apartheid regime - many poor blacks in South Agrica who remember those days look back on them with nostalgia. They are much worse off now than they were under a white government. So much for freedom.

Head in hands
2024-04-06 19:46:40

The comments on this page. This is what happens when we don't teach people to think from an early age, have a scandalously biased media and a public debate that encourages people to pick a side and villify the other. This is why people get written off in towns like harlow as ignorant and or stupid. Think before you post. You might just at best be exposing your own biases or at worst be advertising your own ignorant stupidity.

2024-04-06 20:45:24

Sharon do you honestly think Hamas like people like you? YOU ARE FEEDING THE CROCODILE HOPING IT EATS YOU LAST

2024-04-06 20:48:51

Isreal is the only Jewish state for Jews to live and you want to annihilate them! Other Arab countries don’t want these Palestinian refugees because they are terrorists

2024-04-06 23:34:56

The war between Iran and Israel will start next week when ramadan ends.

2024-04-07 10:29:50

There was a peace until October 7th when Hamas attacked Israel. The majority of Palestinians support Hamas, this is what happens when as the saying goes you F**k around you find out. Israel is justified in its response, Hamas can release its hostages stop raping and murdering people and surrender and there will be peace again. Though as always the idiot socialists are the the ones who are supporting that (funny how they always support the murderers throughout history) Stalins term of useful idiots has never been a better description for them.

2024-04-07 11:52:03

Who started this conflict?? Israel should carry on and not listen to useless ceasefire requests from anyone. Those Gazza supporters seem to forget what happened in Israel on the 7th October. One more point, the people of Palestine voted for Hama, and now they are against Israel. Need to get prioroties right😠 Mick!

2024-04-08 00:27:09

John - Mandela fought to free South Africa from apartheid and he succeeded. He was the first black president of S. Africa. He spent 27 years in prison and won the Nobel prize for peace. He was a civil rights hero. Who says they are worse off? They have their freedom and time to build. Some say Churchill was a genocidal maniac, but he got a nobel prize too. IDF - Why would you think I want Hamas to like me? I'm just saying it as it is.What they did on 7 October was awful, but unsurprising given the intolerable situation Palestinians face every single day. Jj - Palestinian refugees are displaced families, forced out of their homes by Israelis. Adam - Really? Peace? Firstly, there were no rapes on 7 October or beheaded babies, that was proved to be Israeli propaganda lies and these things just never happened. Israelis created the stories to try to get everyone on side as they carried out their plan to ethnically cleanse Palestine, which they have been doing whilst committing a very slow genocide for decades. There has never been peace since the Zionists arrived in Palestine. Please research the facts from a reliable source. Do you think the ICJ have got it wrong with the facts they have been provided with and which they can see really easily for themselves. Which IDF are providing every single day on video real time? Together with the videos of victims dying before our eyes, the truth is right there.They hold the facts and they know there is a genocide being carried out. Israel want to get rid of all Palestinians and if they can make up any story to get people on side, they will. The world has seen the lies over and over and no one believes Netanyahu anymore. Read the history on Palestine before 1948 which was when the State of Israel was established and since. Palestine welcomed the poor displaced Jews and allowed them in to share their country. Israel was created. The Zionists came into Israel and stole homes and land in Palestine and pushed Palestinians into refugee camps. The protests from Palestinians prior to Hamas ever existing and since Hamas is simply for them to be allowed to return to the homes they were pushed out of. Hamas was only founded in 1987. I wouldn't be surprised after the way that Palestinians are treated and have been treated for decades, that more and more Palestinians would support a resistance group. Wouldn't anyone? Or live under the foot of Israel, stamping on you and your family members whenever they want. I mean, who wants to be a refugee because someone forced you out of the home your family has lived in for generations? Losing all your property and belongings. The following are only some of the massacres which were carried out by Zionist Israelis on the Palestinians: (Not including the day to day murders and brutality, torture and evil barbarism, or to mention forcing Palestinians out of their homes, stealing all their belongings and their land and murdering them if they resist): Deir Yassin Massacre (April 1948) Abu Shusha Massacre (May 1948) Tantura Massacre (May 1948) Lydda Massacre (July 1948) Saliha Massacre (Oct 1948) Al-Dawayima Massacre (Oct 1948) Qibya Massacre (Oct 1953) Kafr Qasim Massacre (Oct 1956) Khan Yumis Massacre (Nov 1956) Sabra and Shatila Massacres (Sept 1982) Aqsa Massacre (Oct 1990) The Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre (Feb 1994) The Jenin Refugee Camp Massacre (April 2002) 2008-09 Gaza Massacre. Israel bombed homes, mosques, schools, medical facilities. The UN said it was a deliberate disproportionate attack by Israel designed to punish, humiliate and terrorise a civilian population. Sound familiar? Its happening again right now. Israel regularly 'mow the lawn' by murdering Palestinians for now reason but the above. They have controlled everything in Palestine like a huge concentration camp. No one can leave or enter Palestine without permission from Israelis at the check points manned by soldiers. Generations of Palestinians have lived, (I use the term loosely, perhaps survived under duress is better) Many were born into it and have known no freedom at any point in their lives. Israel are one huge bully state. Tell me, would you not, if given the opportunity, try and fight for your freedom? I would. To try and protect my children and my grandchildren and so on. What future do they have in this apartheid state? Zionist Snipers picking off your children for fun. Wearing T shirts of pregnant women with a target on her belly and a caption 2-4-1 which is just sick. Who has the right to defend themselves, everyone surely? Palestine have a right to defend themselves in their own country. Israel are illegally occupying Palestine and should move back out. They are driving Palestinians out and murdering them so that they can steal the land, which they are already selling off in the US. A huge number of the 'real' Jews are against the far right Zionists and want them out of government, protesting like crazy in Israel. In the meantime, Israel and particularly Netanyahu just continue to act like the victim, saying 'Palestine want to annihilate Israel, please feel sorry for us so you will support us as we commit genocide and wipe them all out (or at least we will distract you with propaganda nonsense so you don't notice as we blow them all up whilst telling you we are trying to protect ourselves. Although Israel have always been the aggressor except on 7 October the resistance bit back ... It's interesting that the IDF killed a lot of Israelis too on that day. It's curious that they have the most sophisticated weaponry and surveillance equipment but they have no idea where Hamas are. They don't seem to care though if they bomb or starve the hostages. BTW You don't have to be a socialist idiot, just a humanitarian and and to make the effort to research and seek the truth rather than just accept propaganda lies. Ron - Yes I support innocent people and their lives matter. There have been thousands of babies and children, innocent men and women massacred by barbaric bully psychopaths with big powerful weapons. IDF are showing us with their own videos how they are gleefully blowing up whole families including babies, children and elderly and they are laughing like maniacs and patting each other on their backs. So big and brave. Those that went from UK to help Israel should not be allowed back in. Same rules apply as before. BTW Ron, Netanyahu funded and supported Hamas for years to create rule and divide in Palestine but his plan backfired. Research the truth.

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