Award-Winning Documentary The Wrestler’s Cane to premiere in the UK, 
showcasing the transformative power of Mallakhamb

Entertainment / Sun 7th Apr 2024 at 06:20am

INDIGOEYE Productions is proud to announce the UK premiere screening of The Wrestler’s Cane, a compelling documentary that explores the ancient Indian sport of Mallakhamb.

The premiere will take place at The Study Society, 151 Talgarth Rd, London W14 9DA, on 10th April 2024 at 7:30 pm.

The Wrestler’s Cane showcases the inspiring journey of Mallakhamb athletes, including blind and visually impaired individuals, whose remarkable athleticism and artistic prowess defy expectations. The name Mallakhamb translates to ‘pole gymnastics’ in Hindi, where ‘malla’ refers to a wrestler or gymnast, and ‘khamb’ translates to pole. The sport is often considered an extension of Yoga.

The Wrestler’s Cane follows Uday Deshpande a towering figure within this sport who has just been honoured with one of the most prestigious awards, the Padma Shri Award for his outstanding contribution to Mallakhamb. His impassioned belief – that this sport is for everyone instils confidence and courage in his students of all ages and abilities and to demonstrate that The Wrestlers Cane focuses on some of his unsighted students as they attempt this extraordinary challenge. What unfolds is a powerful study of possibilities as we see the transformational power of Mallakhamb and its devoted teacher in gifting his students with life-changing self-belief. The trailer for the film can be watched here: www.indigoeyeproductions.co.uk/the-wrestlers-cane/

Featured in the film learning Mallakhamb under Deshpande’s guidance is renowned blind, Indian-British Musician and Instrumentalist, Baluji Shrivaastav OBE known for his mastery of traditional Indian instruments and his dedication to promoting the participation of disabled individuals in music and the performing arts.

Following the screening, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in a thought-provoking Q&A with Director Philippa Frisby and Uday Deshpande hosted by Daniel Simpson, providing insight into the making of the documentary and the profound impact of Mallakhamb on its practitioners.
Philippa Frisby’s journey in film began after studying Comparative Religion at Bristol University, leading her to work on ‘The Tale of the Three Lost Jewels’, the only feature film ever shot in Gaza. And in TV worked  on ‘Dispatches’, ‘The Torture Trail’ and ‘ The Saudi Tapes ‘ among others. 

This is Philippa Frisby’s second feature film. Her debut feature film, The Circle, Is an inspiring documentary that shines a light on a centre located in Dharavi, Mumbai, dedicated to aiding drug-addicted street children in their journey towards detoxification, personal development, and the construction of a brighter future. 

The film garnered widespread acclaim, earning the coveted title of Best Documentary Film at the 2018 Delhi International Film Festival, Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, and the Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival and Special Jury Mention in Jaipur International Film Festival  among many other accolades. Philippa is a co-founder and director at Indigo Eye Productions put people’s stories at the heart of their work, capturing the transformative effects of unique passions and perspectives on communities. 

Uday Deshpande, known as Mallakhamb Vishwa Guri, has dedicated over 50 years to promoting Mallakhamb globally. With 5,000+ demonstrations and 1,000+ pupils taught, he’s established Mallakhamb Federations in 15 countries and earned 50+ awards, including a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Government of Maharashtra. Daniel Simpson, a seasoned practitioner of Iyengar yoga for 20 years, brings his deep understanding of yoga to the discussion. His scholarly work, “The Truth of Yoga,” provides a clear and accessible exploration of yoga’s evolution and teachings.

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showcasing the transformative power of Mallakhamb:

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