Green Party set to stand over twenty candidates at May local elections in Harlow

Elections / Mon 8th Apr 2024 at 08:20am

THE GREEN Party is set to stand over twenty candidates at the Harlow District Council local elections in May.

These are all out elections, which means that all 33 seats are up for election.

Instead of voting for one candidate, you will be voting for three.

This is because of boundary changes.

Some people believe that there is an opportunity for voters to “pick and mix” and use two votes for their traditional home and then vote for a party such as the Greens.

You can find out about their policies and candidates by clicking below.

We will be interviewing a number of candidates between now and May 2nd.

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17 Comments for Green Party set to stand over twenty candidates at May local elections in Harlow:

2024-04-08 09:06:03

The more I listen to them less I understand what they want.

2024-04-08 09:35:22

Green on the outside red on the inside anyone who votes for these communists deserves all they get. Their leader wants to ban flights for you and I but was happy flying to the US all the time to see her family.

peter henegan
2024-04-08 11:23:58

There will be around 120 candidates at the local elections, 70% will not get in despite wanting to contribute. Would we be better off with a mix of parties making up a coalition council, or would nothing get done. I would love to see parties like Harlow Alliance and the Greens with representation.

Green but never vote Green
2024-04-08 14:55:51

WELL DONE, GREENS! But, recall the kerfuffle made by Martin Harvey about UKIP's momentous return? There's 33 seats (11 x 3-seater wards) being contested in Harlow DC and 54 (18 x 3) in Epping Forest DC, where he pops up in Roydon & Lower Nazeing. I'll be leafleting there to make sure he finishes a poor LAST, far behind Alex Kyriacou (Lab, second from the bottom). Once voters read about the disgusting antics of UKIP nationally, I wonder if Harvey's vote count will even reach his shoe size. Or his i.q., which is similar. From a total of 87 nearby seats, UKIP managed to muster another TWO candidates, one of whom is also set to finish last in the Harlow S.E. CC.

Guy Flegman
2024-04-08 14:56:15

Didn’t the Greens run Brighton and Hove until recently. I seem to remember that Brighton and Hove were also in the bottom 10 councils in the country at the time for green credentials while being run by the Green Party.

2024-04-08 15:13:23

The Green Party has a desire for completely open borders. No thanks.

2024-04-08 17:01:59

Your Right PH nothing will get passed or done. Too much bickering and no action , a bit like Labour 3 years ago.

Mark Gough
2024-04-08 21:52:26

Dear Green but never Vote Green. Thanks very much for your baseless anonymous rant about nothing at all. Perhaps you are intending to bring out those vile Hope Not Hate (very badly named cos they are full of bile) leaflets, freely available on the National Labour Party website again. May I politely suggest you don't, and let the Electorate make they own choices! Or are you still shaking with rage about 2014 ten years later! Mark Gough - Leader Harlow UKIP

David Forman
2024-04-08 22:35:09

Mark Gough is still smarting from getting whacked at the polls in 2016 courtesy of 25,000 Hope not Hate leaflets. Hope not Hate organisation is supported by many trade union branches, Billy Bragg and the Daily Mirror. If you want their opinion on Ukip and other far-right parties click on their 'State of Hate 2024' report: https://hopenothate.org.uk/state-of-hate-2024/

David Forman
2024-04-08 22:43:31

Here is what Hope not Hate had to say about UKIP's fortunes since the Referendum: "However, the party has since faced a catastrophic fall in fortunes, with their vote share and income dwindling to the point of oblivion. It faced relentless infighting and ten changes of leadership between the resignation of Nigel Farage in 2016 and the election of current leader Neil Hamilton in 2021."

2024-04-09 01:45:16

The "Candidates" article ran out of Comment space, but this'll do: ** UKIP is deader than a nail for a door made with two very short thick planks ** UKIP used to have 800 Cllrs nationally, but since last May, it has ZER0. It used to have 40,000 members (now fewer than 200) and enter many thousands of candidates in locals. Now they seem to have ONLY FOUR CANDIDATES THROUGHOUT THE UK! Yes, there's Mark for Mark Hall, Dan for Bush Fair & S.E.(county council), also Martin next door in Roydon (Epping Forest DC). According to Google, there's only one other person standing for UKIP anywhere in the UK, someone lost in the Wood in Oxshott (Elmbridge, Surrey). So our Harlow Two are actually HALF OF THE WHOLE NATIONAL UKIP ARMY! Killing myself laughing at their ignorance and delusion.

2024-04-09 02:17:16

Poor Mark Gough: "UKIP have bent over backwards to support us". Didn't you mean "UKIP is Bent"? Here's what google threw up - endless scandals about its five times convicted rogue builder Party Forever-Chairman, the sex pest screenshots proof (accuser, a pretty young thing he appointed Deputy Leader, she had the balls to whistleblow and quit), the getting expelled as a Magistrate scandal, the finishing last in Kingswood, publishing fibs about Reform, the investigation for perjury, admission of internal election-fixing, press articles about dodgy goings-on, legacies, last week, UKIP softball interviewing someone it expelled in 2001 for being a Holocaust Denier (no jews died in gas chambers), I'm sure MoL forgot a few. ALL THIS IN 2024. Watch out for the leaflets. Confirm that Dan and you are half of ALL UKIP's candidates for May 2. ;)

2024-04-09 02:39:23

BritainElects: On May 2, there's local, district (33 in Harlow) & county council, London assembly, mayoral (some in Wales), police/crimes comm'rs, and an MP By in Blackpool South. Nearly 3,000 contests in all with more than 10,000 candidates. UKIP's magnificent contribution to that is a mere FOUR PEOPLE - you Mark, Dan, Mr Harvey and Mr Surrey Wood. A rebounding party for sure! You're too savvy to have been suckered, sold a lemon. Which reminds me, my late great-nan's knickers were discarded by Old Queen Vic. I'll sellem to you for only a monkey, you can flogem on the bay for a fortune. https://shorturl.at/asB14 Tears of laughter, m8....one born every minute.

Martin Harvey
2024-04-10 16:01:35

One thing is certain[; you critics are very worried that UKIP is back in Town. As the famous Bard said ' There is one thing worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about'. Apart from that there are so many blatant lies in the figures, so that it makes the comments ridiculous in the extreme, and of no consequence.

Ray Star
2024-04-20 09:37:10

Greens get my vote. I agree with their policies and have genuine hope for (positive!) change within our community with Greens seated on the council.

2024-04-21 08:10:02

Something needs to change. So many more people I talk to are voting green, it great to see more candidates and people who genuinely care about emissions, our environment, social well being, young people's opportunity's and education for all.

Call me Dave REDACTED
2024-05-12 12:03:43

@Martin Harvey, I agree, on April 9 "whocanivotefor" got the total number of UKIP's May 2 candidates wrong. That's because UKIP, unlike legitimate parties, was too ashamed to even publish a list of who was standing, and it took some weeks to track them all down. But we now know there were a mere SIXTEEN nationally, two of them standing in two wards (one a town ward). Since on May 2 more than 2,800 seats nationally (that's excluding parish/town councils) were being contested by about 10,000 candidates, UKIP's share of seats contested was 17/2800 or 0.6% and of candidates entered 18/10000 ie a miserable 0.18% as we'd expect from a deceased parrot party. Moroever, six of UKIP's candidates, more than one-third of UKIP's national total, were in Essex/Herts. So, not only are you lot fools, but you're the biggest fools in UKIP. That takes skill!

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