Harlow Alliance Party leader continues to question Tory council leader over Burnt Mill flats

General / Fri 12th Apr 2024 at 10:20am

THE LEADER OF the Harlow Alliance Party asked the leader of Harlow Council a number of questions on the newly acquired Burnt Mill flats.

Question from Nicholas Taylor of the Harlow Alliance Party

Residents on the Council’s Housing Register will have been pleased to see
that Harlow Council has acquired the new flat block at Burnt Mill. As part of
the financial sum done as part of the negotiation with the developer the
council will have calculated how much rent will be paid for each type of flat.

Can you advise me how much rent tenants will be expected to pay for rent,
when occupying a flat with an affordable rent and one that is on the open
market for each property size?


Reply from Councillor Dan Swords (Leader of Harlow Council):
Thank you for your question about Harlow Council’s work to stop Newham
Council and ensure that all 172 of these homes are available for Harlow
people. The acquisition of the Burnt Mill property will provide much needed
homes for Harlow people.

The Council’s own housing and finance teams
supported by a professional external advisory team have undertaken detailed
modelling for rents of both the private rented units and the affordable tenure
units, based upon prudent market assumptions and split between the differing
unit sizes. Discussions are proceeding with property managers for the letting
of the units, with the rents to be marketed to be finalised shortly. As such, the
projected figures are commercially sensitive at present, but the actual letting
figures post occupation can be released in due course.

Nicholas Taylor to Councillor Dan Swords (Leader of Harlow Council):
I note that 32 of the flats are to be allocated to applicants on the Council’s
Housing Register.

Are these tenants to be given a secure council tenancy, if not, what sort of
tenancy will they be given?

Reply from Councillor Dan Swords (Leader of Harlow Council):

To clarify 52 units will be allocated to applicants on the Council’s Housing
Register, not 32, which is significantly higher than the number which was
proposed to be supplied as ‘affordable’ in line with the planning permission.

To be clear however, all 172 units will be available for Harlow people just at
differing rent levels which are required for financial viability. I hope that you
will agree this is a significantly better outcome than Newham Council buying
this development and will congratulate those who worked so hard to ensure
this was the case.

On your specific question about the tenancy types, this
information will be published with the letting figures in due course as it is
currently commercially sensitive.

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10 Comments for Harlow Alliance Party leader continues to question Tory council leader over Burnt Mill flats:

2024-04-12 11:03:04

If I was intending to spend millions of my money I would have calculated precisely what I expected to get back before I went ahead. Harlow announced the purchase in March I believe but had months before this to prepare the numbers. Of course, this is public money being spent so perhaps the scrutiny is less intense and efficient. I don't object to new homes being provided but the secrecy makes me feel that the cost of these now may undermine the council's ability to provide more in future. Perhaps we will get a big announcement just before the local announcement.

Nicholas Taylor
2024-04-12 11:21:17

Voteforme, you are right, anyone buying just one home puts figures together to see if they can afford it. I suspect the information I sought will only be announced after the election, because the rents will I feel sure be over £1000 per month and bearing in mind the income limits placed on those wishing to go on the councils waiting list, I suspect most tenants will have to seek Housing Benefit. As for the tenancy type, Cllr Swords response was simply unbelievable. I am afraid that the Conservatives are adept at failing to give straight forward answers, as demonstrated when responding to all the questions put by members of the public last night.

Mollie Clements
2024-04-12 14:14:13

All of these flats should be allocated to Harlow residents,we are fed up with outsiders getting priority to our homes,we have generations growing up and need housing most cannot afford to buy anymore

gary roberts
2024-04-12 18:41:54

Mr. Taylor, did I miss hear that only 52 of the 172 homes in this development will go to those on the housing needs register? If I didn't miss hear that then this council and Dan Swords should be ashamed. All the homes for Harlow people will be a sham in 12 months.

Dan Long
2024-04-12 18:48:28

When this development was put forward in the property and development commenter meeting back in 2016. Every local councillor on this committee voted against this development, including me as the UKIP represitive on this committee. The Harlow Alliance party didnt even exist then

Dan Long
2024-04-12 18:51:05

And as for you Dan Swords.you are the worst lender Harlow as ever had and that's saying something.

Nicholas Taylor
2024-04-13 07:22:16

You heard it right Gary. The other 120 will be given some form of tenancy which almost certainly mean that only those that can afford to rent one will take up occupation, rather than those in greatest need. It is not clear that the "Harlow Homes for Harlow People" which now means you have to have lived in the town for at least 7 years will apply.

2024-04-13 09:15:46

I predict that 52 homes will be allocated to Harlow residents and the rest leased to Hackney or Newham council or a hiusring association affiliated to non Harlow coubcils or areas. Watch this space.

2024-04-14 06:30:54

Don't quote me , but I thought I read that they are now on the open market for sale , around the £250000 mark

2024-04-14 08:12:26

Meanwhile our sons and daughters and their partners are forced to leave the town to live in grotty shares in London for several reasons including lack of jobs, housing and that crime is such that they feel unsafe. The exodus breaks the security of an extended family living in the same neighbourhoods and the town looses the talents of our younger population. Not a good thing. It doesn't help that the most exciting things on the bright lights and social scene in is watching the traffic lights change. The only strategy our Council has is to fill the pockets of speculative developers by overloading the town centre, moving PAH out of Harlow and surrounding the town with housing estates, traffic and pollution whilst destroying it's natural nature reserve, the River Stort Valley. As we see with Strawberry Star, the developers are content demolish the town centre, The Square and then do nothing but landbank the sites.

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