Appalling state of town centre highlighted by Harlow Labour

News / Sat 13th Apr 2024 at 06:04am

A NUMBER of Harlow Labour councillors have put pressure on the Tory-run council to clean up a large part of the town centre.

Councillors Tony Edward and Jodi Dunne spoke at Thursday nights’s council meeting.

Their concerns were illustrated by a number of photographs at the site owned by Strawberry Star which runs between Little Walk and West Gate part of town.

As you may see, the empty shops are in a terrible state and have been the target for crime and anti social behaviour.

The responses from the leader of Harlow Council, Dan Swords can be seen below.

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15 Comments for Appalling state of town centre highlighted by Harlow Labour:

Tony Edwards
2024-04-13 08:27:58

Let us be very clear the pressure is for Strawberry Star as the owner of these properties to secure them properly and clean up the mess We also need to know what are their plans for the site. So far despite having been granted planning permission all we have seen from this company is demoltion, dereliction, rat infestation, and neglect.

Fact or Fiction
2024-04-13 09:09:37

Politics aside - If you visit https://www.strawberrystar.com/about-us/ with assets of £1.4 billion...this may explain why nothing has been done apart from some CSR support (sponsorship) for the Harlow Town Centre Awards back in 2019. So maybe a name and shame situation for Santhosh Gowda the Strawberry Star founder and CEO, from the people of Harlow? Anybody know Matt Allright, who appears on the One Show who 'calls out' with rogue traders!

2024-04-13 09:32:39

The people of Harlow have been calling out the state of the town centre for years oh must be time for election. Millions being spent on minority wishes the majority ignored even by those in power. Politicians cant be trusted because if they told the truth they would end their career. Town needs more than new bus terminus and arty stuff needs shops not houses or flats. Will just be another houseing estate in the future but you will be able to ride a bike to come in and see it.

2024-04-13 10:45:17

Tax derelict sites heavily to benefit the public purse. Whilst the future of sites is decided they need to be put to parkland and should delays exceed 5 years the tax should rise to 100 % of the site value as it would have been had the development taken place. The country is being ruined by speculators and foreign investors and our governments of both red and blue stupid enough to encourage it for short term gains. This applies to housing, water companies, nhs, transport

Nogin the nog
2024-04-13 10:50:32

Well said Jodie the old derelict buildings at the town centre are terrible full of pigeons and rats and a eye sore

2024-04-13 10:55:14

So how the hell is Labour going to deal with it when it belongs to a 3rd party! What a load of nonsense and vote grabbing sentences and failed promises! Why can people not remember what a shower Labour were when they were last in office! The conservatives have failed us all but make no mistake there is no money in the coffers for Labour to carry out all their promises so what are the voters to do?? Don't be fooled by politics! The pot holes wont get filled as a person who just retired from office decided to change the scope for what is deemed a pot hole! its laughable !!!

2024-04-13 11:29:13

They are all talk no action conservatives and labour running each other down like naughty school children , the town centre is a complete mess and who is to blame

Mrs Black
2024-04-13 12:38:18

OMG Labour. Typical childish behaviour from a party that did nothing to improve this town when they were in office. All this finger pointing to gain points in the upcoming elections just shows how ridiculous your comments are. All of those buildings are privately owned and that whole area is for demolition. Just go and ask the shopkeepers that were told to move premises as they were being pulled down. You make such ridiculous comments and insult the intelligence of the people of Harlow by expecting them to believe your pontificating!

Bruce Downey
2024-04-13 16:12:03

Appalling state of **** ***** *********** ** Harlow Labour..

2024-04-13 16:46:41

My God, what has happened to our poor Town....or should I say country.... continent? Every corner is like the 3rd world.

2024-04-13 16:48:14

Perhaps Harlow should sell the Harvey centre and buy and develop this site. I have no idea of the relative finances involved. This isnt the only bomb site in Harlow, I blame the govt for not cracking down on developers who dont develop. Of course, the tory party seems to be very much in the pocket of these companies ( was it Robert Jenrick who sat next to a property company at a dinner who was then able to save £50million). Perhaps a labour govt will take a harder line, certainly I don't recall Robert Halfon making a noise about it.

Dan Long
2024-04-13 19:34:44

This is a bit rich coming from the Harlow Labour councilpre when it is their supporters and members who are the main Culprits when it comes commiting anti social behaviour in this town.the truth hurts

Nicholas Taylor
2024-04-14 07:33:59

This really should have been resolved by now and is an accident waiting to happen. Forget the politics, Harlow Council should have secured this whole building many weeks ago, they have the power to do so when there is an element of danger to the public. Then send the bill to Strawberry Star. I am afraid this company's attitude to this whole situation gives little confidence that they will make a start in developing the site any time soon. Their plan involves a massive investment, perhaps in the present financial climate they are unable to finance it.

2024-04-15 05:41:24

Dan Long,how rude and insulting to labour voters.

2024-04-15 06:36:03

Dan Long . You are totally out of order with that comment , I am no Labour voter , but I have many friends who are and not one of them is like what you say. I guess the type of people you talk about probably not even bother to vote. Your Harlow I cannot believe you allowed this post

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