Community champion Colin Thorp continues to press council over planning permission for allotments

News / Mon 15th Apr 2024 at 08:16am

COMMUNITY champion, Colin Thorp has continued to press the council over planning permission rules for building on allotments.

Mr Thorp is the chair of the Church Langley and Potter Langley allotments.

Mr Thorp attended at the Thursday night council meeting as he continued to press council leader Dan Swords over the issue.

Question: Colin Thorpe to Councillor Dan Swords (Leader of the Council):

Within the Town and Planning (General Permitted Development)(England)Order 2015 as amended Part 12 section A it states the following.

Part 12
Development by Local Authorities Class A

Permitted development

A The erection or construction maintenance,improvement or other alteration by local authority or by an urban development corporation of-
(a) Any small ancillary buildings works or equipment on land belonging or maintained by them required for the purpose of any function exercised by them on that land otherwise as statutory undertakers

A2 The reference in Class A to any small ancillary building, works or equipment not exceeding 4 metres in height or 200 cubic metres in capacity

Does the Councilor acknowledge as a legal document the wording cannot be altered and the word “ancillary” in particular must be used in its proper context.

Which is as follows:


“providing necessary support to the primary activities of an organization, system,etc and cannot be interchanged with the word “incidental”?

Reply from Councillor Dan Swords (Leader of the Council):

“Thank you for your question. The Council takes a proper and robust approach when applying legislation and provides details of available routes of appeal. The Council has confirmed that it will work with you and the Potter Street Community Hub to look at options available on a statutory allotment using the formal planning pre-application route which remains open to you.

I recognise that you continue to have a different view to the Local Planning Authority and therefore, a number of options are available to you – you can enter into planning pre-application to find a suggested way forward, or alternatively you can submit an application in the form you determine suitable and if the application were rejected, you could appeal this decision to the independent inspectorate.

“I hope that you will enter into pre-application so that a solution can be found and your fantastic ambitions be realised”.

Mr Thorp had a second question that can be viewed in the film above.

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2 Comments for Community champion Colin Thorp continues to press council over planning permission for allotments:

2024-04-15 09:22:26

Typically Dan shows he has no understanding of community. When the allotments were built at the top end of London Rd/ near The Gardeners the promise from the Council was they would be the finest in the town: ancillary buildings were an integral part of the development. The Council and neighbourhood offices then appreciated the massive importance of such community spaces and potential community green spaces. Desperate Dan and friends only see such community spaces and buildings as opportunities to build flats. Potter Street has had the Conservatives attempting to dismantle the community since 2002, the new community allotments are getting this kind of bullying opposition because the Tories hide at the Civic Centre and obfuscate behind bending planning regulations. Still waiting for Dan to lay down in front of the bulldozers.

2024-04-16 07:55:17

Hold on Nostradamus, did you casually forget the LDP which the Labour administration brought which provided plans for thousands of homes on green belt land including that designated for the benefit of the community. It’s not just one side, they’re both at it

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