Harlow Conservatives: “rebuilding of town centre will start within days” if they win council elections next week.

News / Thu 25th Apr 2024 at 03:49am

HARLOW Conservatives say “rebuild of town centre will start within days” if they win council elections next week.

It has been one of the most hotly contested topics in local politics for decades. The town centre is in a state of disrepair. It is in desperate need of regeneration, but will these whole council elections decide whether that finally happens? 

Well, the Harlow Conservatives have today pledged that the rebuilding will start “within days” if they win the council elections. 

Speaking to YourHarlow.com, the Leader of Harlow Conservatives said: “It has been promised for decades, but this election will finally decide whether the town centre is rebuilt or not.

“In just two years, we’ve secured hundreds of millions of pounds to do it. We’ve secured the planning permission. We’ve appointed the contractors. Now, we just need the green light to get on and fully rebuild the town centre. And if Harlow residents vote for us next week, that rebuilding will start within days. 

“Do you want to go back to square one? Back to years of promises and no action, years more of the town centre declining, becoming more unsafe and more derelict?

“Be in no doubt, if Harlow Labour take control of the council once again – as they did for the decades in which the town centre declined – we will be back to square one. They never regenerated it when they had ten years to do so and they certainly won’t now. In the last ten years that they ran the council, they just wasted millions on pointless projects like table tennis tables and umbrellas in Market Square.

“They were named the “worst council in Essex” in 2020 – how could they possibly be trusted be trusted to deliver one of the biggest regeneration programmes in the country?

“Or do you want new high-end shops, bars, nightlife, restaurants, live music, a market, M&S and so much more? You can break the deadlock and get the rebuilding done by voting for the Harlow Conservatives to run Harlow Council next week.

“This is a once in a generation opportunity, we cannot waste it. If you want to end the promises, plans and politics and finally see the town centre rebuilt, vote Local Conservatives on Thursday 2nd May.”

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45 Comments for Harlow Conservatives: “rebuilding of town centre will start within days” if they win council elections next week.:

gary roberts
2024-04-25 05:47:01

Will the electorate fall for this nonsense and plainly absurd electioneering on this site. He does like to use the, "couldn't run a bath" analogy when describing his political opponents. I suspect it looks like another Conservative pushing the alarm bell because the electorate have had enough of the Conservative brand and have stopped listening to them. Hollow words from a hollowed out Conservative party. Was the question asked of Dan Swords of why he is standing for another seat? Do you believe him when he says work will start in days on the town centre if they lead the council? If you do I have a nice bridge in London to sell you for a pound note in the Treasury!

2024-04-25 06:00:23

Starting could mean lifting of a few paving slabs but I doubt if it will be anything meaningful. A promise of M&S back in the town! Is this more wishful thinking dressed up as a conservative promise? The trouble is Dan we have heard allsorts of nonsense from the conservative party and people are starting to see through it. I don't doubt you are sincere in trying to improve the town but your party's record does you no favours.

Dean Wilson
2024-04-25 06:05:55

All of this is empty promises and lies. Whenever an election is coming up, you'll hear lots of promises and ideas etc. It's best to see what these people do when they're not busy pushing their agenda. If they're silent for the rest of the time, they'll be silent the whole time. The town is essentially doomed, not just from a financial standpoint but also a societal one. It's so worn down and beat up it isn't even worth saving. The fact that some are suggesting a marks and sparks is set to return is just wishful thinking. Sorry people but, the town is a lost cause. At this stage it would be best to just demolish it and start again. So long as it continues to look the way it does, colourless and depressing - shoppers will keep away. All it is nowadays it pound stores, discounters, bookies and kebab shops. What a choice.

2024-04-25 06:23:56

If they have apparently done everything, like securing millions of pounds in funding, got the planning permission and appointed the contractor etc why not start now? Why hold it like a golden carrot? If all this is true then get on with it, don’t withhold it so that you can use it as yet another election promise, if they really cared about Harlow the work would be starting and too being delay to be use in their election campaign, shocking behaviour can’t believe he’s so open with it

2024-04-25 06:40:16

In other words, we could be building today, but for political reasons we stopped the works so we can promise the works 👏

2024-04-25 06:59:43

All the parties in the running will promise the earth, all they seem to care about is getting your vote to secure their jobs.

2024-04-25 07:22:11

Dan Swords - you are full of crap, I’ve been conservative all my voting life (32yrs), but now I’m turning to labour, I voted for Chris who I like and trust and hopefully Harlow will too-he will turn this town around, you are not the only one capable, you are just like Rob Halfon who does nothing other than have a photo taken!

2024-04-25 07:41:02

Wow could they sink any lower the town is littered with regeneration sites that are simply sites that have been demolished and left. Shady AF

2024-04-25 07:42:08

Could build homes first, just thinking these are more important.

2024-04-25 07:44:17

Why didn't they start last week? Then people would perhaps believe what came out their tory mouths.

Nicholas Taylor
2024-04-25 07:58:25

Yet more smoke and mirrors from the Tories. Money, planning permission, contracts and officers all in place, work will start whoever controls the council come next Friday. What I hope the Harlow Alliance Party can do if we win seats on the council next week is to influence what is going to be done in the future to Broadwalk and Market Square. Dan of course was not around when earlier attempts were made to improve these areas, plant pots, new seating, new lighting, raised brick planters, new paths and surfaces etc, none have worked before and millions will be wasted again. Whichever Party wins next week the council must make every effort (not words) to get developers such as Strawberry Star to get on with their building plans.

Me, Harlow
2024-04-25 08:05:46

Nice isn't it? Leader of Harlow Conservatives said: “It has been promised for decades, but this election will finally decide whether the town centre is rebuilt or not." Is that not blackmail? Threats? Typical nasty tory.

Fact or Fiction
2024-04-25 08:23:58

Politics aside - Whichever party gets voted in, both main parties are historically culpable for where Harlow finds itself now. They will face the same challenges. Strawberry Star, ECC, surrounding authorities, the old Odeon etc. There are now developers signed up i.e. Hills, sites are prepared and ready to go, many millions of pounds are committed to the town regeneration, a new local hospital. Labour get voted worst town, Conservative get voted best/most improved. Under either party, Green flag awards year in year out for the towns green spaces under both parties, a pretty good leisure centre, rugby club, football club are available, massive investment in Harlow College. A real pick and mix of good and bad...never mind our first 100 days, perhaps both parties commit to a one year sight of real delivery and movement on all of their promises, if they don't deliver, then all councillors of the party in place stand down and there is another set of local elections next year. What is the saying...'The proof is in the pudding'

Julie Taylor
2024-04-25 08:29:38

The people of the town don’t like being held to ransom. And that’s what this sounds like. Dan, are you saying you won’t share your information if the conservatives lose? Are you going to sabotage the town? Because if you are then that’s seriously underhand and lacks integrity.

Mr Grumpy
2024-04-25 08:41:21

Oh look, it's a flock of flying piggies !!

2024-04-25 08:50:45

You can't polish a turd.

Kim Oconnor
2024-04-25 09:01:21

Dear oh dear.

Jamie W
2024-04-25 09:09:46

Jackanory! Jackanory!

Ronnie G
2024-04-25 09:11:13

This is a bit worrying. What would happen to all that preparation if they don’t get in? It has been in the pipeline since well before the current administration got in. Surely it can’t be stopped now?

2024-04-25 09:24:13

I went to to the hustings last week, didn't hear a word Chris Vince said, of course he was ill but labour didn't have the wherewithal to put someone in his place. I would like to hear what he has to say. At least Dan gets up and tells it as it is, at least from his perspective. I have had labour leaflets through the door, they are so generalised that I could have written them. Let's see an interview from Chris Vince (or his deputy) and get some specifics. The truth is that Harlow has become run down, the truth also is that under the tories in govt and ECC, despite continually rising taxes, our infrastructure is crumbling. So locally, I hope the tories stay in power, perhaps with the help of Harlow Alliance, nationally I hope we get a change of govt.

Stephen Archer
2024-04-25 09:59:59

How many days? A week, a month, six months? And why must the redevelopment be abandoned if Labour win? Mr Swords makes the Conservatives look silly by such blatant electioneering.

Clayton Cowley
2024-04-25 10:40:29

All the secured funding, planning, talk, and hype that’s gone on and on, but they won’t actually get started until we vote the Conservative council back in? This is shameful election campaigning.

2024-04-25 10:57:11

Hilarious.What about all the council tenants still waiting for repairs,some for years . Some are seriously structural issues seriously affecting peoples quality of life.Dan Swords it is clear you obviously hold council tennants in the utmost contempt.Repairs 100% cleared?What a lie.Why aren't you responding to explain?Happy to apologise if you are not lying.Too much misinformation,don't believe a word you say.Please get this man out Harlow deserves better.

2024-04-25 11:02:32

Chris Vince failed in Colchester what makes you all think he will do well in Harlow. He could not even come up with an alternative budget. So will you know what your voting for. All his promises are the same as the Tories.

2024-04-25 11:08:21

Dan Swords said the council tax will be frozen for another 3 years . Chris Vince said we will have to look at the figures. I was at the hustings, I don't think Chris Vince made any comment on regeneration of the Town Centre. Mind you I might have missed it as no one could understand a word he was saying. He does not care about Harlow.

2024-04-25 11:14:44

Makes me wonder what else he's planning for council tennants if he gets in.Harlow council is our landlord and has a duty to maintain our homes.All you lot do is sit in the civic centre,plan how best to ruin Harlow and hurl insults at labour who to their credit maintain a dignified silence.

2024-04-25 11:18:10

Unbelievable,Dan Swords do you think us Harlow residents are bloody stupid and lower than you?? In your head you would answer yes to both and you will be 100% wrong to both. You have ruined Harlow New Town. You wont get my vote,not a chance.

2024-04-25 11:29:07

Labour ruined the town centre. I would much rather have the Harlow Conservatives get on with building on the plans they have got in place. Harlow Conservatives have to win to save this town. Locally, the conservatives are much more professional than Labour and have done more in 2 years than Local Labour in 10+ years. However, in the General Election, I would never vote Tory in this round.

2024-04-25 11:36:35

One sincerely hopes these plans never get started they are an absolute car crash of bad design and architecture in the wind tunnel that'll be created by the cluster of hi rise 16 story buildings within a strategy that will see more traffic congestion and pollution, increased flooding into Harlow homes and more sewage discharges, the closure and loss of PAH to Harlow because it's being moved into Epping District whilst London Boroughs will continue to dump people here. Conservatives are driving support hggt pfp development that'll see the Stort Valley natural nature reserve destroyed, be of no benefit to Harlow whilst vastly overload the town to the benefit of Epping and East Herts Councils.

2024-04-25 11:51:01

Eddie, many MPs fail get elected the first time around, it doesn't make them a failure. Teresa May failed a couple of times as did Robert Halfon...oh, hang on perhaps you are right

2024-04-25 12:22:42

Load of shite you definitely won't be getting my vote this time here's hoping other conservative voters like myself are so fed up with all the lies I'm prepared to give labour a chance because with the Conservatives we know exactly what we are getting NOTHING

2024-04-25 12:40:29

There are 30 comments on here as I write which is great, 20+ people taking an interest. Of course, the views are diverse which perhaps shows the weakness of our political system. I have no doubt that all parties/candidates want to do the best for Harlow, the problem is that only one set of views will prevail. That doesn't mean that these views are right or that the loser' views are wrong. We need a way to get the best policies irrespective of their source. How do we do this? I suppose PR is the obvious way, on line referndums could be another.

2024-04-25 13:09:19

Why hasn’t the work started before now? They have had years to sort this out, yet a week before the local elections, they make these promises?? Sounds like another pre-Election bribe to me, something the Tories are very good at making, but not good at delivering. Remember the hospital that’s supposed to be built? How many times before an election have the Tories promised that we would get a new hospital. And how close are we to at getting one? They make so many false promises. Don’t trust them anymore. Just look at the state of the country now, and at the hundreds of false promises that the Tory Government has made. They don’t deserve our votes! #ToryBrokenBritain

William Warner
2024-04-25 16:03:44

It taking 4 to to someing about the town certen his all the ship are closed how

2024-04-25 17:25:15

I’ve lived in Harlow for over 24 years, and seen how each of the councils have done, throughout that period when they were either labour or Conservative, and looked at the promises that were made to constituents by them over a period of time, then when you weigh everything up you then get to realise which party over a period of time was more beneficial to Harlow residents. And what has been achieved and benefited all residents. With careful thought and consideration it was a no brained, Conservative councillors cost less gets more done, and cheaper council tax bills, labour costs more and gets less done. And I don’t want to pay more for less.

2024-04-25 17:54:57

William Warner... finally a tory I can understand.

2024-04-25 18:09:36

Vote for me-at least Chris has the balls to go out and talk to people on doorstep-been doing for months, well before voting come up, always put litter picking in a group or on oen in his own time -all Dan does is have photo opportunities and hold Harlow to ransom by basically saying only he can improve Harlow-so full of crap Dan!

2024-04-25 18:13:25

Don’t mind paying a higher council tax if they put a real effort into improving town-that way all the Harlow turds, drunks and low life’s will be forced out and leave the nice residents of which there are many!!!

2024-04-25 18:22:04

Ray . Can you explain it to me then🤔

2024-04-25 18:37:25

Eddie... ye but no but...

2024-04-25 19:24:20

Nick, you say Chris has the balls to talk to people on the doorstep. Fair enough but he won't explain on YH just what his issues with the towns finances are. Dan committed to fixing council tax for 3 years (this may be arrogance, time will tell) but Chris doesn't seem to have a view. What are we to make of this, that he also doesn't have a clue or that he is scared to tell us.

2024-04-25 20:40:48

So, Tories want to fix our council tax, improve the town, build this and that - where is the money coming from please? Just creating even more debt which means austerity somewhere down the line. So they give with one hand and take with the other?

Mark Gough
2024-04-25 23:50:57

So we've had Russell Perrin as Leader, and now Dan Swords. Am I alone in thinking only Harlow Tories could give us two Robins and no Batman!? Mark Gough -Leader Harlow UKIP

2024-04-26 05:22:13

Desperate council tenants are having to pay for essential repairs as taking too long.Most just have to put up with it.One person had water cascading down their wall from above,another subsidence ceiling outside their front door,repeatedly patched up but crack kept coming back.Eventually an inspector came and said it would'nt get fixed as too expensive.Is this the plan if you get in again Dan Swords and co for council tenants to have to pay for repairs?Gary Roberts(independant councillor Potter Street) in a previous post said residents rights were slowly being eroded away.How dare you treat people like this.Makes me so angry.GET THE TORIES OUT

2024-04-26 17:23:47

Mark Gough. That makes you the Joker.

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