Ed Miliband says Labour on track with plan to create thousands of opportunities for young people in the region

News / Fri 26th Apr 2024 at 03:57am

ON a visit to Harlow today, Shadow Energy Secretary Ed Miliband said that a Labour government would create thousands of opportunities for young people in the region after ‘fourteen years of failure’ by the government.

Visiting Harlow College alongside Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Harlow Chris Vince, Miliband said that Labour’s Green Prosperity Plan will create thousands of skilled jobs in the net zero economy in the South East. The average annual wage for jobs in net zero industries are £8,200 per year higher than the regional average, boosting incomes for working people.

Labour’s Warm Homes Plan will help families who want the chance to upgrade their homes with energy efficiency measures and low carbon heating, and will help to create long-term, skilled, highly paid work for construction workers, electricians and plumbers, as well as reduce household energy bills by hundreds of pounds per year.

Analysis by Labour has today revealed that fewer than 5 homes in Harlow have been upgraded under the government’s latest insulation scheme, despite over 4,500 homes in the town being in fuel poverty.

Speaking ahead of the visit, Miliband said:

“It’s shocking that whilst thousands of families across Harlow are in fuel poverty, the government’s flagship insulation scheme has upgraded fewer than 5 households. Home upgrades are the single biggest no-brainer if we want to cut energy bills and create jobs, but the government’s record is woeful.

“Labour’s Warm Homes Plan, alongside our overhaul of the skills system, will bring investment, good jobs and lower bills to towns across the South East. After fourteen years of failure from this government, only Labour can deliver the change and investment people deserve here in Harlow”

Chris Vince, Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Harlow, said:

“From setting up Great British Energy, a publicly owned energy company, to a National Wealth Fund to rebuild our industrial strength, to our Warm Homes Plan to cut bills for families, a Labour government will work tirelessly to create the good jobs that people have a right to expect.

Labour’s skills policies will support delivery of the skills necessary for our Clean Power Mission, and will include:
changes to Local Skills Improvement Plans (LSIPs) to allow local authorities to better plan the skills pipeline needed in their communities, helping the delivery of Labour’s Clean Power Mission
creating new Technical Excellence Colleges (TECs), to work with existing colleges and local employers to provide specialist skills training in line with national strategic priorities
reforming the Apprenticeship Levy into a new Growth and Skills Levy, to give businesses more flexibility to spend apprenticeship levy funds on other training opportunities.
creating Skills England, to streamline the time lag between skills needs being identified and becoming available to learners

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9 Comments for Ed Miliband says Labour on track with plan to create thousands of opportunities for young people in the region:

2024-04-26 07:22:37

A win for labour at the next general election would be a boost for the country. It would also kick the tories up the backside so that, the next time around, they might actually do a decent job. Seems like win win to me.

2024-04-26 08:18:16

When labour win they will utterly destroy this country with their woke policies, netzero and sky high taxes to pay for the idle.

2024-04-26 08:45:14

Adam, so you won't be voting Tory with their sky high taxes.

2024-04-26 15:09:25

Ed Miliband. He can't even eat a bacon sarnie properly. And how did he get on as the leader of the Labour party. Even his brother deserted him.

2024-04-26 21:00:40

Adam, you think covid vaccines are a conspiracy, forgive me if I take what you say about woke policies, netzero and sky high taxes to pay for the idle with a cellar of salt! Lol, it's right out of the Daily Mail. Woke - actually is a kind thing to be, it means to be aware of social injustices, so to be woke is good. Sky high taxes - you know what? This country is skint, the tories have stolen and wasted it all. If we all have a small tax rise, or better still, Labour ensure the mega rich pay their due, am all for it providing it goes back into the community and NHS. You know, those things we had working pretty well until the tories destroyed it all.

2024-04-26 22:41:35

Turkey, you do know that Ed Milliband is jewish so your bacon sandwich is in rather poor taste (pun intended). I agree he was poor as leader but I think he shafted his brother rather than deserted him

2024-04-27 06:57:57

Boris . I will apologise for the filling of the sandwich as I had no idea of his Jewish background. It must have been a Turkey filling (pun intended).

2024-04-27 07:04:41

Trace, woke is a curse. It is the downgrading of our culture, erosion of our freedoms, denigration of our standards. The backlash will come and sweep it away as is happening in other European countries with a revitalised political right. If the Tories are obliterated at the next GE and Reform UK do well, I can see a new realignment with a merger of a new Tory brand with Reform UK and other patriotic parties with someone like Nigel Farage in a prominent position. That would be a popular force to wipe away wokeism and scourge of political correctness. As for the NHS, it is not functioning efficiently. For too long it has become an untouchable sacred cow by either party. Comparing with other countries its performance is deficient in many areas. It has too much bureaucracy and management inefficiency. It's front line staff, doctors, nurses, etc are excellent but too few and underpaid. The whole structure is top heavy and requires review and looking at best practices from other countries.

David Forman
2024-04-28 03:19:18

The Labour Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves first year in the job was described by The Times newspaper on 23rd October 2022 as having "embarked on a whirlwind tour of breakfasts, lunches and dinners with captains of industry", which was described later in the piece as a "prawn cocktail offensive". The Spectator magazine in July 2023 observed: "It’s rare to find a London-based chief executive who has not been offered breakfast with Rachel Reeves at least twice." The Labour Party message to these experienced exploiters of the working class is that a Labour Government will play nicely. Anyone in Harlow who believes Labour will "ensure the mega rich pay their due" is going to be disappointed. See Spectator magazine article at https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/how-labour-won-back-britains-millionaires/

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