Letter to Editor: Robert Halfon: Why you should back the Conservatives at local elections on Thursday

News / Wed 1st May 2024 at 06:19am

Dear Editor,

AS some residents will know, after 24 years of working hard for Harlow, I have decided to step down at the next General Election as your MP. It has been the greatest honour to champion Harlow in Parliament, and I hugely appreciated the kindness of so many residents following my announcement.

My priorities as your MP have always been building an even better Harlow, cutting the cost of living, and championing education, skills and apprenticeships. That’s why I campaigned so hard to successfully cut fuel duty, secure the £100 million from the Government to rebuild the town centre and the £85 million to build junction 7a. But most of all, it’s why I visited Harlow college over 100 times and was the first ever MP to employ full time parliamentary apprentices in my Westminster office.

The reason why I mention this is because one of those parliamentary apprentices, Dan Swords, who started off in my Westminster office has become the Leader of Harlow Council and the Harlow Conservatives – the youngest ever Leader of any council in the country – which I am extremely proud of.

In the past year alone, the local Harlow Conservatives have stopped Newham Council buying a major development to ensure Harlow homes for Harlow people, cleared the backlog in council housing repairs, started the complete rebuilding of the town centre, frozen Harlow Council Tax, been shortlisted for the ‘Most Improved Council in England’ and so much more.

But all of that progress is now at risk as Dan Swords and his colleagues in the local Harlow Conservatives are up for election in what is the biggest and most important local elections in decades. Your choice is either for the local Harlow Conservatives to continue transforming the council and our town or to allow Harlow Labour back in which will stop the rebuilding, increase your council tax and allow Labour Councils in London to dump their residents here once again.

I genuinely believe that the local Harlow Conservatives are the hardest working, most decent and committed people to run Harlow Council that I have seen in a generation. We must ensure that they continue to run Harlow Council and that we do not return to Harlow Labour running the council and town. Your vote will decide it.

Although I will shortly be leaving my role as your MP, it would give me enormous comfort to know that the local Harlow Conservatives would carry on the vital work to fix council housing, restore pride in Harlow, rebuild our town, secure investment into Harlow, improve council services and protect our communities.  

Voting for all three of your local Harlow Conservative candidates in this election will make the difference. I am truly confident that the local Harlow Conservatives will look after all residents, stand up for our town and not let you down.

You will remember what Harlow was like for many years under the old Harlow Labour Council, until the local Harlow Conservatives were elected.

I hope that you will consider this when you cast your vote in what are the most important council elections in decades. Your vote truly will decide the future of our town and I sincerely hope you will cast all three votes on your white ballot paper for your local Conservative candidates.

Kind wishes,

Robert Halfon MP

Working hard for Harlow

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19 Comments for Letter to Editor: Robert Halfon: Why you should back the Conservatives at local elections on Thursday:

2024-05-01 06:34:26

Lockdowns, high taxes, printing money which caused cost of living crisis, 14 years of being anything but conservative, crime, pandering to the mentally ill and woke, failure to secure energy independence, dodgy wars across the globe, legal immigration (yes legal) out of control leading to pressure on housing, and services. Nasty unworkable schemes like rawanda, Its a wonderful anyone would ever vote conservative again let them be destroyed and a new centre right conservative party can replace the current lot of socialist boomers.

gary roberts
2024-05-01 06:59:43

The "local" Conservatives must be worried if all they do is repeat the same nonsense over and over again using Mr. Halfon who has failed to give this town anything of value to be proud of over 14 long years. The question is, will Mr. Halfon remain in the town when his time as an MP ends? That will be the test of his bona fides: wont it?

Yvonne Allison
2024-05-01 07:16:32

Sound advice from our MP. It is clear from the YH interviews, electoral leaflets and the hustings that Harlow Labour has no clear plans, no competent leadership, do not understand how the Council finances work, have no concept of the regeneration programme and Hill partnership. They are simply not up to the task. Harlow cannot afford to have another unprofessional, incompetent Labour run council. It will be an utter disaster.

2024-05-01 07:43:49

RH emphasizes "local" a number of times. Ironic in a way because he isn't. The point is valid, I will be voting for my lovely Green candidate plus 2 Conservatives. Local labour over many years have created a poor town, one I suspect which relies more than average on benefits. In the General Election I will vote labour, I feel confident that they know how to improve our country. I suspect many of our local tories share my view that our govt is useless

Kim Oconnor
2024-05-01 08:04:19

If you say so Robert, then it must be true . What's that just flue over. 😄

Me, Harlow
2024-05-01 08:07:15

Personally speaking I'd not be voting tories here. Old Harlow tories, with the exception of Joel, are, sad to say, too old and don't do anything much from what I can see other than be in photo ops. They don't even reply to emails from many people here regarding a longstanding problem, let alone help with issues. Joel is at least polite and replies, even if help sporadic. I've had more help from a labour cllr from a different ward in getting a particular problem solved, he also kept us informed throughout with updates, unlike the complete silence from local cllrs.

2024-05-01 09:30:58

The Conservative council have done nothing to regenerate the town, they have allowed the town centre to be turned into a demolition site that is unsafe with vast piles of rat infested rubbish. They've have rubber stamped planning permission for a whole host of tower block developments which will not benefit any of the local population as well as going against all forms of the original Harlow plan. Only fools and self serving rich people vote Conservative.

View from Afar
2024-05-01 09:49:40

Dan Swords has made a lot of promises over the last few weeks - provided they’re elected - demolishing Terminus House (which is owned by a private company), starting work on the Town Centre, getting Marks and Spencer back to Harlow. Remember when he said he would lie down in front of the bulldozers in a Batman suit at Purford Green? Might be worth voting him in, not that I would, just to see if he keeps his promises which I doubt.

2024-05-01 10:27:17

Sorry Rob – I was interested by the headline – Started to read and once again you rehashed your achievements as MP for the town – The usual about driving a duel carriageway through Old Harlow and splitting the community in two! – Anyway, I lost interest there and moved onto the comments. And Rob, remember they are LOCAL Conservatives – They are trying to distance themselves from this dismal failure of a government – Don’t undo their hard work.

Mark Spoke
2024-05-01 13:06:30

Mr Halfon was happy for poo and wee to flow in to our rivers and seas. Maybe we need a new MP.

2024-05-01 13:13:28

Adam . Re dodgy wars , you have a short memory. Irag war no weapoms of mass destruction, thousands died , Tony Blair should be done for war crimes.

2024-05-01 13:18:23

Kim , flue is something smoke comes out of , flew is what birds did before they landed. And you laughed at him. At least he can spell.

2024-05-01 13:21:45

Sorry should have said iraq

2024-05-01 15:54:02

Woody, guess you are feeling sheepish, laughing at Kim for her spelling only to have to make your own correction.

2024-05-01 16:52:44

Woody they are all the same labour / conservatives they all love war, and growing the state. Not one politician is any good they are all parasites, who get rich off taxes.

2024-05-01 18:25:16

Why is this being framed as a "Letter to the Editor" when it is clearly a political statement supporting a single point of view this close to the local elections? I don't know what advantage a "Letter to the Editor" column gives, but there must be some sort of perceived advantage. This may not stoop to the level of fake local new papers (https://bylinetimes.com/2023/08/16/conservatives-caught-publishing-fake-newspapers-again-as-party-mimics-defunct-local-outlet/) or downright lies (https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/mayor-sadiq-khan-andrew-griffith-london-new-york-city-b2519345.html) but there is something not right in a "Letter to the Editor" column being used purely for political guff. It's worth noting that at the time of writing, another local political party has also had political guff published. But not as a "Letter to the Editor" but as a proper statement, as it should be. Will RH also publish a "Letter to the Editor" outlining why he let Boris off the hook so many times for law breaking parties during the pandemic? Will RH also publish a "Letter to the Editor" explaining why £4B of useless PPE was incinerated when that same £4B could have been used to build the hospital that has been promised for so long? Will RH also publish a "Letter to the Editor" explaining why there are still potholes at the M11/A414 J7 roundabout when money was allocated to improving this area several years ago?

Out with Sunak!
2024-05-01 18:32:53

An example of Reform UK being a shill is them not contesting the Tees Valley mayoral election and thus giving the Tories a win over there. Reform UK did the same thing in the Uxbridge and South Ruislip by-election (Boris' seat), which allowed the Tories to win that seat by 495 votes. Had Labour won that seat, it would have been a big blow to Sunak. If Ben Houchen is voted out of office (which I doubt), then that would be fatal for Sunak's premiership, but because Houchen will be re-elected, Sunak will continue on as PM.

2024-05-02 17:22:20

Boris . At least I see my mistake and knew it . Not sheepish at all

2024-05-02 17:24:29

Boris . At least I see my mistake and knew it . Not sheepish at all. Also weapons was spelt wrong as well , due to my fat fingers

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