Elections 2024: Details of polling stations across Harlow

Politics / Thu 2nd May 2024 at 07:04am

THESE are the polling stations that will be used for the local council elections and the Essex Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner, which are being held on Thursday 2 May 2024.

Following the ward boundary review we have 11 new wards for the May elections. This means your ward may have changed. 

You do not need to bring your polling card with you to be able to vote.

Photo ID Requirements

You now need to show photo ID in the polling station before being given a ballot paper.

Click below for more details.


Some residents have found it difficult to find the Greenhills polling station in the ward of Netteswell.

As a piece of public information, one of our readers, has filmed this handy guide.

Update: 1100 hrs: There is now a sign on Maddox Road.

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8 Comments for Elections 2024: Details of polling stations across Harlow:

2024-05-02 09:09:53

Get a feeling they don't want our votes. New polling stations should be made more clear especially if its tucked away from main roads like this. Shame on harlow council

Tony Wiseman
2024-05-02 13:06:56

Interesting. On my Poll Card it tells me exactly where my polling station is so I think it is safe to assume that all Poll Cards provide that information! However it's good to see that you went out to vote as the turn out for the last local elections was below 27% which was actually down 3% on the previous election to that.

2024-05-02 14:18:19

Unfortunately I think most people, including myself, feel like they're in political no man's land. None of the parties represent myself or my needs. I have voted and do vote but I feel it's a waste of time and no matter who gets in nothing changes for the better. I've no idea how we get out of the mess we're in but people should at least vote and spoil their paper just to protect against what is happening

2024-05-02 14:19:48

Protest .. not protect

2024-05-02 16:37:36

Resident, I think all wards have candidates from the 4 largest parties, in some Harlow Alliance and UKIP are also standling as are Independents. They represent a wide range of views.

2024-05-02 16:55:26

Yes that's true but it's pretty much a case of least worst when you consider each across the board. Plus all have given outlines of plans with no details of implementation. I often think we would be better with a mixed party approach for more balance. Like I say I don't feel comfortable with any single party each for different reasons

2024-05-03 05:31:49

According to the Harlow.gov.uk web site we now have 17 Conservatives and 16 Labour councillors. Has it ever been that close before?

Nick Gunning
2024-05-03 06:27:45

Let's hope a couple of tory councillors develop a conscience and swap sides. Even a one vote majority is an insult to Harlow's hard working and decent people! Perhaps they should disown their party's racist and possibly illegal Rwanda bill. Or maybe the fact that the Rwandan government is accepting our asylum seekers without consulting their own people about whether the scheme will be overstretching their resources suggest that their country is only democratic on paper! Imagine what our little Englander tories would say about a foreign country dumping their refugees on us! But that would require the tory Party to have a moral compass, compassion, and common sense, which they abandoned long ago!

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