Harlow MP Robert Halfon proud of colleagues’ achievements at retaining council

Politics / Fri 3rd May 2024 at 04:21pm

HARLOW MP was extremely proud of his Conservative colleagues after they retained control of the council.

The veteran MP may be standing down but he is still very much committed to his party.

We spoke to him after the results had been declared.

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6 Comments for Harlow MP Robert Halfon proud of colleagues’ achievements at retaining council:

Mark Ingall
2024-05-03 16:34:04

Harlow Conservatives retained control of the Council only by restoring the whip to a candidate they had suspended days prior to the election for racism. Are you really proud of that Mr Halfon?

2024-05-03 16:52:26

Alleged Racism!

View from Afar
2024-05-03 17:21:18

James Leppard allegedly ‘unsuspended’ so the Conservatives could count his vote? The Conservative Party declined to say if the councillor had been unsuspended to give them victory. A Conservative spokesman told The Mirror: “We are looking into these claims.” See article in The Mirror or Essex Live online

2024-05-03 17:38:04

I hope that RH doesn't injure himself by spinning so much. I didn't bother watching the video but it was reported elsewhere that RH was claiming this as a "come back". Come back from what? Losing some seats is now a come back? Given the Tories inability to add up simple numbers and claim lowering inflation makes things better, is it any wonder that scraping through with the help of a racist bigot is being celebrated. It would not be the first time, after all, they all supported the racism and bigotry of Boris.

2024-05-03 18:48:52

What a pantamime.How embaressing Harlow is in the Daily Mirror for all the wrong reasons.

Pat Roberts
2024-05-04 07:18:32

Robert, come “clean” over all this JL issue. I would have expected more of you on something like this!

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