Letter to Editor: Old Harlow councillor thanks residents

Politics / Sat 4th May 2024 at 01:04pm

Dear Sir,

THANK you to the residents of Old Harlow for re-electing me to serve them on Harlow Council.

My focus will remain on: holding the Gilden Park developers to account to ensure the much-delayed community infrastructure is delivered; protecting Old Harlow’s historic environment by working to preserve the Conservation Area; and supporting Churchgate Street residents to oppose overdevelopment. 

I am not complacent about the importance of continuing to earn the trust of Old Harlow residents – that can only be achieved by working hard to champion the causes that matter most to them.

Local government can be a force for good if those in council leadership positions have a vision that acts as a catalyst to deliver positive change.

I am proud to be part of a Conservative Group on Harlow Council that will: rebuild the town; is committed to addressing local cost of living pressures; and has a compassionate approach to working with the community that brings people together.

Yours faithfully,

Cllr Joel Charles

Old Harlow Ward (Conservative)

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8 Comments for Letter to Editor: Old Harlow councillor thanks residents:

More of the same
2024-05-04 16:20:02


2024-05-04 21:19:08

Well done Joel for being re-elected in Old Harlow

2024-05-04 21:26:18

Congrats.Heard you are a brilliant councillor .

2024-05-05 05:48:54

Joel What is your vision for old Harlow shopping centre? The only thing being conserved is the decaying infrastructure. The library, wine shop, co-op front, and Turkish takeaway all have decaying shop fronts. pavement flags are broken and distorted. This is now a place I avoid rather than want to visit.

Alan Salsbury
2024-05-05 09:25:36

Millions of voters have used the local elections to bash the Conservatives with perceived grievances, resulting in successful dedicated and hardworking councillors losing their seats. The reality of their actions will hit home when they realise that Labour lead councils are generally inept and fiscally incompetent leading to poor services and increased council taxes. I am pleased that the Harlow and other local voters did not go down that route.

2024-05-05 19:40:25

Alan, how about the many councils going bankrupt due to fund cuts for years under tory lead country? I don't recall so many though happy to be corrected. I think too there are hardworking cllrs in all parties, just as there incompetent ones, same in all walks of life.

2024-05-06 09:59:13

Keep up the good work, Mr Charles. Although I will never vote Conservative again in a GE I will continue giving my vote locally.

John C
2024-05-11 08:51:34

Dear Cllr, any comment or word yet on your colleague (or not colleague) Cllr James Leppard, has he been unsuspended or not? We were told we would be informed within days by Cllr Swords but it’s been over a week now. Cllr James Leppard was clearly suspended from your party at the time of the election yet he was still counted as a Conservative Councillor albeit while suspended from that party, all very confusing. If he has been unsuspended now how did the investigation go? Was it independent and will the findings be released?

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