Harlow Conservatives thank residents following Council election results

News / Sun 5th May 2024 at 03:39pm

THE Harlow Conservatives have written an open letter to residents following their election victory in the council elections on Thursday.


Dear residents,

Thank you for putting your faith in us to continue transforming Harlow Council and our town. We will not take it for granted. 

You voted to freeze Harlow Council Tax, rebuild our town centre, deliver Harlow homes for Harlow people and to restore pride in our town. 

Now, we will deliver for you. 

We made promises and we will not let you down.

If you do not know them already, your new local councillors will be in touch shortly to share their contact details. 

We will always be available to you and we will work hard for all Harlow residents, whether you voted for us or not.

We are going to rebuild our town and deliver Our Plan for Harlow. 

We also want to thank everyone who worked so hard to conduct a complex but efficient election and count. 

With humble and heartfelt thanks, 

The Harlow Conservatives

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14 Comments for Harlow Conservatives thank residents following Council election results:

Kim Oconnor
2024-05-05 18:40:08

Dan swords, are you available to reply to two emails that have been sent to you, and not yet had any replie concerning the 46 trees that will be ripped from there roots behind the orange,net fence, by pets corner field... A replie would be much appreciated.. I take it this is just the start of all this destruction.. you say your hear for residents, then replie.. just the start of this vandalism, to our trees, just the beginning of thousands upon thousands to go... This iconic avenue will be no more..

2024-05-05 18:48:29

I voted because you promised to bring a full food and clothing M&S store back to Harlow. Jobs first, and if you want a bit more Council Tax to help things along I'm happy to pay.

2024-05-05 19:06:19

Kim. the only joyful thing about this town is the trees - People come from far afield to visit the park - They can keep their new bus lane and bus station - I'm not a bus spotter, a bus station does absolutely nothing for me - Those tree were planted by people with vision, for future generations to enjoy. These dullards are going to 'freeze council tax'.

2024-05-05 20:11:25

Tbf most of Harlow didn't vote for the tories .. in fact most of Harlow didn't bother voting. It's still questionable whether they actually won, no statement on that issue then ? And yes, the destruction if trees to replace a perfectly good shared pathway is just mind boggling. Sadly if this voting apathy continues we are stuck with the continued desecration of Harlow. On the subject of buses and the bus station, the station is long overdue a replacement, it's been terrible from the day it was installed. As for the bus service, that is absolutely dire. But hey, let's ignore the painfully obvious problems in this town and applaud the tories like brainless clapping seals while we sit in bumper to bumper traffic every day

2024-05-05 22:01:53

Resident, if you don't vote you have no right complain, #simples.

Kim Oconnor
2024-05-06 08:37:53

Pedro , , where does it say,Resident didn't vote... Bit I will say this,, she right in saying lots did not vote... Because the elderly don't have phones, the elderly don't have computer s... And just for the record Pedro we can actually complain with out voting, but with this lot, we get no response..As per first comment of mine..

2024-05-06 14:30:04

Agree Resident,Kim and Ross.And Dan Swords"we will work hard for all Harlow residents whether you voted for us or not"What nonsence!You will just follow YOUR agenda.Will you be working hard for all the council tenants STILL waiting for repairs?No,of course not.Don't have the money for that.But you do have the money and plans to turn Harlow into a mini city.A complete nightmare.You lot in charge treat anyone in Harlow who doesnt agree with your policies with complete contempt.The council is supposed to be run by people with integrity,serving the people for the good of all.You lot are a complete joke.God help us.

2024-05-06 14:35:14

Before Pedro leaps in and points out Resident and Ross have different views on bus station,i was agreeing about the trees

2024-05-06 16:02:27

words are powerful .Dan Swords ,you don't fool me,signing off your letter above "with humble and heartfelt thanks"Humble?Heartfelt?Does'nt go with the rest of you.Robert Halfon does this too with his "kind regards".No doubt he's briefing you on how to improve your image.And please stop the Boris hand gestures in your YH films.I for one cannot bear manipulation.Why can't you be honest and straightforward?Your'e leading the council,for Gods sake.

2024-05-07 06:48:22

Kim. Perhaps you can tell me the amount of elderly who does not have a phone . I am guessing less than 2% . You love making things up. Plus Pedro did not say Resident did not vote , he was speaking in general , and I totally agree with him, if you dont vote don't moan

2024-05-07 06:51:39

Sorry Pedro for assuming you are male

2024-05-07 06:54:25

Kim , complaining without voting , is like showering without water , nothing changes. If your not happy vote them out.

Kim Oconnor
2024-05-07 09:46:28

Eddie ,woody,, I don't know if your aware of the facts, but 71% per cen't of people did not vote... Does that make them, not to have a voice . I know that you both like to cut me up at every turn, I really don't care about it, but I definitely don't make things up.

David Forman
2024-05-08 00:32:08

I'll be photograghing our town's wonderful demolition sites next week to record the hive of building activity in regenerating our town. I may be surprised or disappointed. I would like to know what YourHarlow readers think my reaction is likely to be?

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