Leader of Harlow Green Party says thank you to residents following local elections

Elections / Sun 5th May 2024 at 10:04am

THE LEADER of the Harlow Green Party has written to all residents following the local elections.

Yasmin Gregory, Harlow Green Party Chair and Parliamentary Candidate for Harlow said: “I would like to say a huge thank you to the 4342 Harlow residents who put their trust in the Green Party at the local elections and voted for us.

“We were disappointed not to have had the opportunity to be interviewed by Your Harlow, as we have done in the past, but appreciate that the Editor had a huge task of trying to collate information from over 100 candidates.

We are building a strong team of supporters from our community and beyond and will continue to stand up against the mis-information drip fed to us by the planners and developers of our town. Having been vocal for the past two years at council meetings in Harlow and East Herts, we will continue to be the voice of residents who feel intimated by the process offered at council meetings.

Housing in Harlow is a huge problem. Since 2012, mutual agreements between local authorities have put a demand on the infrastructure in Harlow. We want agreements and arrangements between developers, landlords and local authorities to be transparent and subjected to strict due diligence procedures. I fail to see how a council can claim to demolish a property such as Terminus House if they do not own it.

We want all homes in Harlow to be healthy homes and which I actively support the Town & County Planning Associations (TCPA) campaign for Healthy Homes through my participation in a research project led by Professor Ben Clifford at UCL.

Despite Harlow Council claiming their small portion of council tax charges have stayed the same, they have increased their rent by the maximum increase permitted which is 7.7% along with most of the housing associations operating in Harlow. This rent increase affects those residents who are already struggling with the other cost of living demands. The Green Party want a rent cap in Harlow and dispute that affordable housing is a suitable alternative when it is still 80% of the market rent (paying £1272 instead of £1590 for an average 3 bed home).

With regard to the Conservative candidate, James Leppard, of Church Langley South and Potter Street ward. It is the responsibility of the Conservative Party and the candidate to communicate with residents about what is happening in terms of his suspension from the party. No public statement from the Conservative Party, apart from saying an investigation is pending, has been made and the allegations came to my attention on April 18th, the day of a hustings organised by Your Harlow. Effectively, Harlow Conservatives will be marking their own homework and I doubt that any investigation will require him to leave the Conservative party as it would mean that there would be no overall charge of the council.”

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8 Comments for Leader of Harlow Green Party says thank you to residents following local elections:

2024-05-05 12:11:52

Very Small Percentage for an Agenda that has been proven to have no Facts...Go Green Go Broke......

2024-05-05 14:40:38

I hope they learn their lesson. Even with 33 seats on offer they can't win any and just split the left wing vote making a Conservative victory more likely. They're the Conservatives' greatest ally in the Parliamentary Election and must not run in the General Election or the Cons will win again.

Kim Oconnor
2024-05-05 18:52:39

What ever you think.. It has to be very important to have a green candidate sitting on theses council s , because one day there will be no green eares, there will be hardly any tress, there for no wildlife. Our planet will be full of concrete... There has to be someone saying enough is enough.. before all our beautiful places disappear, spoilt for good.. Is that what you want for your children, your grandchildren.. There has to be someone saying no ,no more.

2024-05-06 08:47:43

The Conservatives are driving through a plan that will see more frequent flooding of homes in Harlow and more frequent sewage discharges into the valley and homes. They do this to support hggt pfp a properly development project that'll also create more air pollution and traffic congestion whilst gridlocking the east of the town. (Meaning residents in Old Harlow, Gilden Park, New Hall, Church Langley and Potter Street won't beable to get out of these estates to get to work on any mornings when there's the slightest hitch. These are issues the Green Party flagged up but the Tories have ignored even with Robert Halfon'telling them to go back to the drawing board. Guess none of the naysayers above live anywhere near the Edinburgh Way or on the East ofvthe town all of whom will be severely affected by these issues. Housing Despite Dan and co. were embarrassed into buying the new flats near the Harlow Town station, used trickery to redefine housing parameters to "solve" the issues around Council housing (as bad as the government passing laws to say Rwanda is a safe country). Meanwhile the Tories are moving PAH out of Harlow under the banner it's a new Harlow hospital and have clearly shown they couldn't run a market stall or even bring back a town market, instead choosing to rebuild a bus station with too few buses, and clusters of high rise flats that'll get bought by London Borough's dumping people here. Yey shall reap what you sow. Currently the Tories have delivered a town centre that resembles a bombsite with Strawberry Star developers delaying any prospect of beginning to build anything.

Kim Oconnor
2024-05-06 10:17:02

Well said nostradamus, as usual. The green party flagged up lots of alternatives.. when HGGT stated there's 8 Badger sets all the river stort valley,,, and they turn round and say we can only save one... what does that tell you of these kind of people, what's it tell you... thousands upon thousands of tress ripped from there roots, wildlife in trouble... Harlow is in serious trouble of flooding.... This council signed and sealed this vandalism.. And now Herts, Epping laughing at you all, because they reap the benefits of thousands of unaffordable housing estates on our borders, not us.... Never underestimate the Green party,, They are working tirelessly in the back ground to save our green spaces from, which can only be described as pure vandalism.. There care is only for profit.

2024-05-08 06:02:22

The Woodland Trust say trees are highly effective air filters so if the plan is to turn Harlow into a mini city with cars everywhere and trees keep being pulled down at an alarming rate to make way for buildings, we are in trouble.Thank God they can't concrete over Parndon Wood nature reserve and our beautiful town park.The Woodland Trust say:"some species such as the london plane are particularly resistant to air pollution and can help filter harmful pollutants by trapping them on their leaves and bark.That's why london plane trees line many city streets.The benefits of trees and woods on our mental and physical health are well documented.As well as improving air quality ,they provide a space for people to relax and exercise which helps cast off mental fatigue and improve memory and cognitive function" woodland-trust.org.uk/blog/2017/12/why-do-we-need-trees

2024-05-08 11:35:47

Kim,or anyone from the greens.I am very upset about the badgers.Have they been caught/relocated by a badger group or is this going to happen?

Kim Oconnor
2024-05-10 19:00:02

Hi Resident, the building s haven't started yet, at the last meeting, they did mention relocation, I don't have updates on this so I've just got fingers crossed.x

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