Letter to the Editor: A message of thanks from the Little Parndon councillors

Elections / Mon 6th May 2024 at 07:31am

Dear Editor,

ON behalf of myself, Maggie and Chris can we express our thanks for your support and votes last week.

Since the ward boundaries have changed we have been working hard to introduce ourselves.

We will maintain our commitment to support you and to be your voice to ensure you get the best from the council.

Huge thanks to those who put up window bills and for all your kind words and encouragement. Those kind words mean so much.

We look forward to knocking on your door and having a conversation.

A public thank you to all who came out to help us especially the brilliant Tom who organised the canvassing sessions.

For all the challenges we have a brilliant community and it’s a true honour and privilege to be your Labour councillors.

Tony Durcan
Maggie Hulcoop
Chris Vince.

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1 Comment for Letter to the Editor: A message of thanks from the Little Parndon councillors:

David Forman
2024-05-08 00:39:16

Nice to see Tony Durcan taking the lead to write a thank you letter. There is nothing better than to appreciate the people who voted for you, rather than take them for granted to deliver a "wipeout" that failed to materialize. Good on you Tony for displaying leadership in your ward.

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