Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner pledges new towns task force

News / Tue 21st May 2024 at 01:27pm

THE Labour Party will create a task force to choose sites for a generation of new towns to be announced within a year if it is elected, according to the party’s deputy leader Angela Rayner reports Construction News.

Rayner told delegates at the UKREiiF property conference in Leeds that independent experts will be appointed to the new body, which will complete its work within months.

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13 Comments for Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner pledges new towns task force:

David Forman
2024-05-21 14:08:19

I would say they have more than a few lessons learned from Harlow, Basildon and Stevenage new town's, especially one that says don't locate the rail and bus stations apart. Look at Stevenage with its bus station across the road from the rail station.

2024-05-21 14:34:49

Hmm and where are these sites going to be I wonder?

Gary Roberts
2024-05-21 14:42:01

The best part is the 40% affordable council housing pledge. It should be 50% plus together with the right to buy gone. And of course Ms Rayner should be the Labour party leader rather than Starmer who is a Tory wearing a red badge.

2024-05-21 17:21:01

Taking the right to buy away , takes away the opportunity Angela Rayner had.

2024-05-21 18:40:46

Certainly need some homes. I just hope they get the infrastructure right, unlike Harlow. Thousands of new homes, no new doctors or school to start..

gary roberts
2024-05-21 19:05:56

Turkey this issue is bigger than Angela Raynor. It is about saving council housing for future generations. How many of this so called housing for Harlow developments will there be in say ten years for future generations? I suspect none.

Riad Mannan
2024-05-21 19:06:02

Considering "housing" is not one of the six steps launched only last week (not even mentioned), it does make me think how much of a priority this really is. She says a New Town Commission will be set up within six months of a Labour win and a list of sites decided within a year - so 18 months after a Labour win, we will get to know the areas where new towns could be built. How much would someone bet that this will be rolled into the long grass mid-way through the next parliament? Also, the Labour party "hopes" the private sector will be persuaded to "fund the new towns" What incentives will be given and / or what returns should the private sector expect? This all sounds like a half-baked idea.

2024-05-21 19:38:31

Wow Tony Blair again, employ thousands of independent consultants, tell us what we already know

2024-05-21 22:28:52

Typical socialist, pulling up the ladder of opportunity she exploited and refusing to contribute her fair share also, with taxes owed while she demands other pay more in taxation.

gary roberts
2024-05-22 06:42:44

Adam, what has Ms Rayner done? What taxes does she owe? Guilty by tabloid again?

David Forman
2024-05-22 20:43:41

Good points made by Riad Mannan. Also, it sounds like Gary Roberts got 'sucked in' by the 'affordable housing' distraction. Affordable housing allows rents up to 80% of market rent. I think I would be in tune with Gary if he meant 50%+ council housing. Perhaps, Gary might like to clarify this point?

David Forman
2024-05-22 20:53:35

A bit of clarification regarding different rent tenures is provided by Inside Housing. They explain: "The affordable rent tenure was introduced in England in 2011 to make up for huge cuts to social housing grant by the coalition government." The article compares social rent (council housing) with the so-called affordable rent in different areas. See article at https://www.insidehousing.co.uk/news/affordable-rent-costs-double-the-equivalent-social-rent-in-parts-of-england-81195

Luke Burton
2024-05-23 06:27:05

For these new towns to be any good, we need to ensure brand new rail links into London are built. I don't just mean re-using existing lines which have no capacity anymore, but something truly high-speed (above the standard 125mph). Closing the distance between London and everywhere else using high speed rail will unlock more land to build these new towns.

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