Review: On The Edge by Matipo Arts soars to great heights

Entertainment / Tue 21st May 2024 at 05:47pm

OUR hopes weren’t high for Matipo Arts’ “On the Edge”. We had really enjoyed all the plays we had reviewed so far but were not sure we were ready for more “adult language and themes of suicide”

However, we really liked this. One of the main reason was that it was a very good script. it was tight, it was engaging, it was honest and it was funny.

It also had as one of its actors, Georgia Hardcastle. Georgia has funny bones. She has a rhythm to the way she speaks and interacts. As well as that she has great comic timing.

The two actors (Julia-Georgia Hardcastle and Albert-Matty Noble) meet on the roof, where one is planning to jump off. He has left a mix tape and hopes he will leave a legacy.

This is wonderfully dark and yet you find out a lot about what is going on in these two person’s heads.It helps that a scene takes place in Julia’s Head.

Each scene is clearly marked out via a little notice board. They both play both sides of a conversation very well.

Whilst Georgia steals nearly every scene, Matty is no less an effective actor and compliments this two hander excellently. The two work really well together. They handle one very complicated scene very well.

This was just thirty minutes long and left you wanting to know a little more about the characters and we hope they may return to them.

We really enjoy this. It provoked conversation and was very well received.

This is just one string to the bow of the very talented Matipo Arts.

Go check them out.


If you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts, or mental health more generally, please seek help through the following resource list: https://letstalkaboutsuicide.co.uk/suicide-prevention-and-crisis-helplines

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