Harlow MP Robert Halfon reacts to news of General Election

General Election 2024 / Wed 22nd May 2024 at 05:21pm

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has reacted to there announcement by PM Rishi Sunak that there will be a General Election on July 4th.

Mr Halfon said: “Like everyone, I was surprised about the election announcement today. It’s the right decision to call an election as speculation has been building for some time. 

It is a very sad day for me personally as I will not be fighting this election. I am proud to have fought six elections in Harlow and to become our town’s longest serving Member of Parliament. It has been the honour of my life to represent the greatest town in Britain. 

I am proud that I have done everything I can to build an even better Harlow, to champion apprenticeships and skills, to cut the cost of living and to protect our NHS. 

I wish my successor, whoever that may be, the very best – being Harlow’s MP is the greatest job in the world. 

I look forward to speaking to Your Harlow again over the coming days about the past almost twenty five years as a Parliamentary candidate and the Member of Parliament. 

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18 Comments for Harlow MP Robert Halfon reacts to news of General Election:

Gary Roberts
2024-05-22 17:30:42

Mr Halfon when will you be leaving 'the best town in Britain'? Just like your predesscessors.

William Warner
2024-05-22 17:35:41

All but handful shop in Harlow Essex because of the last government it about time

William Warner
2024-05-22 17:36:35

All but handful shop in Harlow Essex because of the last government it about time close down

2024-05-22 17:59:33

Any update on that new hospital you promised before you slip off into obscurity ?

2024-05-22 18:04:01

Can anyone list Roberts achievements for Harlow in his time here?

2024-05-22 18:26:54

The greatest town in Britain? That's a bit of a stretch, please at least be honest. The last 25 years have not been good. We've still got no new hospital, no PHE, a town centre that is largely derelict. Schools that are falling apart, health services that no longer actually see people for the large part. No real industry left in the town, roads snd infrastructure falling apart. The last just goes on and on. I literally cannot think of a positive thing that has come out of the last 25 years. By all means revisit your last 25 years but please don't gaslight us. We'd think more of you as our previous MP if you admitted the truth, that things are bad.

2024-05-22 20:35:31

Just go Mr Halfon and don't come back.

David Forman
2024-05-22 21:12:19

Ross Young's comments about Halfon and the Board of Deputies of British Jews (BDBJ) caught my attention. The Jewish Chronicle article from April 2020 had the BDBJ spokesperson saying: "...Robert Halfon has let himself down with these comments, which range from the surprisingly ignorant to disingenuous and outright false." In seeking a response from Halfon the spokesperson said: "We have tried by various means to contact Mr Halfon to ask him to explain himself, but he has sadly not had the courage or integrity to engage with us directly." See JC article at https://www.thejc.com/news/senior-conservative-mp-attacks-board-of-deputiess-left-of-centre-political-agenda-gun58sgq

just go
2024-05-23 07:05:55

wow i read so many comments on here about how bad harlow is if its that bad then leave no one is forcing you to live here all the negative comments dont help and all the people commenting probably do nothing for there community i was born here and have been here for 53 years and am proud of where i live maybe some people should share the same views and that would be a start

2024-05-23 07:24:10

Harlow is a dump, it has been allowed to deteriorate beyond recognition. If it were possible to move I would. I suppose to be fair, where else is there to go within budget...and inadvertently we all voted for this.

2024-05-23 08:04:20

Sadly as always. Promises, Promises !! We will build a new hospital, still waiting on the new hospital ! We will build a new school that as it turned out was not fit for purpose or safe for our children. They make all these sky high promises and do not deliver on any of them. When ppl are employed they have a contract to deliver the job at hand or they lose their jobs. For any Government it should be the same. Make the promises of what they are going to do, ppl vote due to those promises. If they renage on those promises their contract to govern should end. Only promise what they know they can definitely deliver on. Stop pie in the sky promises just to get their foot in the door.

2024-05-23 08:27:26

Just go so you are happy to sit back and not challenge the lies and broken promises ? I assume you're happily accepting the decline the town has been allowed to fall into ? If so then you are part of the problem. No matter how much you want to be proud of the town, in the most part it's impossible to be. The only part that has an saving grace is the beautiful town park and the river. Although a large part of the river is due to be completely destroyed thanks to greedy developers.

2024-05-23 08:31:04

George Orwell's 1984 had those in power erase and rewrite history to suit the crushing of people's voices and ability to challenge the status quo. In many ways this is what Robert is doing. His many self congratulatory posts are far removed from reality and there's no acknowledgement of where things have failed. At all. You can't possibly be ok with that.

2024-05-23 11:19:42

You may not agree with or like what the Tory party has done over its tenure, but I think a lot of the criticisms on here are a little unfair. No MP is perfect, but having lived here for 50 years and seen many of previous incumbents I can definitely say he was better than most and I always found him to be very approachable, genuinely caring about the town and its communities and has helped me on a number of occasions with issues that otherwise might not have been sorted. So I for one at least will be sad he will not be our MP anymore, especially having seen some of the alternatives standing.

2024-05-23 11:29:28

It is so easy to blame Robert for all sorts of things but, stop and think he has been voted in for 25yrs by the people of Harlow and has become some frustrated people's whipping post all part of the job. He actually forced through the funding for the new hospital, not his fault that the building of such is held up by red tape and greedy developers. He has pushed hard for a new school, not his fault that the developers cut corners and produced something uninhabitable Robert is not an architect. He has pushed through proper apprenticeships for our young people who are our future. I've spoken to Robert on a few occasions and found him to be a patriot who strongly believes in this country and Harlow.

2024-05-23 12:50:26

GVH unfortunately there is so much voter apathy that it is not possible to claim he kept his seat through merit. The issue I have is the continual claiming success in areas that have been abject failures. I'd much rather hear an honest warts and all account rather than a smoke screen of unmet promises. And by virtue of being the local MP anyone in that job is opening themselves to criticism and scrutiny, as well as praise for things done well. I personally have heard of very mixed outcomes ftom individuals and groups. Some who have been very well supported and issues resolved and a number of people who have been blocked by his office for challenging things. All I'm saying is the town, 25 years on, is in an absolutely shocking state and his government has driven the NHS into the ground. You can't remove him from his parties stance. I've met him a couple of times and found him pleasant and personable but for his politics and way of twisting the facts I'm not so keen

2024-05-23 20:54:52

The best MP this town has had, without doubt👍👍

Emily Robinson
2024-05-24 15:11:59

Any chance he can do something about the traffic congestion that has arisen since the works for the ne sustainable transport corridor starts. One hour to get across town is not reasonable.

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