Council leader appoints new Cabinet team to transform and rebuild Harlow

News / Fri 24th May 2024 at 09:21am

THE Leader of Harlow Council, Councillor Dan Swords, has announced his new Cabinet which will deliver the council’s six missions for the year ahead.

For the second year running, Councillor Swords has been appointed the Leader of the Council.

At last night’s (23 May 2024) Annual Council meeting Councillor Swords announced the following Cabinet appointments:

Councillor David Carter stays as Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Housing.

Councillor Nicky Purse continues in the role as Portfolio Holder for Environment Sustainability

Councillor Michael Hardware stays in the cabinet but becomes the new Portfolio Holder for Finance.

The following new appointments have been made:

Councillor Danielle Brown, Portfolio Holder for Community and Wellbeing
Councillor Joel Charles, Portfolio Holder for Public Protection
Councillor Hannah Ellis, Portfolio Holder for Corporate Services and Transformation
Councillor Alastair Gunn, Portfolio Holder for Garden Town and Planning

Councillor Dan Swords, Leader of Harlow Council, said:

“I have built a team that will be working day and night to transform and rebuild our town. We have six clear missions to; transform Harlow’s housing, renew our neighbourhoods, rebuild our town, secure investment for Harlow’s future, protect our communities and deliver high-performing council services. Work starts right now to get on with delivering those missions for our town.”

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19 Comments for Council leader appoints new Cabinet team to transform and rebuild Harlow:

2024-05-24 10:37:12

How can a majority party be claimed or a cabinet be formed when both Labour and Conservative hold the same number of seats, Mr Leppard is suspended from the Conservative party and therefore surely cannot be counted as a representative that would give the Conservatives a majority. Certainly it's a view many people in the Ward have of the matter, perhaps particularly those who are directly affected by his alleged remarks. For the Conservatives to count Mr Leppard as a member whilst he was effectively elected as an independent is unethical.

View from Afar
2024-05-24 10:54:06

Dan Swords said there would be an answer “within days” (YourHarlow Saturday 4th May) of the election, it’s now 21 days since the results were announced. What’s the problem?

peter henegan
2024-05-24 12:56:05

Nostradamus, Labour didn't beat the Conservatives so don't deserve to be in power, Cllr Leppard may be suspended by the Conservatives but one would expect him to still vote for them thus enabling them to keep their authority. Should he have to resign his seat he probably would get replaced by a new Conservative councillor.

2024-05-24 15:18:11

Peter, true Tory style, popping an unelected tory in the place of a suspended (and maybe dismissed) cllr.

2024-05-24 15:19:21

Anyway, I await eagerly to see any improvement, lol. Am pretty sure Dan Swords said he would start the day after the election.....

View from Afar
2024-05-24 15:50:48

How can you vote when you’re suspended?

Harlow person, wheres my Harlow Home
2024-05-24 16:06:00

Quite a diverse cabinet you got there…

2024-05-24 16:31:55

These people seem to live in a parallel universe.

2024-05-24 19:33:23

Rebuild our town? you and Strawberry star trashed it and now you want to rebuild it, don't make me laugh, what about the old Lister house site and Sherards House, cannot see much happening at either so what about giving us some timescales of if and when work will start

2024-05-24 19:54:33

Sent Dan Swords 3 emails after the third one he said he gets hundreds of emails and would email Me that was several weeks ago still waiting

Dr Robert Macdonald
2024-05-24 20:46:10

Christ! Is that it!

Peter Henegan
2024-05-24 21:20:00

Trace, cllr Lepard was elected. Any replacement would also be elected, his ward is strongly conservative so one would expect another conservative to be voted in

2024-05-24 22:22:26

Our town is nothing but demolished buildings By the playhouse. Lister house, old nationwide and opposite old nationwide So when is the work going to start or we to have more demolition sites to show how Harlow has become dump

David Forman
2024-05-25 00:13:02

Dan Swords and Hannah Ellis received honourable mentions in Robert Halfon's valedictory speech in Parliament which is available to watch on YourHarlow.

2024-05-25 05:26:35


2024-05-25 08:46:24

They do say a new broom sweeps clean! I'm concerned this is not the case with Dan Swords and he's new soldiers. He's playing at all of this but not a lot of action. He is biting off more than he can chew & not getting any of it done! apart from the pulling of it all down....he's destroying our town into a bomb site & it's looking worse than it ever ever did. The town is not where people want to go anymore there's nothing there . It's turned into a junkie & terrible unsafe place. I think Harlow town as a whole is just one big mess & most certainly getting worse under this council.

Nicholas Taylor
2024-05-25 09:33:57

Just a reminder that in fact Cllr Leppard had been suspended by the time of the hustings held on 18 April, so by my reckoning that is 38 days ago. No sign it seems of anyone moving in to the flat block at Burnt Mill despite being purchased by the council last January, no news about M&S coming to Harlow, Terminus House being purchased and demolished, not a single house built in the last three years. And to add of course, just 5 weeks to the national elections and no Tory candidate in place. From top to bottom the whole Tory Party is a shambles. Lets also not forget all the thousands of people affected by the blood and Post Office scandals. Trouble is, Labour are just as bad.

2024-05-27 06:53:34

Such an inconsiderate lot! Harlow Council I live in Terminus House and the removal process of the footbridge was so very inconsiderate to people living there. The process started Sunday morning at 5 am and continued through to Monday. Had I known this, I might have found someplace else to sleep. I cannot close my windows when I sleep, even in winter as it's absolutely suffocating in this container they call a room! (Terminus House shouldn't have been approved for dwelling but that's another story for another time!) Today my head is sore, my already shot nerves are frazzled and I got little to no sleep last night because of all the loud bangings etc coming from below. Had this project been near your illustrious dwellings, would it have been approved to be done at such unsociable hours? I am just so disgusted at this moment. It's not the first time either. A while back the resurfacing of Terminus Street took place over night and it was horrible for residents living on that side of the building. Treat people better!

David Forman
2024-05-29 11:54:18

I wonder when Labour Group leader James Griggs will announce his shadow cabinet? Griggs missed his opportunity at the Council's Annual Meeting on 23rd May. I'm especially interested to see who will be covering the old finance and governance portfolios so that I can continue sending them my Top Tips. This is because I feel sorry for Labour councillors that don't properly read the briefing reports from council officers.

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