Letter to Editor: Parking fines at Princess Alexandra Hospital

Health / Sun 26th May 2024 at 09:47am

Dear Editor,

I KNOW the parking issues at Princess Alexandra Hospital are an ongoing topic but having recently driven into the hospital, I was astounded at the avalanche of information, instructions, rules to follow etc for parking before a driver even can find space!

This just compounds patients, visitors etc concerns even before they attend their appointments.

CAR PARKING PARTNERSHIP manage the parking and horrendous fines etc.

I have a Blue Badge and on recent years, never had problems parking except just waiting.

Now it’s a nightmare.

I attended recently and incurred a fine on each of the two visits. 

Understanding the generic disabled badge sign that they place also for staff members is confusing to drivers; this is one of the fines I incurred.

So many people are complaining but nothing is being done and their fines are immoral in such a place of care.

Also if a person appeals and loses that appeal, they incur the full charge of £100 and by appealing cancels out the £60 first 14 day option. So why appeal if there is some doubt as who wants or can pay £100?

With so many costs for daily living in many aspects of life, it is beyond human to charge as they are and penalising drivers for attending a place of care?

It appears many of the public are complaining, writing to PALS, the hospital hierarchy and our MP, Robert Halfon…but it continues, who is listening as they rake in thousands of pounds?

So I bring this once again to your attention.

Thank you.

Susan Parker

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16 Comments for Letter to Editor: Parking fines at Princess Alexandra Hospital:

2024-05-26 10:40:50

I was fined. Even though I paid for parking, appealed and sent my bank statement showing I had paid. I lost my appeal as apparently it wasn’t sufficient evidence. The whole appeals process is a con, no one I know has one an appeal. Mine has been sent to debt collection now but I refused to pay it as I paid the parking charge the day I parked.

2024-05-26 11:20:17

H, check out BlackBeltBarrister on Youtube, he has done a few videos on parking charges and has some good advice

Laura Robson
2024-05-26 13:15:30

I find the situation astonishing a hospital serving such a large area with no way near enough parking. Even staff cannot find spaces it’s ridiculous

2024-05-26 14:07:20

Harlow is one big con & also one enormous complete & utter letdown in all it represents. EVERYONE in this world right now is conning one another some way or other. It's all to do with GREED at the state this world has become. I really do feel for the next generation who will have seen this coming & how hard they have it. There is no help out there anymore for anyone no time for anyone it's all about yourselves & how you survive. The whole lot has gone to pot with government, councils, NHS, work, benefits, cost of living etc, you name it & there's a problem what ever corner to turn way you look...it's now an existence for the majority.

2024-05-26 14:26:44

This is a private company that manages the parking, the PALS department can only advise on hospital services. There is plenty of signage and information on the website. Disabled cars register as they have cameras logging the number plates, but if you park in a staff bay or renal unit you will get fined. Take it up with the company, surely the hospital are dealing with enough problems regarding patient care without having to deal with parking issues totally out of their control?

2024-05-26 15:03:57

I received 3 fines recently when attending maternity triage and imputting my details in their department as recommended by staff. First was refunded easily, 2nd I had no proof for so paid the fine reluctantly and third I appealed with concrete evidence and it was still refused! I took this higher within the hospital and got the fine revoked with the help of the maternity Voices partnership putting me in contact with somebody who could help. This was all stress I did not need whilst experiencing multiple pregnancy complications and money I could not afford whilst on maternity pay. The parking partnership are con artists who cannot provide a system that actually works as it should, another company/system should be implemented instead of penalising people when they are at their lowest/most stressed.

Sharon Russell
2024-05-26 20:26:55

The signs are so confusing. We have a blue badge but we were fined as we parked in the wrong disabled area. They have separate areas for certain parts of the hospital. Appealed twice with photos but no chance they were going to miss out on a £100 payday.

2024-05-26 22:39:21

All complainants who have acted and attempted to comply and submitted evidence might join together and opt to go to Court to contest the fines. Similar problem at the town station where signage was rubbish, took photos and complained when that was ignored we told them that we would contest in Court, the parking company withdrew. Charging patients, workers and those rushing to A&E is immoral. Campaign for free parking was supported by Robert Halfon. Parking charges at stations is equally wrong, the train companies should cover this because the charges tend to persuade drivers to travel by car rather than take the train.

Janet Cleaves
2024-05-27 12:40:37

The payment machine wasn’t working and I was fined but my appeal was denied even though I had photographic evidence of the na give greyed out - I am now waiting for a court date because the parking company have insisted their machines NEVER go wrong I have written proof from other users that they have and I will have my day in Court

John Gladding
2024-05-27 13:53:20

Absolutely ridiculous system! I was fined twice taking my late father for appointments. It's stressful enough without this nonsense. I appealed on both occasions but was turned down both times. You should be utterly ashamed of yourselves for implementing such a complicated system and fining people for your own shortcomings.

Mr Grumpy
2024-05-27 20:28:29

Capitalism at all cost is alive and well in Harlow courtesy of the CPP.

Maureen Connell
2024-05-27 21:52:16

Can somebody explain to me how St. Margaret's hospital has free parking and PAH doesn't?

2024-05-28 08:54:13

This is typical of everything that is wrong with all public bodies today and that is P*** Poor management. They would never hold a job down in the private sector!

2024-05-28 14:08:12

completley agree with JR;everything has gone mad

I have a healthy panther face
2024-06-02 08:54:17

I agree with JR. Parking charges fines just greedy companies. Don't get me started on Stansted Airport. £7 for dropping off

2024-06-03 15:55:27

Sir; We received a parking fine for not parking, just waiting to pick - up. The asylum has been taken over by robbers. Disgraceful.

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