Terminus House footbridge demolished as work continues to transform Terminus Street.

News / Wed 29th May 2024 at 04:16pm

THE Terminus House footbridge has been successfully demolished over the Bank Holiday weekend as work continues to rebuild Harlow bus station and transform Terminus Street.

The structure was removed using specialist machinery with the bus stops temporarily relocated while the work took place.

The footbridge, which has been in the town centre since 1968 and originally linked the multi-storey car park and Terminus House to the shops, hasn’t been in permanent use for several years. The footbridge was a dominating structure creating unwelcoming spaces and its removal makes way as part of the multi-million-pound regeneration of the area. Funded by Government as part of Harlow’s £23.7m Towns Fund programme, the regeneration scheme will see the existing bus station replaced with a new bright and welcoming Transport Hub, providing public transport for Harlow’s residents, visitors, and employees. The scheme will also connect with the Harlow and Gilston Garden Town sustainable transport corridor.

Access to all shops and businesses are maintained and businesses are open as normal. Temporary hoarding will still be in place for a couple of weeks whilst the site continues to be cleared and made safe, however the council aim to reopen some pedestrian access to Terminus Street via East Walk from mid-June onwards.

The council would like to thank all the landlords, businesses, residents of Terminus House, bus services, bus users and hackney carriage drivers for their patience during the disruption. 

Councillor Dan Swords, Leader of Harlow Council, said:

“The demolition of the Terminus House footbridge is a huge milestone met for the rebuild of the bus station and Terminus Street and signals a brand-new start for this part of Harlow Town Centre. This is yet more proof that Harlow Council is delivering on its mission to rebuild our town. The area will be transformed into a state-of-the-art Sustainable Transport Hub and Interchange to help put the heart back into Harlow’s town centre, along with improvements in Broad Walk and our plans for Market Square.”

Images by Brian Thomas photography.

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13 Comments for Terminus House footbridge demolished as work continues to transform Terminus Street.:

2024-05-29 16:25:41

Terminus house next with a bit of luck. Absolute eyesore

2024-05-29 17:18:41

People were sarcastically pointing out the obstacles, but doing something with/about Terminus House seems a reasonable medium-term aspiration. It just seemed a bit barmy to announce it as an election pledge

2024-05-29 17:29:59

Barrie politicians will pledge anything they like to grab votes. There needs to be accountability when nothing happens. All the promised regeneration projects are still just boarded up demolition sites right now. Next it'll be they're waiting for the general election and then eleventy never

2024-05-29 17:51:26

Yes, quite. We haven't had redevelopment, so much as decluttering. Odeon still standing, though

2024-05-29 19:38:22

Why did they have to demolish the footbridge exactly? They're rebuilding the bus station but did that have to include the footbridge? Now when people park at that car park they'll have to go the long way around to reach the shops or walk through the middle of the bus station where the buses are reversing. Why? It could use a new coat of paint and replacement windows but the footbridge was just fine before.

2024-05-29 19:39:01

Waste of £23.7 million and simply cosmetic dressing rather than tackling real problems in the Town. New transport hub when PAH is being moved to Epping district, no market in the Market Square and a promise of a cluster of 16 story high rise flats.

Martin Sharp
2024-05-30 03:29:30

Total waste of time and money. Goes to prove these councillors only want votes. The footbridge needed repainting but knocking it down.a waste of time and money. What about all the empty shops and getting a decent bud company running the services instead? The council like little kids demolishing every thing in thisr wake without building anything to replace

2024-05-30 06:24:07

Good riddance! The whole town centre is dated and drab, so a good start. Looking forward to a New Town Centre.

2024-05-30 07:36:53

Demolishing was a waste of time and the way they are going, there would be no town centre soon. The whole shops are closing down and new once doesn't last longer than a year before they close down. Collecting hug money from them without plans of improving and providing car park for shopper will be one of the best plan to make town centre a better shopping place.

2024-05-30 07:48:52

Harlow council should make more plans to improve town center rather than demolishing buildings or turning them to homes. What is needed to get town center and the shops booming are: - Car park for shoppers as there's no place instead of going to ASDA. - Shop rent should be reduced for traders and bills should also be reasonable for them. - planting flours is not necessarily needed in a shopping space but open space where activities can be done easily and seen by passerby. - bus station should be maintained and ensure it's clean. The idea of asking traders of business owners to leave to convert buildings to homes is not a good idea as it would turn Harlow to a more remote place to leave because the town centre is just one place that everyone knows and it not even bobbling. More can be done rather than working without better ideas.

2024-05-30 09:01:19

I live in terminus house. I think knocking the bridge down was a waste of time but I do actually think it looks a lot better. Nothing wrong with a bit of regeneration. The money could go on other things but let's be realistic to many other things. That money would go quickly.

Shirley Bartram
2024-05-30 09:05:38

We don't shop in harlow if we can help it we go to Chelmsford more appealing

Barry Brockbank
2024-05-30 19:57:41

Shame on the council and planners!

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