Firefighters tackle large fire at industrial estate in Harlow

News / Thu 30th May 2024 at 07:33pm

Update-0600 hrs: Crews have been working throughout the night to extinguish a fire in an industrial unit in Parkway, Harlow. 

The fire is out and we were in a position to scale the incident down throughout the night from midnight. 

Firefighters worked to extinguish the fire in sections and used an Aerial Ladder Platform to tackle the fire from above.

Photo: Essex Fire and Rescue

We currently have one crew on scene monitoring hotspots. 

An investigation into the cause of the fire will take place later today. 

Group Manager Marc Diggory said: “Thank you to everyone for their patience while we have been dealing with this incident. 

“We’ve had crews working throughout the night to extinguish the fire and prevent it spreading further. I’d like to thank our partners for their help throughout this incident, we’ve been working closely in partnership to help keep people safe.”

Update: Statement from Fire Service: 2230 hrs

Firefighters have been working to extinguish a fire in an industrial unit in Parkway, Harlow.

Eight crews have been working to surround the fire and prevent it spreading to neighbouring units.

Firefighters have been using an Aerial Ladder Platform to tackle the fire from above and have been using a drone to monitor the scene.

Group Manager Marc Diggory said: “We’re making good progress to extinguish the fire but due to a high number of batteries inside the unit, the scene is producing lots of smoke.

“We expect to be here for several hours and we expect it will remain smoky throughout the night. We’d ask you to continue keeping windows and doors shut throughout the night.”

Photo courtesy of Essex Fire and Rescue

2130 hrs

Statement from Essex Police: “We’re supporting the fire service as they work to extinguish a large fire in Parkway, Harlow this evening.

“There are some road closures in place. Please avoid the area.

“If you live nearby follow advice and keep doors and windows closed.

Statement from East of England Ambulance Service

We are assisting Essex Fire at a large industrial fire in #Harlow.

“Please avoid the area and please keep windows and doors shut if you live nearby”.

2030 hrs

ESSEX firefighters are currently at the scene of a large fire in Parkway, Harlow. 

Parkway is off Roydon Road and The Pinnacles.

Eight crews are currently working to extinguish a fire in an industrial unit. 

Please avoid the area and please keep your windows and doors shut if you live nearby.

More follows.

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25 Comments for Firefighters tackle large fire at industrial estate in Harlow:

2024-05-30 19:45:17

Used to work there second fire had one few years back they never learn

2024-05-30 22:02:13

Apparently lithium batteries are made or stored there, if that's the case you can't put water on them.

2024-05-30 23:25:12

Company you on about Simon!!! New ish build that went up .????

Genghis Khan
2024-05-31 05:13:50

What do you know Simon? You spent more time off than actually working! (By the way the fire wasn't there)

2024-05-31 05:22:20

Simon not only spent more time off than at work, he was complete waste of space and company money. Only lasted so long there because was a little puppet to his manager who's fault was that fire back in a day. So Simon, next time before saying something, think twice.

Truth Seeker
2024-05-31 07:27:27

Jeez Simon…. You little fibber. That’s enough internet for you today….

2024-05-31 07:37:39

Simon exhibited all the exemplary qualities that are valued in the workplace include a commitment to excellence, readiness to learn, knack for creative thinking, and a willingness to put the company's needs first. The only fault he had was the constant starting of fires.

2024-05-31 08:15:56

The fire was at the mobility plus, the car unit is hopefully okay. Luckily the fire didn't spread to any other units

2024-05-31 08:55:53

Did Simon put his first comment on before the fire started?.. just thinking of the time on here he commented?

Andy Howard
2024-05-31 09:16:54

Simon want to explain why you commented on here before the fire started?? The fire started at 20.11 and you committed at 19.45 want to explain that? Strange you’re so quiet now?

2024-05-31 09:39:02

Mondo/Andy - the article was published before any comments were made.

Keith Knight
2024-05-31 10:49:51

Looks a right mess. .Hopefully all other units can resume ASAP.

Andy Howard
2024-05-31 10:58:07

Okay so how do you know about the fire at 07.33pm when the fire wasn't until 19.45 your Harlow? I know the fire started at 19.45pm because my son is a firemen and he was called to the warehouse. Please answer your harlow

2024-05-31 11:00:46

Strange comment you've just made Your Harlow ?? The fire did start at 07.45pm so how did you know about this fire that hadn't started when you wrote this article ??

Tara Miller
2024-05-31 11:10:57

I work in a warehouse in Parkway and the fire did start around 19.40 to 20.00 so what are you taking about Your Harlow? Is there something your not telling us all??

2024-05-31 11:14:28

Tara .. it started before 1940 more 1900ish

2024-05-31 11:19:38

Andy and Mondo, how would someone be able to comment on a post before it was published? Not very smart are you lol

2024-05-31 11:21:37

wow ppl in this town are dumb

2024-05-31 11:23:48

Me - it started in 2024

Myth buster
2024-05-31 12:57:19

Andy Howard you better tell you boy to get his watch fixed then because the call came in at 18:40

2024-05-31 14:46:55

Why are you all bickering about the time it started you sad people, the fire is out and know one was hurt, end of!!!!

2024-05-31 15:20:53

Davert actually is still burning my nan is a fireman and he said that it started before but no1 noticed cos of guverment cuts x

2024-05-31 17:29:07

Looks like all unit's have been affected, no one will be working there for a while. At least nobody was hurt.

No one
2024-05-31 19:44:04

Stop firing simon he's gonna get burnt out glad no one was hurt

2024-06-01 08:05:56

Carly did you say your nan is a fireman🤔also government is spelt this way and not the way you have spelt it.

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