Daily Mail publishes two page investigation into Carly Burd, the “salted” allotment and £250,000 GoFundMe page

News / Sat 1st Jun 2024 at 02:28pm

THE DAILY Mail has published a two page investigation into events that began when vandals allegedly poured salt into an allotment being worked upon by Harlow resident Carly Burd.

One of their top investigative journalists Guy Adams has asked a number of questions in the article below.

The article is behind a paywall.


As you may be aware, YH has published a number of articles on this subject since we first interviewed Ms Burd in August 2022 as she was developing her kitchen garden.

Click below for more details.


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14 Comments for Daily Mail publishes two page investigation into Carly Burd, the “salted” allotment and £250,000 GoFundMe page:

2024-06-01 15:07:20

Why isnt there a proper investigation into where the money has gone and what will happen with the remaining money ? There must be some accountability, least of all by the DWP if she is claiming benefits. It's all very odd.

2024-06-01 15:14:51

https://12ft.io/ Try this for paywall.

2024-06-01 15:55:56

For someone who claims pip for her disability’s I know you can work and get pip but most people can not get out of bed everyday so how does she pass the pip assessments in the first place if she can work so hard for her community?

2024-06-01 16:14:39

Bob some disabilities can vary hugely from day to day. One day able to do things, another day unable to. It takes into account how a claimant is able to do things repeatedly, consistently etc. Something like that. It does take into account that impairment can fluctuate but it still has to be significant

Halina Lendzion
2024-06-01 17:38:00

Salt will not damage your plants as much I know. I think something not nice is going on

2024-06-01 18:19:36

Had me fooled

2024-06-01 18:51:59

Grrat but the Daily Mails tax avoidance cost us much more.

2024-06-01 19:46:31

The money is in a community interest company, i thought this was already known? Are you all that clueless? Do any of you even know what a CIC is?

Sophie S
2024-06-02 00:06:29

Yes, we are well aware of what a CIC is! That is the standard answer to absolutely any question that is asked of her. Perhaps she should answer one of the many, many other questions that have been asked, not least of which is HOW MUCH MONEY IS LEFT AND WHAT HAS IT BEEN SPENT ON. A year on and we have no food parcel service, no community allotment and no school kitchen garden project (not that we or the donators wanted that particular project in the first place). So, whatever is left of the quarter of a million £’s is sitting in a bank account whilst the people in need in Harlow continue to struggle to feed their families! Disgusting

2024-06-02 05:35:13

I'm well aware of what a CIC is. I'm also well aware that "The money is in a community interest company" is a meaningless sentence. The money is presumably in a bank account in the name of the CIC, a CIC where Carly is the sole director and, judging by those comedy cheques she presented in a hurry before the end of the tax year, also the sole signatory on the bank account. Carly could resolve this very simply and easily, by publishing a simple cashflow and profit and loss statement on her website, signed by her accountant, saying what had been donated, what had been spent on food parcels, the allotment, the schools project, what had been donated, and what was left, and backing this up by a copy of the bank statement. Her lack of clarity, her refusal to answer questions about the money which was donated to her ("It's in the CIC, like I keep saying!" is not an answer to a question), and her deleting her previously very active socials without signposting service users to alternative provision, is very telling.

2024-06-02 12:20:06

Resident (aka Carly/Donna/A N Other). Yes, we are well aware of the purpose and structure of a CIC and also well aware that one of the basic requirements of a CIC is to demonstrate how it involves the community in its decision making process. Something that Ms Burd is oblivious to, or chooses to ignore. No one has any doubt that SOME of the over £250k is held in a bank account, but HOW MUCH is completely unknown, despite numerous requests for this information. As others have said before, various projects have apparently been devised but none of these have come to fruition! Bearing in mind Ms Burd’s evasiveness and apparent incompetency, are we surprised - No. What exactly has money been spent on? We all know that Ms Burd had a personal PayPal account, which people donated to, that she had collection tins in shops and other locations, that Booker and other companies donated an extremely large amount of food for the parcels etc. This was all in addition to the circa £250k that she received through GoFundMe. So, we (and soon the Nation) await an answer to the questions that have repeatedly been asked. “The money is in a CIC” is not an answer!

2024-06-02 14:07:36

Why don't your harlow go round to her house and do an interview with her as your harlow is our local paper

Mark Gregory
2024-06-02 15:56:34

I doubt her butler would let them in

2024-06-03 11:24:13

Mags, I thought it would be impossible for her to stay off FB. She’s too much of an attention seeker and needs the reaffirmation she gets from her cronies! So much for taking time off social media whilst she undergoes treatment. Nobody believes that excuse Carly! No, this is not going to go away, you’re right Mag! She will be held to account for what she has done to the community and all those who have been, and will be, negatively affected by her actions! You can’t hide from this Carly!