Harlow Jiu Jitsu: Teamwork, dedication and motivation

Sport / Sat 1st Jun 2024 at 09:48am

HARLOW Jiu Jitsu attended the 16th international championships in Southend on 25th May. They took their determined, brave squad to this year’s championships, many of which was their first time competing.

The team brought back 19 medals in various categories: 5 Gold, 9 Silver and 5 Bronze. One of the categories these fighters compete in is random attacks, this is where the competitors have to defend themselves from a random attacker given to them on the day. The second category they compete in is Ground fighting, where competitors have to use various hold downs and technique against another attacker. And finally, continuous fighting: rounds of punching and kicking followed by throwing and then ground fighting.

Sensei Luke Shipwright, head of Harlow Jiu Jitsu wrote “We are incredibly proud of everyone that took part, many of our students first time competing. Every year our team gets bigger and stronger. Regardless of what medals we bring home the fact that everyone put in 100% effort into months of training and then competing on the day is all I ask for as a Sensei/coach.

We look forward to our next competition in August.”

To conclude, Harlow Jiu Jitsu Club is filled with brave fighters of all ages who continue to amaze us each and every year. They prove to us teamwork, dedication and motivation is strong and continues to thrive from our Panda Warriors (5-7 year olds) all the way to our Senior Class!

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