Planned road closures to enable critical drainage works in Harlow

News / Wed 5th Jun 2024 at 07:55am

A NUMBER of road closures will be in operation through June to support work on the new Harlow Sustainable Transport Corridor scheme.

The closures are required to enable critical drainage work to be undertaken, which requires excavations across the highway.

The works will see closures on:

  • Elizabeth Way, from the Burnt Mill roundabout (junction with the A1019 / Edinburgh Way) to Burnt Mill Road – between 8pm Friday 7 June and 5am Monday 10 June
  • Elizabeth Way, from the Burnt Mill roundabout (junction with the A1019 / Edinburgh Way) to Burnt Mill Road – between 8pm Friday 14 June and 5am Monday 17 June
  • Burnt Mill roundabout (junction with the A1019 / Edinburgh Way) Western quadrant – between 8pm Friday 21 June and 5am Monday 24 June.

Diversions will be in place during the works. Details are available at www.essexhighways.org/harlow-sustainable-transport-corridors.

While some noise is unavoidable during the work, the noisiest operations will be kept to daytime hours.

Works on the new Sustainable Transport Corridor along the A1019 started recently. They will ultimately see the creation of a new rapid transit bus lane, as well as improved walking and cycling facilities, better connecting the town centre and supporting the future Harlow and Gilston Garden Town development.

For further information, visit www.essexhighways.org/harlow-sustainable-transport-corridors.

For any queries on the works, email [email protected].

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26 Comments for Planned road closures to enable critical drainage works in Harlow:

Guy Flegman
2024-06-05 11:33:18

Who are they kidding by calling it a sustainable transport corridor. Nobody falls for that sort of speak these days. Call it what it is. They are trying to get people out of their cars and onto bicycles or public transport. Small problem though. We have an aging population who are less likely to be able to cycle and an extremely sub standard public transport system that people only use as an option of last resort. Si it seems I will call it a long stay car park.

2024-06-05 11:58:08


2024-06-05 12:10:42

Every piece of legislation seems to penalise those of us who either have to travel within the town using a moribund public transport system, or leave the town completely to commute. No surprise that those with hope and aspirations for themselves or their families are leaving for better areas.

Mr Grumpy
2024-06-05 13:51:20

I live in Harlow but work in Chelmsford. Approx 35 minutes door to door commute by car and lucky to be in work 2 hours after leaving out when using public transport, not to mention the high cost of public transport nowadays. You can revamp all the local roads as much as you like but where public transport in Harlow is concerned "you cannot polish a turd" !!

2024-06-05 14:18:26

Wow Tracy very presumptuous of you! Very quick to tar everyone with the same brush, glad you’re happy now living in a perfect town/ city

2024-06-05 14:42:14

Great hope bikes can use bus lanes

2024-06-05 14:51:57

We all know this to keep cars out of Hartfordshire Epping and so all all get grid locked in Harlow instead.why we now have the m117a for lorrys to come down though Harlow

2024-06-05 15:25:08

More bus lanes restricting traffic flow for less buses using them. Increase bus numbers and reliability and maybe people would use them. Next on the list will be, like in London, a ban on certain vehicles and a charge on others. This county council can't repair a road surface properly so God knows what this hair brained scheme is going to turn our like let alone how long it will last before needing repair.

2024-06-05 16:42:55

Tracy it was 100% until you left

2024-06-05 17:00:59

Carly, you are today's comment star. Brilliant.

2024-06-05 18:12:09

Tracey. How dare you say 80% of Harlow people are awful. That accounts for roughly about 56000 people. I suggest now your out of Harlow , mind your own business.

2024-06-05 18:20:55

Just rechecked Harlow population, so Tracey you insulted 73000 people . And Carly you put her in her place , love it.

2024-06-05 18:22:15

Tracey . I heard you moved to jaywick.🤣🤣🤣

2024-06-05 19:14:08

So to recap for weeks no one's been able to move because of road works at that round about ...and now it's gonna stretch up to Edinburgh way for a bus lane ... There are no buses to Edinburgh way so wtf is the point of that if only the daft mare Tracy had taken the complete Muppets of Harlow council with her

Al Gafar
2024-06-05 19:39:01

Well well well the gnomes in Chelmsford are doing it again ,I would imagine the civil engineers concerned are not long from the fluffy brigade fresh from university ,young , fit,able to walk ,ride bikes ,and some even run . I don't suppose these fluffy ones are used to hard work which over the years causes physical anomalies within the human body ,this in itself renders people afflicted with old age diseases , arthritis etc are unable to ride bikes despite having when they were young covering at least 100 miles a week. Walking is now a luxury for these people oh how they would love to walk again like they used to . Oh ,we come to public transport ,since the arrival of arriva services have improved from earlier days ,buses on sat nav wonderful,I think some of the routes are probably governed by financial incentives,ah finances ,I need not go on

Crazyhorse 74
2024-06-05 20:17:37

Driving around town aint fun anymore!!

Paul J
2024-06-05 20:55:24

Any chance ever of extending the Central line from Epping to the old North Weald station? Oh and ps. Any chance of filling in the town pot holes? No, as that would be progress 😕

Paul J
2024-06-05 20:56:37

Any chance of extending the Central line from Epping to the old North Weald station? Oh and ps. Any chance of filling in the town pot holes? I doubt it as that would be progress 😕

2024-06-06 04:38:54

Just moved from London to The beautiful and quiet Harlow I love the difference the only problem is the transport Any chance to extend Central line

2024-06-06 06:40:36

Mohamed, I love you. "The beautiful and quiet Harlow". Some if not a great many of us are quite happy to live here. The road works will end one day.

Robert t
2024-06-06 07:01:47

Lived in Harlow all my life due to ill health I can't walk too far the bus service is crap now hard to buy a car to get around no fun being stuck in a bedsit all day least now I can get around bring back our bus service like it was back in the 60s and 70s and our fantastic extra large market ect and ffs sort out the pot holes and clear all the blocked drains we pay council tax for that wake up council

2024-06-06 08:52:21

Hope nobody thinks Tracy is me!

2024-06-06 10:36:07

Why not join end of central line to North weald and then link it up to the Stanstead line so there are alternatives when needed.ie winter ,strikes etc and get rid of toy train to Ongar and replace it with tram or better still automated shuttles like at O2 and many cities around world

Crazyhorse 74
2024-06-06 13:26:21

Definitely dont want Central line brought to harlow paul j.

2024-06-06 16:26:33

Ref to Keith's comment about lorries using M11 J7A. I don't drive, but I was under the impression that the J7A link up with Gilden Way would ease the traffic problems in the South East of the town so that less traffic would come off the M11 at J7 to access the route to the Pinnacles Industrial area. But given the big problems on 2nd avenue on a daily basis where it it totally gridlocked every morning, and with the traffic coming out of Church Langley to add to the problem, it seems that the big lorries are still coming off the M11 at J7. I attended a Neighbourhood Council meeting years ago, when the question of lorries using 2nd avenue came up, the resident's living close to the road were concerned about the extra noise and volume of traffic. I'm am not entirely sure, but seem to think that a bylaw was passed to stop these lorries using 2nd Avenue (unless they needed access to shops in the area) and that they had to use J7A once it was open. But even now I still believe that J7A should have been linked up with the High Wych road, so that when this monstrous development at Gilsten is constructed, it will divert traffic away from the town, instead of coming straight through the middle.

2024-06-07 08:55:05

What an ill bred , ill mannered comment from Tracy . Hope she ups her game in her new area and doesn’t insult residents who maybe less fortunate etc …..

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