The Fallen of Harlow in World War Two: We will remember them

History / Wed 5th Jun 2024 at 08:58am

AS you may know, back on June 6th, 1944, the are we know as Harlow was series of villages.

Over the past ten years, we have always tried to pay our respects to all those who served and those who fell in all the wars and conflicts.

We cannot find a record of anyone from Harlow who died on D Day or someone who served.

We are sure that there are people with connections.

Over the years, we have had contact with relatives all over the world, who have come across our tributes and reached out to us.

However, we would once again want to recognise those men of Harlow who gave their lives in WW2.

Thirty three men from Harlow lost their lives. The youngest was aged just 17 and the eldest, a Home Guardsman aged 63.

From the death of Ordinary Seaman George Victor Covell on June 9th 1940 to Gunner Frederick John Farley on August 30th, 1945.

We also think of their widows. Many lived to old age. Dora Page, widow of

If you go to Page 3 of our page called The Fallen of WW2 in our History section, you can find short biographies of some of the men.


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