Details of candidates for the constituency of Harlow

Politics / Fri 7th Jun 2024 at 04:56pm

DETAILS of candidates for the constituency of Harlow. Full details below.

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8 Comments for Details of candidates for the constituency of Harlow:

David Forman
2024-06-08 08:32:44

Judging by how few posters of any party are displayed in windows or gardens, one must conclude that most people are underwhelmed by this election.

2024-06-08 13:16:17

I agree David. There is not one party that cares about the people. Full of sycophants looking out for how high they can elevate themselves.

Tony Wiseman
2024-06-08 15:31:15

Can we assume that the proposers and seconders for the candidates that do not live in Harlow, LibDem and UKIP, also do not live in Harlow and the Villages? If so what business is it of theirs to nominate a candidate for our constituency? That really does smack of jobs for your mates!

Mark Gough
2024-06-08 20:17:42

No Tony, you can't. All proposers, seconders and nomination signatures have to live in the Constituency. I don't like the idea that candidates don't have to put their address on the nomination paper. This was also true in the Local Elections. It takes away information about how local a candidate is. In Lois' case she has a number of solid Harlow connections despite not currently living here. But she will let you as her Electorate know that shortly. As our newly elected UKIP Party Leader she could have stood anywhere, but has selected Harlow. You can see her videos on the UKIP Party website. Mark Gough -Leader Harlow UKIP

Riad Mannan
2024-06-09 22:13:12

Hi Concerned, if I may say so, I care about people. Having seen the issues in Harlow and elsewhere, it would be easier to not get involved, get one with my own life, pretend the issues will go away or that someone else will fix them. I said in my first video interview with YH that my main reason I am involved is because I want to help people live their best lives. So I am trying. For that to happen, the Liberal Democrats are putting forward practical policies which I believe will have a material impact on the lives of the people in Harlow. I have written about it here and will do so more...before, during and after the hustings.

Riad Mannan
2024-06-09 22:31:18

Hi Tony, the proposer and seconder for my candidature live in Harlow. It is no secret that I currently live in Stevenage. However, I will say that you don't have to live in Harlow to see the damage a Conservative Government with a Conservative MP have done to the town and local villages. You don't have to be a resident of Harlow to recognise that there is a hospital missing, or a school crumbling or dentists disappearing. You don't have to be in Harlow to know that the people here deserve an MP who will put them in the centre of their decisions. I will do that - I will respond to yours and everyone else's concerns and discuss how we can collectively make things better, deliver the services needed, reduce the tax burden and provide opportunities to local entrepreneurs, young people and families. That is my mission; and its something I don't take lightly, and nor do I take anyone's vote for granted.

2024-06-10 00:19:54

@ Mark Gough, remember you backed Bill Etheridge, not the ingénue, to become leader of UKIP . I guess you were surprised such an experienced former MEP lost, and lost so badly, to this inexperienced young lady with no political pedigree. Truth is, that election was a sham. Etheridge never wanted the poisoned chalice, and did his bit.to legitimise her becoming leader after winning a contest. Was there a fee? Poor girl probably still thinks she won a real election........ :) Then the lady announced by June 4 that UKIP would give Reform a Free Pass in its important constituencies, showing goodwill to unite the right. Explain to us voters how then by June 7 she betrayed her promise, and announced UKIP would put a candidate up against Nigel Farage himself in Clacton to split the vote. And it did. Is your Leader a Liar, or isn't she really the Leader?

2024-06-10 11:43:54

@ Mark Gough and Martin Harvey, still waiting to hear why your party "leader" didn't stand near to her area in Southend, but travels thirty miles to stand in Harlow. Could it be that UKIP doesn't even exist there, and that too much is known about her near home? Also, about her husband, or ex-, the shamed and convicted tax fraudster, then bankrupted, narrowly spared prison, about whom in 2020 she sold a seedy article to The Sun, describing him as bipolar and a sex maniac? How about Lois claiming to be a "friend" of Nigel Farage, who doesn't know her (she approached him at a party for a photo), and even publishing a claim that she she “had a moment” with Boris Johnson, “something could have happened, but it didn’t…". Crazy fantasies. We agree she needs professional help - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toxrWjOx4_M - of the kind she won't get at the hustings on the 19th. She is going to badly Failmore at Passmore.

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