M11 : Twelve vehicles seized and six arrested to try and keep roads safe

Crime / Fri 7th Jun 2024 at 06:47am

ROADS Policing officers and the Road Crime Team target M11 drivers, “ensuring” the strategic road is kept safe.

On Friday 31 May, our Roads Policing officers and the Roads Crime Team worked together to keep the M11 safe and moving for all our road users. 

The teams were on the watch out for drivers who were breaking the law and potentially placing others in danger. 

They arrested six people for a variety of offences including drug driving and possession of offensive weapons located in vehicles and seized 12 vehicles.

41 traffic offence reports were issued for offences such as speeding and not wearing seatbelts, offences that fall under the term Fatal Four – offences that contribute to killed and serious collisions.

One driver was recorded driving at 112mph!

The Road Crime team stopped a learner on the motorway, something that the driver wasn’t allowed to do under the Highway Code and for which they wouldn’t have the skills and experience for. In addition, two drivers were driving outside their licence conditions and three drivers didn’t have insurance – both illegal.

Road worthiness is also important, but two cars were reported for not having an MOT, something that guarantees the vehicle is safe to drive for the passengers and drivers.

Road safety is a force priority in which we continue to work with the Safer Essex Roads Partnership to make roads in Essex safe for everyone, to improve road safety across the county and reduce the number of fatalities on our roads. 

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10 Comments for  M11 : Twelve vehicles seized and six arrested to try and keep roads safe:

Tony WIseman
2024-06-07 10:57:46

Whilst it is good to see these road safety measures being taken, it does raise at least 1 question. How are new drivers supposed to get experience of driving on a motorway if they cannot use them until they have passed their test? I have long thought that all drivers should be compelled to have at least a 1 hour lesson on how to use motorways, with a qualified driving instructor, as part of their training. That may help to educate those who insist on sitting on the middle or outside lane when not overtaking and show them how to enter and leave the motorway on the slip road. Both of these manoeuvres are a regular cause of driver endangerment and frustration

Mr Grumpy
2024-06-07 14:42:25

I concur 100% with Tony Wiseman. All new drivers should have some motorway tuition. Maybe also include such as part of their driving test to prove they are safe to use fast paced roads.

Mr Grumpy
2024-06-07 14:44:51

As for "Road worthiness", maybe the local and county councils should be prosecuted for allowing the roads to be in a less than roadworthy condition !!

2024-06-07 14:51:05

Tony the only way to do this safely is to let someone pass first, you could do a two part to someone’s licence so passing allows you to drive but not on motorways then you take driving lessons on motorway driving with a small test to show you’re confident in doing so. I never did any extra driving for motorway and was totally fine it’s all about how confident you are as a driver I guess.

2024-06-07 20:30:10

Pro active policing always works, well done Essex Police

David Forman
2024-06-08 09:08:22

The aspect of post driving test training that drivers should have to do compulsorily is skid avoidance training. I remember doing this at North Weald airfield many years ago in a car that could simulate ice, snow, gravel and oil based skids. This training has saved my life on a number of occasions. As with most training practice is required.

2024-06-08 15:24:39

Stuart, I agree David, your comments worry me. Although I have not done the training that you recommend I have never driven fast enough in poor conditions to need to rely on that type of training. I would suggest that you need to think about staying indoors if it is wet or icy!

2024-06-09 07:16:06

Tony . I have always wondered about middle lane driving . If you are travelling at 70mph , which is the speed limit , its not a problem , if it bothers other drivers, then they must be braking the speed limit and they are at fault. So what they are doing is illegal. Just my opinion.

2024-06-10 07:19:44

Eddie. If you watch TV's Motorway Cops you'll know that hogging the middle lane, regardless of whether you're travelling at 70mph, is technically an offence of "driving with undue care & attention" punishable with a fixed fine & 3pts on your licence. My gripe with Cheshire Police (featured in the TV series) is that the first some drivers know of it is when a summons arrives in the post, just like a speeding offence. Easy win for the cops!

billy lewins
2024-06-10 10:06:10

They should do this every day. Drivers shouldn't feel confident enough to predict that they will not get caught. Seems to be though that the article title should be "Traffic Police in policing traffic shocker!"

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