The Stow: Woman flown to hospital with serious injuries after road traffic incident

News / Mon 10th Jun 2024 at 01:38pm

Statement from Essex Police: 1545 hrs

We remain on the scene of a collision in Harlow during which a young woman has been seriously injured.

The incident took place on a zebra crossing at 12.40pm today, Monday 10 June, at the junction of Howard Way and The Stow.

The road has been closed whilst our investigation into the circumstances around the incident progresses.

A young woman has been taken to hospital in a serious condition.

We believe a number of people may have witnessed the incident but have not yet spoken to us to provide an account and we’re appeal people to please get in touch as soon as possible.

You can let us know by submitting a report on our website or by using our online Live Chat service available Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) between 10am-9pm.

Visit www.essex.police.uk/digital101 to find out more about our website reporting services.
Alternatively, you can call us on 101.

Please cite incident 471 of 10 June.

1500 hrs: Statement from East of England Ambulance Service:

“One ambulance, two Hazardous Area Response Team vehicles, an ambulance officer vehicle and Essex and Herts Air Ambulance were called to The Stow, Harlow this afternoon following reports of a pedestrian injured in a road traffic collision.

“One woman was flown to the Royal London Hospital with serious injuries.

ESSEX Police has sealed off a section of Howard Way in Harlow.

The area sealed off is between First Avenue and The Stow.

The area has been sealed off since approximately 1300 hours.

There are at least five traffic vehicles in attendance.

We have been in contact with all relevant media dpertements for further details.

More follows.

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35 Comments for The Stow: Woman flown to hospital with serious injuries after road traffic incident:

2024-06-10 14:50:00

When is something going to be done about this stretch of road?? Every week I watch as cars speed past the zebra crossing without stopping, just this morning there was one driver clearly looking at his phone instead of the road and I had to pull my 4 year old back so we didn't get hit!! Hope the lady recovers soon and hoping Harlow Council finally do something here like install traffic lights!!!

2024-06-10 15:03:56

Ange, with all due respect, why do you think that people who ignore a zebra crossing will pay attention to traffic lights? Whilst there are some inherently badly designed roads and junctions, as inanimate objects they are of very little danger to pedestrians. The problem here is bad drivers, and a lack of enforcement due to inadequate resources.

2024-06-10 15:15:29

To be honest, drivers regularly ignore red and amber lights at pedestrian crossings. So many drivers have no patience or consideration for others. I hope the young lady makes a full recovery, very sad

2024-06-10 15:24:19

Completely agree with Martin. I’ve seen multiple vehicles speed through this zebra crossing whilst I’ve been waiting for a pedestrian to cross. I’ve been waiting to cross at a crossing and witnessed vans and cars speeding up and running red lights near me on Gilden way. A road that drivers constantly break the 40mph speed limit on. There needs to be more enforcement and tougher penalties for drivers committing offences.

D m Richardson
2024-06-10 15:27:47

I've actually seen drivers keep driving without stopping even when people are already on the crossing I swear there's some people in this town with no driving licence! Also seen people on mobile phones loads too!

Lisa Lorenzini
2024-06-10 15:35:41

It's not just that crossing.They do it on the Crossing by the Poplar Kitten..Lost count of the amount of times I've nearly been knocked down.Tawneys Road is a race track.Told Police.Taken no notice at all

2024-06-10 15:59:36

Thus road is a nightmare, so dangerous. It's used as a race track most of the time. Especially motorbikes. We need speed bumps like the other side of the roundabout towards bush fair. So many people have near miss accidents on this part of the road at the Stow it's so scary and dangerous

Steven Walters
2024-06-10 15:59:45

Put a traffic camera on the lights they'll stop then

2024-06-10 16:03:54

I obviously no nothing of the circumstances of this incident. But with regard to using mobile phones whilst driving, anyone caught using them while driving should get a lifetime ban from driving. Their vehicle should be taken away, and either destroyed or sold and the money given to a charity.

2024-06-10 16:05:20

Hope the people recover well and quickly, awful thing to happen. Drivers do not seem to pay attention very well, had to wait many a time at the lights in the Old Town as drivers seem to ignore the red light.

2024-06-10 16:11:57

The Howard Way Zebra Crossing is very dangerous, and the scene of several pedestrian/motor vehicle collisions and near misses over the years. I frequently use it and a large minority of drivers see it as an obstacle to accelerate through; other methods are required to slow traffic.

2024-06-10 16:13:09

This road is a nightmare, so dangerous. It's used as a race track most of the time. Especially motorbikes. We need speed bumps like the other side of the roundabout towards bush fair. So many people have near miss accidents on this part of the road at the Stow it's so scary and dangerous

2024-06-10 16:55:31

Harlow have to consider building more underground and walkingthrough Bridges! It is redicilous that roadster are still full of zebras ! Althlough a lot of pedestrians are silly as walking with No repsect and using lights with No reason. Across Harlow should to be minimum of 3 No collision roads accross Town i Mean with No light and crossings! However also drivers not paying enough attention so lets respect each other and fingers crossed People repsonsible for pothole roads will do their job and building proper one soon.

2024-06-10 17:06:09

ResidentOfPotholes so you're saying pedestrians are an inconvenience to car drivers, or it's too difficult for drivers to be aware enough to stop when lights indicate they should. So pedestrians should be forced to walk farther through underpasses which are usually poorly lit and out of sight making pedestrians vulnerable to criminals. Same with bridges, people with disabilities or young children in push chairs having to use long ramps just to cross a road so that drivers don't get inconvenienced by a couple of minutes at the most. That's ridiculous

2024-06-10 17:27:45

I walk up to the stow shops and the amount of times I’ve nearly been hit is worrying, problem is ignorant drivers unaware or uninterested in the rules of the road, if someone even looks like they are going to cross, slow down and expect them to cross.

2024-06-10 17:35:08

I have noticed on some occasions people walk in front of the cars even when there aren't a separate crossing and then they look at the driver as if the driver's done something wrong it's not always the driver's Fault.

2024-06-10 17:42:30

John that's irrelevant here, she was using the zebra crossing by accounts. This is about some drivers disregarding the rules of the road. If someone is at a pedestrian crossing drivers should anticipate they are crossing or about to cross and drive accordingly. Pedestrians who just walk out elsewhere is a completely different issue

s buckner
2024-06-10 18:15:45

put some lights there i have had so many near misses

2024-06-10 20:02:18

I don't think lights will help not the way some people drive in harlow.

Hate idiot drivers
2024-06-10 21:30:12

The crossing has been there for years. The issue is a VERY BAD AND DANGEROUS DRIVER. There is nothing wrong with that part of that road.

2024-06-10 23:00:23

someone i used to be friends with got hit on that crossing and her ankle was shattered that was only two years ago now and since then there has been others , its discusting they should put traffic lights there although at the lights near the skipper cars jump those all the time

2024-06-11 00:00:06

Just before last Christmas I was on that same crossing,one third of the way across when a police dog patrol car didn't stop just carried on without a care in the world and I was on a mobility scooter,I rang the police when I got home he took all of my details and phone number he said he would check it and get back to me, needless to say never heard a word from them

2024-06-11 07:09:53

I slow down when I see pedestrians near crossings . But sometimes they just step out before you have stopped . I am not saying this is the case in this instance, but pedestrians should be aware to wait until the vehicle has completely stopped, as some tossers don't stop.

2024-06-11 07:26:02

I pulled up there to let somebody cross and a moron leaning on his horn overtook me, says it all really doesn’t it!

2024-06-11 07:37:49

Do pedestrians have right of way on zebra crossings? A zebra crossing gives the pedestrian right of way once their foot is on the crossing. However, pedestrians must make sure that all the traffic has stopped before crossing and they should keep looking and listening as they cross.

2024-06-11 09:23:31

The obvious answer is traffic lights for the junction that incorporate pedestrian lights like on Abercrombie Way.

2024-06-11 10:17:09

Gary they are ignored as well. So many drivers just drive through them. And Russell yes pedestrians have the right of way once they are on a a zebra crossing but need to be aware of people driving like idiots. The onus is on drivers to drive with due care and attention. Drivers should stop for people waiting to cross at zebra crossings and must stop for people already crossing

2024-06-11 10:30:13

I do hope the person makes a full recovery however this will happen time and time again as the whole traffic system in Harlow is just not fit for purpose! Just look at first avenue so called bus lanes you have to pull across 3 lanes of traffic if you wish to join the road and also this zebra crossing is a complete joke as there is so much going on there! Cars turning right Cars slowing down cars speeding and if you trun out of momples road you have to be aware of Zebra crossing, Sppeding cars as well as cars turning in to Momples road The whole of Harlows traffic system is a complete nightmare and I am sure there will be more people injured and some even fatally because of the councils incompetence and rush to be seen to be doing things on paper! Bus lanes to nowhere and we have more cycle ways being built in the rush for NET Zero as climate change is pushing for it ! total nonsense more like the rich want more Money!

2024-06-11 10:33:05

Traffic lights there wouldn't be a bad idea that road is a nightmare to get out onto when the traffic is busy so that could stop a lot of accidents.

2024-06-11 16:11:54

Zebra crossing on a 40mph road completely outdated and always going to be dangerous

2024-06-11 16:23:38

The other bad crossing point is on Velizi Avenue, where students and other people cross, and despite the fact that there are lights, an accident is waiting to happen. I have lost count of the number of times I have been on a bus and the lights are on green for the traffic and yet we have students crossing right in front of the bus, head down on their precious mobiles, not looking where they are going. I was given to understand that there was to be a bridge built for the students to cross safely. Perhaps it would be a good idea to put an underpass in. Having said that is seems to be the norm in Harlow that when you are walking through the town centre, you have idiots who are just looking down on their mobiles and they end up bumping into you.

Sl Gafar
2024-06-11 20:51:53

It all boils down to the very poor standard of driving all round . Unfortunately there are not enough police . Although people are on favour of traffic lights ,it depends on the consciousness of the drivers . I have had occasion where drivers have failed to stop at the toucan crossing on firsts Avenue at the Stow It's all very well installing traffic control Recent at the Gilden way /church gate st roundabout completely ignoring Red traffic lights . We must make drivers aware how vulnerable road users not in a tin box don't seem to understand that people are soft "targets " A total lack of compation for our fellow human beings .

2024-06-12 08:50:05

Conservative-run Essex County Council Essex County Highways Department does have a 20 mph speed limit on Minchen Road, which is the road in question. It's quite perplexing that the Essex County Highways Department decided to increase the speed limit on Minchen Road, near the Stow Library, to 30 mph. This change has resulted in the entire Stow Shopping Centre being encompassed by a 30 mph speed limit, which seems illogical and warrants a review. As Essex County Council Essex County Highways Department didn’t object to Aldi being built at the former Shell garage site but put a no-right-turn restriction from First Avenue, customers for Aldi will either turn into Orchard Croft by the Stow Post Office then turn around back to First Avenue on the Aldi entrance side of First Avenue. The most used is the Howard Way route, onto Minchen Road, then around the back of the Stow Shopping Centre, then joining First Avenue. This situation has effectively turned the entire Stow Shopping Centre into what can only be described as a 'chicken run', a highly dangerous scenario that is just waiting for an accident to occur. The Police, who have reportedly designated The Stow Shopping Centre as the most anti-social area in Essex, seem blind to speeding. I’ve witnessed this myself: two officers chatting but not investigating the screeching of tyres as a van sped round the corner past Doringtons Bakery. The 20mph speed limit on Minchen Road and Momples Road is NOT enforceable. It is just advisory. Essex County Council Essex County Highways Department has done nothing to enforce the speed limit or put adequate signage in place plus correctly placed Speed Bumps. They are more concerned about Strategic Transport Corridors to increase Harlow’s walking. I am pretty shocked that the people of Harlow do not seem to know who is responsible for the roads, pavements, and Cycle tracks. IT IS NOT Harlow Council it is Conservative-run Essex County Council. The Conservative Councillor for The Stow Shopping Centre is: Mr Mike Garnett - [email protected]. I have raised the speed limit at the Stow Shopping Centre on a number of occasions with him.

2024-06-12 11:29:01

Actually the zebra crossing involved is on Howard way and not Minchen road as I said in an earlier comment, but I agree entirely that the Stow has become a “rat run” for motorists trying to get into the Aldi store which has been designed completely wrong, ie. Entrance and exit straight onto roundabout would have made much more sense.

William Harris
2024-06-12 14:03:20

Hello is there any update on the female who was injured in the RTC

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