First meeting of Harlow and Gilston Garden Town committee begins with pledge to “change the future for tens of thousands of people”

News / Thu 13th Jun 2024 at 10:28am

THE inaugural meeting of a new joint committee given oversight of a huge garden town for Harlow has been described as a significant moment to “change the future for tens of thousands of people” reports Local Democracy Reporter.

The new Harlow and Gilston Garden Town (HGGT) joint committee has been charged with providing the supervision of the delivery of 16,000 homes in the HGGT by 2033, and 7,000 homes in the years after that along with associated infrastructure.

The joint committee comprises members from Harlow District Council, Epping Forest District Council, East Herts District Council, Essex County Council and Hertfordshire County Council.

Harlow and Gilston Garden Town (HGGT) is a cross-boundary initiative, led by the five councils to deliver growth and regeneration for new and existing communities in and around Harlow.

The initiative is managing the delivery of 16,000 new homes over the next nine years in four new Garden Town neighbourhoods in Water Lane, Latton Priory and East of Harlow with the fourth made up of seven new Garden villages in Gilston.

It will also see the regeneration of Harlow’s town centre, with ambitious plans that will bring forward a new arts and cultural quarter alongside a redeveloped Broad Walk area and upgraded bus station.

Meetings had been held behind closed doors but that is set to change as the delivery phase of the project begins. The establishment of a joint committee does not include decision-making related to either planning or statutory highway authority functions, which will remain with these authorities.

Leader of Harlow District Council, Councillor Dan Swords, who chaired the inaugural meeting of the Harlow and Gilston Garden town joint committee, said: It is a significant moment in the future of not just Harlow but the areas that currently surrounding Harlow

“We have an enormous job to do as the committee to genuinely change the future for ten of thousands of people who live in this place and will come to live in this place over the next ten years.”

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14 Comments for First meeting of Harlow and Gilston Garden Town committee begins with pledge to “change the future for tens of thousands of people”:

2024-06-13 11:28:11

This sounds like the rubbish we were fed when moving from london.

2024-06-13 12:32:04

It will change the future for thousands of people alright. Loss of green belt, loss of the secluded part of the Stort with the ridiculous flyover. More congestion on the roads, more strain on our hospital, with no sign of a new one in sight for years. No benefit for those Harlow people waiting for an affordable home. Planners are just in it for the money. The whole thing needs stopping before a brick is laid or a road built.

2024-06-13 14:21:55

this is good news we need more flats

Sammy bull
2024-06-13 16:53:12

It's not more flats we need, it's more bedsits

2024-06-13 19:09:41

HGGT just makes my blood boil. Why are they bothering with meet8ngs, they're not interested in people's opinions or concerns. They'll certainly be changing 10s of thousands of people's lives. Already are ... Harlow is in chaos already

2024-06-13 19:27:47

This doesn’t benefit Harlow residents, it benefits Epping and East Herts residents who have passed the congestion on to us. A new hospital should be built first to cope with at least 36,000 extra people moving to HGGT. How will PAH cope?

2024-06-13 20:33:18

Will Mr Swords be explaining to the residents of Sumners, Kingsmoor and Katherine's why his administration has done a screeching UTurn on his and the conservative administration pledge, made twice in total, that Harlow Council would not support any development to the south or west of Harlow?

Nicholas Taylor
2024-06-13 23:14:20

Nick, probably because there are no local elections for another two years. The Tories have been crying crocodile tears about this matter since at least 2015, they never made any objections known to the Planning Inspector looking at the EFDC Local Plan proposals, the Harlow Alliance Party was the only one that did. As for the Gilston area, they have always supported these plans, probably because the nearest Harlow voter lives about half a mile from the proposed development. Both main Parties in Harlow have sold us living in Harlow down the river (excuse the pun).

2024-06-14 09:20:44

Well done, Nicholas Taylor, for pointing out that the Labour and Conservative Parties have sold Harlow residents down the river. The Harlow Alliance Party, a steadfast advocate for Harlow, has consistently stood up for our community. The local Green Party are against the Strategic Transport Corridors and the massive Eastern Crossing - Latton Island. It was a startling revelation to discover that the local Green Party, renowned for their national support of public transport, are in fact opposed to the Strategic Transport Corridors and the massive Eastern Crossing-Latton Island. If you think the current traffic congestion in Harlow is a headache, just imagine the chaos when the rest of the roundabouts are equipped with traffic lights, giving priority to minicabs and taxis. I've crunched the numbers, and it's clear that to fulfil Conservative-run Essex Highways' plans, at least 14 roundabouts will be affected, causing major disruptions to First Avenue and Fourth Avenue and all East-West traffic. The Conservative Government spent millions of pounds building junction 7a for Gilston town, but it didn't create it for Harlow. Conservative-run Essex Highways wants to block First Avenue and Fourth Avenue with roundabouts with traffic lights on them, prioritising minicabs and taxis, stopping traffic for the hospital and, most importantly, the Pinnacles industrial estate. Plus, the Conservative-run Essex Highways have recently published a map that gives some details about the Latton Priory Strategic Transport Corridor. It shows there will be a roundabout with traffic lights prioritising minicabs, taxis and motorbikes on Southern Way. The two-lane Strategic Transport Corridor follows the route of the existing cycle track past Tye Green Village and then gets to the brook by the horse's fields at the town centre, cuts diagonally across the horse's fields to meet up with the roundabout junction of Third Avenue by the Watergardens Shopping Centre, the roundabout will have traffic lights for minicabs, taxis and motorbikes and the occasional bus but most importantly it will hinder shoppers reaching the town centre unless you are on public transport. I am a left-wing Labour supporter, but in this general election, I am switching to The Green Party in the hope that this can be stopped.

Nicholas Taylor
2024-06-14 13:55:11

Tonyb, it will be interesting to see what stance is taken by the Green Party if their representative in the East Herts District is elected as the MP for the area, after all they do, in a pact with the Lib Dems, control East Herts DC. Speaking on behalf of HAP, we objected to the river crossings because they will solve nothing, indeed with the proposed link to Latton Priory which you describe can only mean that traffic congestion will get much worse across the whole town. Evidence produced before the construction of Junction 7a made clear that the roads in and around Church Langley and Old Harlow would become even more heavily congested and this has now been born out. Despite this, the Councils involved went ahead with Junction 7a anyway. What is needed of course is a Northern By-Pass and roads going North being constructed from the Gilston development because as things stand all roads from the development will lead on to the A414.

2024-06-15 06:35:46

How on earth can we expect a group of people who can't operate a camera so that we can see each of them as they introduce themselves, who whisper to each other off mic and who then can't operate an on/off switch to design, build and run a new 10,000 home development?

2024-06-15 09:11:01

And just to add the Save Our Stort campaign was as much Save Harlow. Just as the Eastern culverted raised road will cause flooding, more sewage discharges into the town and the ruin of the ecology/ life of the Stort River Valley so the hggt pfp development will choke and overload Harlow whilst East Herts and Epping reap the grants, taxes and housing credits from government to house those getting out of London to Executive homes. Biggest green belt land grab by tory property developers in the country. Labour were fools to open the door through which the Conservatives are delivering armageddon. Brown envelopes everywhere one suspects. The property version of PPE under the Tories. Even Robert Halfon told them to go back to the drawing board. As for sustainable corridors a total joke, the plans just are an ill thought out a sop and nonsense, a PR stunt that's already wasting shed loads on cash. If Essex, Harlow and hggt had a coherent plan one could support it but they really have not a clue.

Kim Oconnor
2024-06-15 10:01:11

I'm glad you said that nostradamus. Because this is the reason I've been took of your Harlow.. Repeated news,apparently. This should be Repeated, time and time again.. your Harlow need to take of the people that are horrible to other people, not those that care passionately about the community.

2024-06-15 11:13:40

As for the regeneration of the town centre mega mistake 1 to even think of moving PAH out of town into Epping District, mega mistake 2. To build a cluster of high rise flats that'll generate high winds making the environment unfriendly and that'll get filled with disadvantaged families. callously shipped there by London borough's: mega mistake 3 : the Council buying the Harvey Centre that's in steep decline as more shops close. MEGA MISTAKE 4. Thinking that anyone from the new Gilston village will ever shop in Harlow town centre, it's clear from the absolute distain for Harlow in the Gilton neighbourhood plan and the marketing for the hggt pfp developments that Harlow is regarded as an urban pit. They made it very clear that great efforts would be made to ensure the Gilston Villages, would be nothing like "urban" Harlow. As for the development of Broad Walk and the pictures published showing the high rise flats the lack of appeal and the perpetuation of original designs that were a result of desperation, and a post war shortage of building materials is stupifying. Harlow Council under Labour and Conservative administrations have shown they aren't capable of running a market stall in The Market Square. Instead they have created s town centre that looks like a bombsite and a centre that'll continue to decline.

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