Former PM Boris Johnson makes direct call to Harlow residents to back Hannah Ellis as next MP

Elections / Fri 14th Jun 2024 at 03:30pm

FORMER Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has made a passionate plea to Harlow residents to back Conservative candidate, Hannah Ellis, on Thursday 4th July in the General Election.

In a video message to the town, Boris urged residents to vote for Hannah Ellis saying she will fight for “lower taxes”. He further warned that a vote for anyone else will allow Keir Starmer to “lurch the country to the left” and “take the country back into the European Union”.

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37 Comments for Former PM Boris Johnson makes direct call to Harlow residents to back Hannah Ellis as next MP:

John Davis
2024-06-14 15:42:11

Crumbling schools, crumbling prisons, crumbling hospitals. Winter-frozen pensioners, hungry children, hungry adults. Three million people surviving on foodbanks – generation heat-or-eat. Rivers full of sewage, roads full of potholes, borders full of chaos. Patients dying in a treatment queue, people in agony in a dentist queue. The NHS in crisis, the care sector in collapse. Police ignoring crimes, MPs ignoring laws. No massive HS2 extension, just a massive cost and a massive national debt. Care homes starved of workers, services starved of cash, people starved of hope. Tory cronies stuffed into the Lords, taxpayer cash stuffed into Tory donors. The rich, richer. The poor, poorer. Fourteen years of austerity and neglect, lies and chaos, corruption and deceit. Fourteen years of in-fighting and back stabbing. Fourteen years in power. Broken promises, broken services, Broken Tory Brexit Britain. Less money, less rights, less prospects.

Me, Harlow
2024-06-14 15:47:07

That is not the endorsement he thinks it is.

2024-06-14 15:52:42

John, but after all that , times are good🤥

James Gamble
2024-06-14 16:05:11

Well that's the kiss of death then.

Stuart Crook
2024-06-14 16:42:29

Each time I see any labour people on the tv not one of them will answer a question all they say is look at the last years but not answer

2024-06-14 17:06:13

Stuart, I think you may have selective reading glasses - that's all MP's, been watching it for years with Tory ones too!

2024-06-14 17:07:44

Vote reform & let’s shake up British politics

Gary Roberts
2024-06-14 17:15:03

Would you vote Conservative after that endorsement? A BS's on a good day on others something else!

2024-06-14 17:47:42

Inglebert shake up British politics and get a worse version of the Conservatives? They will end up joining forces at the next election anyway...

2024-06-14 17:57:30

I didn't bother to watch the video, I've had enough of this lying fraudster - did Boris raise a glass of alcohol in praise? Did he have a pointy party hat on? Did he have one of those blowy things that make a noise and has a feather on the end? If not, this is not a real, true endorsement. Did someone pay Boris £5 to make this vid like someone paid Farage to give birthday greetings to Hugh Jass or some other silly name? "and “take the country back into the European Union”." - yeah, and your Brexit deal has been so great. Where is my free unicorn that you promised? Let alone the 40 new hospitals. And 20000 new (NEW) police officers. "she will fight for “lower taxes”" put it on the side of a bus. It will be more believable. Please, can YH refrain from giving the oxygen of publicly to disgraced former prime ministers. What next, an endorsement from Liz Truss? No, I take it back, an endorsement mentioning cheese and pork markets might almost be worth watching. I'm sure that whoever is the conservative candidate is, they would love an endorsement from both Boris and Liz Truss.

2024-06-14 18:27:14

John Davis - that's one of the best summaries of the disastrous consequences of 14 years of Tory Government that I have seen! I would say well done, but there is very little to celebrate...

2024-06-14 18:36:59

Hugo, wise man - it's just Bojo doing what he does best, pomp and lies.

2024-06-14 18:44:33

Why on earth would hanna need the words of a listing toe rag like Boris whilst many of us could not attend funeral see loved ones him and his mate Cummings were partying !! Hanna distance yourself you do not need his endorsement he is toxic and should be sent far away !!!

2024-06-14 19:16:30

Total desperation dredging this incompetent fool to the fore-front. The Tories have clearly given-up on No-dish Sunak as a frontman.

2024-06-14 19:52:19

She was in our neighbourhood recently and made no attempt to even smile or make eye contact with residents, let alone speak to anyone.. heaven forbid. She won't have my vote one because she's a tory, two her main focus is the ULEZ zone which isn't even in harlow, 3 Halfon supports her and now, 4 bodger has stuck his oar in

2024-06-14 20:01:38

I have lent Labour my vote at the last two election - Last night on ITV I heard Angela Rayner say Labour would never seek to take UK back into EU and thought - Vote for who you want to David - If all Labour has to offer is Breakfast Clubs and Surestart Centres and refuses to talk about the EU, then vote for who is best for you David - Labour don’t really care about the country - Then Boris Johnson comes along and I’m angry again and I’m reminded of just how bad the Tories were.

2024-06-14 20:14:56

David, I have voted Labour all my life, but I would not vote for Corbyn so I didn't vote. You must have really wanted the Torys out to lend him your vote. Remember that feeling now and finally kick them out!

2024-06-14 20:25:28

I've just read elsewhere that "He [Boris] sent five videos of support to candidates who as MPs had been loyal to him while ignoring calls for help to revive the national campaign." I don't know who the other candidates are who have had this horror inflicted on them. But I think it is worth finding out exactly what this conservative candidate did for Boris and why Boris thinks she is loyal. The electorate of Harlow deserve to know why this conservative candidate was so loyal to this lying, racist, misogynist, law breaking, disgrace.

2024-06-14 20:29:58

David they do offer more and I think they do care about the country, at least a heck of a lot more than the tories have proven. Just heard tonight too that Rachel Reeves confirmed that Labour are going to end access to ministers and inside track for contracts, such as the PPE ones that happened. They are also going to chase the fraud that was committed and get the money back where possible. I found that excellent reading, esp the first bit. Oh, and there is the NHS of course, point of use it's better under Labour historically. Gotta get better than right now surely!

2024-06-14 20:46:41

We need change….I am sick of this immoral…lying…corrupt 14 years of conservative government….this country is in a terrible state….Food Banks….masses are poorer…..if the masses are poorer we all suffer…..increased migration…..increased crime…..everything more expensive…..can’t get to see a fully qualified GP….Lizz Truss crashed the economy….not following their own rules….covid parties where both Johnson and Sunak received fines…..ditching the WW2 veterans….by staying only half the day when everyone else stayed the whole day…..prioritising his own election (itv interview) over fully respecting 80 year D Day, and staying for whole day….Everyone else stayed whole day including our cancer sick King. How can anyone trust a PM who behaves this way with National Security? These are the kind of decisions that have no room for error….. I am sick of every time they mess up they seem to think a quick apology ask for forgiveness and no need to suffer consequences….the Conservatives don’t take responsibility for their actions and we are then supposed to trust them. I rather now take my chances with Labour…..

David Forman
2024-06-14 21:15:59

Labour are going to push the privatisation of the NHS further along. Labour's Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting has taken £175,000 in donations from people involved in private health companies. See article https://www.thenational.scot/news/24250557.wes-streeting-takes-175k-donors-linked-private-health-firms/

2024-06-14 21:32:48

It is so difficult Trace - When Starmer advocated a second referendum on Brexit, I thought he was a good bloke - Then it came to the Leadership elections and Lisa Nandy just seemed to be head shoulders above him - There just seems to be nothing there and I think that he really believes that Labour are ahead in the polls because of him - I cringe when I hear him talk and worry that we will end up with something far worse than the Tories when he fails to deliver change - I saw him like a Rabbit in the Headlights when Sunak said that stuff about an extra £2K in taxes and then I heard the audience groan in Grimsby when he told us ONCE AGAIN that his dad was a toolmaker and his mum was a nurse — He said that Sunak was weak for allowing Johnson’s nominations for the House of Lords - And Starmer’s strong response,,,,To make Hereditary Peers retire at the election after they turn 80! — Do I help to give him a majority to govern in his bland and unimaginative way or do I hope that he needs the support of the Liberals or the SNP to give him a bit of a kick? I worry that he will get into power and we will see him at Davos and there will be the parties at Number 10 with celebrities and his kids will get top jobs, but we won’t feel any better and nothing will change!

Riad Mannan
2024-06-14 22:03:37

Since Boris Johnson is endorsing Hannah, and he knows her, can I ask... did she work in Westminster during lockdown, did she get invited to any of the parties held there and did she attend any?

2024-06-14 22:17:56

Oh look, yourharlow promoting the Conservatives yet again! - what a wrong with this paper! Ha endorsed by Boris, Hannah Ellis darling, you’re in the party love. We need change, a big change And I’m sorry but it’s not the tories.

2024-06-15 00:31:09

Imagine if you actually believed what he says

Clark Renney
2024-06-15 01:38:10

Jeez... All she needs now is an endorsement from Liz Truss and she's got the set! But seriously, Ms Ellis is your Conservative Candidate who had a "yummy" meal at an expensive restaurant and then looked at statues with her team; while just around the corner, some of the people she feels she should represent were queuing at a foodbank to feed their families. Such behaviour tells you everything you need to know about the Conservatives. I say the good people of Harlow deserve better than them. So vote for something better. It's time for change... Vote for Chris Vince on July 4, 2024. Vote Labour...

2024-06-15 04:04:44

Stop the boats it’s that simple.

2024-06-15 04:08:11

Reform and Farage…. No more Labour lies no more Tory cheating

Stephen Archer
2024-06-15 10:06:36

This election is not just about getting a better government, its about telling the Conservatives just what we think of them after 14 years of chaos. Hannah Ellis has been left to face the music. Where is Robert Halfon? Hannah doesn't know why Harlow is not getting the promised "world leading" UKHSA facility which would have transformed the town. Nor why there has been such delay and confusion over the promised new hospital. Did she even ask for that endorsement from Boris Johnson? The man who promised "40 new hospitals", who lied to the late Queen, to the British people and to Parliament, and then ran away to avoid sanction? Surely not. Johnson is a total liability. The Conservatives should stand and face the electorate, not hide from the punishment they deserve. Under Keir Starmer, Labour is the only party which can deliver the stable and competent government we expect. My vote is for Chris Vince the Labour candidate. Sorry Hannah.

2024-06-15 10:32:45

David, I agree, if Labour do get in, it's mainly because of the fact they are not the conservatives, full stop! I don't mind Starmer, I find him a little dull (but fairly smart) but after the big ego driven big personalities that have dominated UK politics to our detriment, I kinda think a little bit of dull if stable is what the country needs. I will watch with interest anyway. Also, regarding him not responding to all the many times Sunak spouted the tax lie, there was a theory floating around that it's the lawyer way. Simply allow someone to keep lying and bury themselves. Sunak did indeed lie over and over and it turned out not to be a good look. For me personally, getting the tories out is the main thing, they really need to go away and get rid of all the charlatans. The rest will come later, but I hope people know that it is going to take quite a few years to undo the damage that the tories have done.

2024-06-15 10:35:06

David Forman, that is interesting and depressing to read, but thankyou for sharing. I don't mind privatisation if only used to try and clear some backlog, but I'd rather they fixed the NHS properly. Let's hope they listen to the medical experts who are against this and have clear vision.

Tony Wiseman
2024-06-15 10:42:11

Jon, I have a friend who thinks the same as you so here is what I have explained to him. Based on 2023 numbers, small boat illegal immigration is just 0.08% of the UK population, just 0.75% of the NHS waiting list and just 7.0% of total immigration. Conclusion, even though we both agree it should be stopped, it is not affecting the NHS, our housing stock or our jobs in any significant, measurable way.

Riad Mannan
2024-06-15 11:01:40

The Labour party manifesto is a copy and paste of the Conservative one. In a scenario where Labour is in power, does Harlow need a Labour MP who will be so loyal to their party (because you can see how disloyalty is treated by them), blindly vote for their party in every vote, and will forget the people of Harlow when a ministerial post comes calling. I would be a stronger MP, standing up for Harlow against a Labour government, who will be just as disastrous as the Conservatives. Vote LibDem. And before anyone writes about student loads or the post office scandal, both are worse off because of Tory and Labour Ministers.

2024-06-15 13:00:20

Former prime minister says it all, clown, liar ,incompetent buffoon , hannah you should aim higher .

Genevieve Bolton
2024-06-16 05:24:22

I really feel for Hannah Ellis. Shes been a councillor for just a few weeks, nobody knows who she is & then is suddenly bumped up to be the MP candidate? I cant help thinking she has been strategically postioned as the MP candidate because 'she doesnt really matter to the party' & if she isnt voted in it wont be such an embarrassment to them if one of the more established & well known Harlow Cons councillors had been selected & not elected? Was she a paper candidate in the local election & just 'got lucky' because her husband is already a councillor? Who knows? I know where my vote is going & it isnt to the blues or red. The Greens will be getting my vote! They work hard for Harlow residents despite not having an elected councillor 'yet'. Ive seen them at council meetings, taking notes & asking questions to the cabinet. They dont have major companys or billionaires backing them & yet they beaver away for Harlow paying for everything they do themselves!! I find this admirable in this day & age of 'take, take, take'. Dont under estimate the Harlow Green Party Candidate. Ive met her more than once & she is a truly hard worker for Harlow & would be a true asset to Harlow to represent us all in Westminster.

2024-06-16 08:32:37

Genevieve, I think Hannah Ellis has been working at Downing St for some time, that's all I know about her. And while I wouldn't vote green as it's a wasted vote, I agree with some of the members. What Hannah Bolton and Jennifer Steadman do for the Harlow's injured wildlife is amazing, esp Hannah, the amount of time she gives is unreal let alone everything else. Thoroughly decent people.

Legalise Psychedelics
2024-06-20 07:55:25

UKIP's Lois Perry for MP! A future Prime Minister 'from' Harlow, to put it back on the map!! Manifesto Pledge https://shorturl.at/Qnz14 YOUR CHANCE TO MAKE HISTORY.

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