Princess Alexandra Hospital: Elderly woman died after staff failed to note X-ray result

Health / Thu 20th Jun 2024 at 06:54am

AN 88-year-old woman died after medics failed to deal with a fractured collarbone – even though it had showed up on an X-ray.

Margaret Pilgrim died at the Princess Alexandra Hospital on June 29, 2023 – around three weeks after breaking her clavicle in a fall at home.

The break showed up on an X-ray but was not included in her notes when she was discharged from hospital on June 4 – the day after she was admitted following her fall.

It meant pain relief was not prescribed until June 6 when her GP raised the concerns of the family with the trust.

A prevention of future deaths report said Mrs Pilgrim’s health started to decline rapidly on June 10 “with delirium”.

She was given treatment with antibiotics and although a scan on June 19 showed no evidence of pneumonia Mrs Pilgrim remained unwell.

Mrs Pilgrim was admitted into hospital and despite treatment continued to decline with “intermittent delirium”.

An inquest found she died from heart failure and bronchopneumonia.

The prevention of future deaths report found that “the trust did not treat the patient for the fracture who was discharged with no pain relief or consideration of care package”.

It added: “The discharge summary omitted to inform the patient, her family or her GP of the fracture and no follow-up in the fracture clinic was booked.

“The fracture was only confirmed when the GP raised the concerns of the family with the trust and the GP arranged analgesia, social care contact and follow-up for the fracture clinic.”

Finola Devaney, director of clinical quality and governance and assistant chief nurse (quality) at The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust, said: “We offer our deepest condolences to Mrs Pilgrim’s loved ones. We apologise for any gaps in her care and treatment, which impacted on her subsequent care.

“We are committed to learning from this incident and ensuring that improvements are implemented. We will be issuing a full response to the Coroner on actions taken by August 5.”

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17 Comments for Princess Alexandra Hospital: Elderly woman died after staff failed to note X-ray result:

2024-06-20 07:03:22

Pah has really gone down hill well the whole nhs has my mother died last year from sepsis and problems with her diabetes a week after being discharged from Pah there was no after care in place and she also had dementia she died suddenly

2024-06-20 07:36:52

My dad died there 10 yrs ago, he was failed, he weighed 28 kilos when he died which is about 4.4stone, he never got the physio therapy he should have, he was placed in the fetal position for so long his bones fused and they had to break his legs to get him in a coffin, we had meetings which went on for a yearvor more and a big investigation took place,after that we had meetings with senior officials who admitted negligence had taken place and said that lessons had been learnt, "CLEARLY" nothing had changed for this poor lady, I firmly believe that when we get to a certain age they see us as a hinderence and can't be bothered.

2024-06-20 07:58:54

I feel too scared now to go to hospital as I've got copd. It's absolutely dreadful.

2024-06-20 09:27:18

My mother died there some time ago at PAH – An undiagnosed ruptured spleen a week after an RTA. It was only because we were wealthy enough that we were able to drag them to the verge of court that we got any justice– If we hadn’t had the money to lose, they would have been able to get away with a payout of a few thousand that could be brushed under the carpet. In the end they made an offer of a payout that was so huge that it would have been bigger than anything the courts would have offered, so we had to accept and sign a non-disclosure agreement – That is how these hospitals work. They do everything to cover up incompetence and never learn from their mistakes. You only hear a fraction of the horrors that occur there.

2024-06-20 12:35:25

The NHS is not safe, it is not under funded, it is just appalling bad and its staff and their attitudes are a large reason it is so bad. They focus solely on the NHS not the patients, or outcomes. Reform have the right idea of reforming the NHS along side French lines.

Theresa Merry
2024-06-20 14:17:36

My poor dad he was only 73 he was quite ill, we was allowed to bring him home next day he died , but what up set me so much I went back a couple of days later to tell one of the patients who he had made friends with and they told me the night before we took him home he had been left all though the night in the chair by the bed he hadn’t even been put to bed properly his food was left on the side cold and medication was never given properly just left on the table by the bed heart breaking

Mr Grumpy
2024-06-20 14:22:53

Front line staff are under great pressure from above and moral is low. When things go wrong, they are always the ones to blame that adds even more stress on their shoulders. Stop blaming the front line staff and start blaming the penny pinchers who, in my opinion, are truly the ones to blame.

Tory butchers
2024-06-20 15:56:16

This sort of thing is the price we have to pay for having had 14 years of Tory government. They absolutely hate the NHS, they always have done because it doesn't line shareholder's pockets, and as a result they've starved it of staff and investment in order for it to fail so it can be replaced with a good earner for their millionaire mates. If they get back in again they'll finish it completely.

Me, Harlow
2024-06-20 16:27:53

Going through something similar with my father in law at Whipps. The NHS, once you are elderly, do not seem to care. The level of care there right now has lead to his son asking the nurses outright if they are deliberately trying to kill him.

2024-06-20 19:04:16

Pay…. Useless! My daughter is meant to have 3 monthly eye checks for uveitis and my son was referred to the same unit for swollen optic nerves in both eyes way back in march. Still haven’t had an appointment with either child… daughter was due two months ago.

2024-06-20 19:05:59

PAH… not PAY!

2024-06-20 20:55:23

nock it down and build flats

Me, Harlow
2024-06-20 23:25:35

Me, that dept seems particularly bad. Went there myself about 6 years ago, 5 times for same issue. They kept giving me various eye drops and asking me to make another appointment. 5 different docs diagnosed me with 5 different things wrong. I gave up and stopped going. Hope your kids get the help they need asap, deffo worth chasing.

Old harlow.
2024-06-21 06:19:37

This hospital just do not care. Basic care is not provided. Basic xrays, bloods, examinations not done. If you are in A&E everything should be assessed from head to toe and eliminated. Not half done. People in Harlow catchment are so vulnerable. It has such a horrendous name for a hospital. I sat in A&E, a lady with a suspected stroke was trialed after 2 hours, another with chest pain trialed after 2 hours. Disgusting. Not met guidelines.

2024-06-21 08:10:14

nock it down and build flats

Mike Price
2024-06-21 08:42:16

A year ago my grandson was in pain and refused an MRI Scan by PAH Consultant as ‘ he was too young to have a back problem (21) and MRI Scan too expensive’. Two days later after collapsing in agony he was rush by ambulance to Brookfield where an MRI was performed to reveal major problems in lower back. Bloomfield marvellous, PAH consultant needs retraining!!!!

A sad daughter
2024-06-23 12:01:19

My father died in PAH, he was sedated but writhing in pain. When we told staff and asked for pain meds we were told “he’s sedated, he can’t feel the pain much”. I have a video of my father crying out and writhing in the bed. There’s NO WAY he wasn’t in pain. The whole NHS has become well below decent human standard.

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