General Election 24: Chris Vince backs Labour’s work plan to “help get economy growing”

Elections / Thu 27th Jun 2024 at 07:33am

LABOUR’S Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Liz Kendall, has said that Labour’s plan to get Britain working is crucial to growing the economy – Labour’s number one mission in government.

In the East of England, more than 849,000 people are now economically inactive, an increase of more than 137,000 people over the course of this Parliament to more than 1 in 5 working age people. Across the region, the number of young people who are out of work due to health reasons has risen by 219% under the Tories to 26,500 young people. The East of England has the highest increase (219%) for any region in the country for sickness-related economic inactivity between 2010 and 2023. 

Across the UK, 9.4 million people are now economically inactive, an increase of 824,000 since the last General Election, with Tory failure on the economy, jobs and health leading to the worst parliament on record for economic inactivity.

Kendall will say the Tories failure to get Britain working “stretches into every corner of the country”.

Over the course of this parliament, every region of England has seen an increase in economic inactivity.

Under the Tories, Britain’s employment rate has still not returned to pre-pandemic levels. In contrast, Labour will target an increase in the employment rate from 75 per cent to 80 per cent, which would be the highest in the G7 and mean over two million more people in work across the UK.

Under Labour’s plans will take the lead in tackling economic inactivity and extending employment opportunity for people who are currently locked out of the workforce.

Ms Kendall will say Labour’s Mayors are already showing the difference that can be made in helping people get work, and get on in their work, but that they need the power to do more including through Labour’s plans to devolve employment support and join up health, work and skills.

Putting Mayors in the driving seat of change are a key part of Labour’s plan to get Britain working again, including:

  • A new national jobs and careers service – bringing together Jobcentreplus and the careers service – to get more people into work and to support those seeking better opportunities with the means to find better paid work.
  • A youth guarantee – that will mean opportunities for training, an apprenticeship or help to find work for all young people aged 18-21 years old, to prevent young people becoming excluded from the world of work at a young age.
  • Cutting NHS waiting times with a plan to deliver 40,000 more NHS appointments a week in the evenings and weekends and providing specialist mental health support in every school and walk in access in every community, tackling one of the key drivers of worklessness before it takes hold.
  • Overhauling skills with new Technical Excellence Colleges and by reforming the Tories failed apprentice levy which has seen apprenticeship starts for young people fall by a third.
  • New employment advisers for young people in Labour’s Young Futures hubs, offering joined up, specialist help tailored to individual needs and 1,000 new careers advisers in schools underpinned by good quality work experience, so young people leave school ready for work and ready for life.
  • Transforming Access to Work for disabled people, so they know what equipment, adaptations of personal support they’ll get before they start work – giving them the confidence to take the plunge.

Liz Kendall, Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions said:

“The Tories failure to get Britain working stretches into every corner of the country. This is bad for people, bad for businesses and bad for growth.

“This isn’t good enough for working people or British business. Labour has a plan to get Britain working: creating good jobs in every part of the country, making work pay, transforming skills, overhauling jobcentres and tackling the root causes of worklessness like poor physical and mental health.

Chris Vince, Labour Candidate for Harlow, said:

“After 14 years, all the Tories have to offer Harlow is more of the same, with the number of people out of work and the benefits bill both set to rise over the next five years.

“It’s time for change. In every corner of the country, Labour will get Britain working again and get Britain growing again.”

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24 Comments for General Election 24: Chris Vince backs Labour’s work plan to “help get economy growing”:

Jenny Kirsh
2024-06-27 08:12:45

Who are 'working people' Mr Vince? As shown in last night's Sunak Starmer debate, Labour has no clear plans and no radical policies or solutions. Vince is a Starmer puppet supporting Israel and the Right to Buy. Anyone wanting a progressive programme should vote for the Green Party, who have more credible socialist plans. Vince and Labour are not serious.

2024-06-27 11:16:18

Jamie. You missed off Slough. Woking - bankrupt, Thurrock - bankrupt (was tory at time of bankruptcy). It's not the win you think it is, all these councils have one thing in common and that is the cuts of funding.. TomCat, Ulez was a Boris invention. Pay by mile is a load of tosh by the way, it was talked about, again when Boris was in charge, of London. It is not on the table by Sadiq. And what is funny about all Labour Cllrs in a photo promoting his party?!! lol.

2024-06-27 11:52:52

Jenny, you say that Labour doesn't have plans. This article is actually about a Labour plan.

2024-06-27 14:34:24

Government cannot create jobs, nor grow the economy there is nothing here which will do that it is all push not pull. All government can do is create the conditions for growth. The way to create a pull is lower taxes, less regulations and getting government out of the way. Oh and ditch net zero

Guy Flegman
2024-06-27 16:27:41

Ther are actually 2 ways to get growth. You can reduce red tape and taxes of you can borrow money for large infrastructure projects which often boost growth. Unfortunately this country has already borrowed too much and the state is spending over 100% of gdp , so it seems there is only the first option available. Though I am guessing who ever wins will just borrow more and bury their head in the sand as our society continues to collapse around us. Oh and for the Labour loves who think more tax is the way to go, you should look at how many skilled high paid workers are leaving this country.

2024-06-27 16:40:56

Economic growth is an increase of services and goods, increase of capital goods, technology, labour force and human capital. Tax cuts are generally less effective in increasing economic growth than increases in spending by gov. Also, by making real effort in reducing poverty (instead of it increasing in the UK) also does wonders for economic growth, but not if only a few elite people benefit from it as it would be short lived. This last bit is the UK in a nutshell.

2024-06-27 16:58:13

Adam - I'm assuming you are the same person who made the post having a go at Vic Goddard. You said you have made a recent trip to San Francisco. What did you think about their homeless problem? That's what the US low tax regime gets you, that's what a selfish money first cuture gets you, even worse public services that we have here in the UK and the streets full of mentally ill homeless people. Rishi loves the US as he'll be in California before the year's out. Farage loves the US because one of his clients is Trump. And back to Vic Goddard, yes he's on a good salary, but you choose to slag off someone who cares deeply about kids and their education, does a very difficult job in trying circumstances. You don't mention Farage living off a gold-plated EU pension even though he did pretty much no meaningful work as an MEP. You don't mention the venal Tories and the obscene amounts of money they funneled to their friends via PPE - remember Michele Mone's yatch. Remember that Rishi failed to investigate the PPE abuses, probably becuase he knows how big the scandal will be.

Iain Lindsay
2024-06-27 17:29:09

What a load of guff! The vast majority of people who don't work do through choice because they are bone idle and successive governments of all stripes feather bed them with extortionate dole payments funded by those that choose to work. If they don't want to work, they should be taken out of council properties and placed in labour camps and chain gangs clearing ditches etc. Failing that, they should be issued with ration books rather than cash payments so they have the bare essentials to live on.

2024-06-27 18:30:15

Steve - Yes I am. The issue in San Fran is not low taxes as CA has high taxes. The issue there is the fact democrats have basically decriminalised most crimes and the police cannot arrest anyone or detain them if even arrested. This type of instanity is what will happen under labour.

2024-06-27 20:45:24

Adam, proof please that Labour will allow that to happen, cheers.

2024-06-27 21:05:06

California tax rates are still lower than the UK and you also have to pay a lot more for healthcare. I'm no defender of the Democrats, but one of the many reasons San Francisco, and Portland, have such a homeless problem is that they actually make some attempt to offer support to them - so the homeless head there. Somebody I know who lived in Vegas said they basically hose them off the streets. And I'm not here to promote Labour, but to say they would let crime run loose here is utter nonsense.

2024-06-27 21:26:42

And in California they send double the proportion of their population to jail - look it up. How can that be the case if they can't arrest anyone?

David Forman
2024-06-28 05:54:45

The key phrase by Mr Vince is in the penultimate paragraph of the article: "people out of work and the benefits bill both set to rise over the next five years." What Vince really means is Labour will impoverish people by invalidating benefit claims by further 'conditionality' hurdles and manipulating Work Capability Assessments to find people 'fit' for work.

David Forman
2024-06-28 06:14:59

It is worth remembering that the last Labour government introduced Work Capability Assessments. The sheer number of successful appeals for people who had their benefits cut shows that a even tougher regime will not save money in the long run and will weaken people's health. I've seen first hand how the DWP knocked chronically ill people off benefits and made their health situation far worse. It's sociapathic behaviour and economic illiteracy by Labour that will increase the demands on the NHS.

2024-06-28 07:15:59

David Foreman, another anti-labour post from you that is selective.. Over 100 disability organisations tell the gov not to ditch Work Capability Assessments, as concerns it will cost people £400 a month, causing even more poverty and even deaths, esp when we live in a country with a cost of living crisis. Nobody choses to be disabled, let's not forget that. Also, after so many years of Conservative cuts where people are subjected to an assessment that was demeaning, arbitrary and cruel (that has been faulty with a high number of appeals), and so many cuts to welfare and social spending has caused thousands of excess deaths, we cannot really keep blaming Labours policy without looking at the party that has been in charge the last 14 years. Just this week again the cons said they will cut millions from the welfare budget to give people tax cuts, which as we know only really benefits the well off.

Jenny Kirsh
2024-06-28 08:27:00

Only the Green Party offers genuine change. Both Labour and Tories are identical on: support for Israel, support for nuclear weapons, continuation of our perverse and undemocratic'first past the post' system and support for the Right to Buy council properties. Chris Vince is a puppet for Starmer. He will stand up for Harlow. We need to stop voting for the 'least bad' and vote with conviction to change the system. Both Labour and Tories are taking us for fools. Vote Green!

Jenny Kirsh
2024-06-28 08:28:41

Correction: Chris Vince will not stand up for Harlow.

2024-06-28 09:13:58

Jenny, what do you mean a puppet for Starmer? Makes no sense to me. Also, as said before, tactical voting means voting labour is the only way to get the tories out of Harlow. Voting green is a waste if want to get them out.

David Forman
2024-06-28 10:57:52

For Tracey's benefit: "Mind’s research, Reassessing Assessments, highlighted that PIP assessments share many of the same issues as WCAs do, and are often more problematic. 69% of people with mental health problems who experienced PIP assessments were left feeling their mental health had declined, compared to 62% for the WCA, and 46% of people felt their PIP assessor did not understand mental health problems, compared to 36% assessed under a WCA."

2024-06-28 11:02:31

That's more like it David!

2024-06-28 11:03:56

Shame the tories have cut so much on things like mental health help, there is just nobody to reach out to.

David Forman
2024-06-28 11:06:20

For Trace's benefit I not in favour of the Tories scheme of scrapping Work Capability Assessments which you are referring to in relation to a £400 cut in benefits for some. Actually, some would get a boost of £390 a month while others lose out by same amount (roughly a 60/40 split). Whilst the Mind research is good the views expressed also applies to physical ailments, especially chronic pain cases like Fibromyalgia. Mind's research quote that is applicable is: "process can feel like ‘being put on trial’. People feel mistrusted and judged...Many said that their mental health got worse as a result." See Mind research at https://www.mind.org.uk/news-campaigns/campaigns/benefits/reassessing-assessments/

David Forman
2024-06-28 11:17:14

In my last comment the losers would be 60 percent (520,000) as of November 2023 regarding the Tories scrapping of WCAs. These numbers were revealed thanks to the Information Commissioner fixed the DWP to reveal it's impact assessment on scrapping WCAs. My view is the GP in conjunction with an external panel should assess patients.

James Gamble
2024-06-29 09:10:05

Adam 'Government can't create jobs'. After the 1929 financial crash the American government created jobs by building large structures such as the Hoover Dam. Not only did this create jobs which resulted in more tax payer who spent the gains on items that hat to be made by more workers who paid tax but it also provided them with centuries of cheap energy.

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