Letter to Editor: Robert Halfon sends congratulations to Harlow MP Chris Vince

Politics / Thu 11th Jul 2024 at 07:34am

Dear Editor

AS the former MP for Harlow (2010 to 2204), I just wanted to give my heartfelt congratulations to Chris Vince, the newly elected Labour MP. Although we have different political views, I know he cares deeply about Harlow and the villages and will work hard for residents. I wish Chris well, especially in the big challenges facing our town – in terms of continuing to secure levelling up funds, regeneration and renewal, the new hospital, the UK Health and Security Agency – and of course helping many thousands of residents with ongoing casework and the difficulties they face in their daily lives.

I should also say how proud I was for Councillor Hannah Ellis, who was a brilliant Conservative Parliamentary Candidate and just lost to Chris Vince by around 2,500 votes. Hannah started off in my Commons office at 16 years old doing work experience and ended up running my whole office just a few years later. She is an outstanding individual. I am confident Hannah will be MP for Harlow one day.

Being MP for Harlow is one of the best jobs in the world. I was honoured to have been Harlow’s longest-serving MP. I know that Chris will work hard for our town and put Harlow’s interests first and foremost. I am sure too, that Councillor Hannah Ellis will hold Chris accountable and will work relentlessly for local residents and the revival of Conservatism in our town.

Yours sincerely
Rt. Hon Robert Halfon
MP for Harlow 2010-2024

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4 Comments for Letter to Editor: Robert Halfon sends congratulations to Harlow MP Chris Vince:

2024-07-11 08:12:49

A wonderful 194 years of representation from mr Halfon. Congratulations and thanks for your service.

Simon Vincent
2024-07-11 08:31:05

I would like to wish you all the best for the future Robert, although our politics are different, you put that to one side to help your constituencies and Usdaw my Union, when Tesco closed there Distribution site in Harlow with other sites, and opened sites on lower terms and conditions, I am sure you will be successful in your future plans.

Alan Hall
2024-07-11 09:38:29

A very honourable and generous letter from Robert Halfon.

Harlow lifer
2024-07-11 15:47:14

Happy retirement robert thanks for the work you done over the years for harlow.

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