YourHarlow (YH) is an on-line newspaper, established in July 2013, committed to providing 24/7 news for the whole of Harlow.

We are the only Harlow-based news publication in the town.

Our work has been featured on BBC One Show, Sky News and a whole host of newspapers. Many see the YH model as the future of local news.

We want people to invest, commit, live and stay here.

We are growing all the time.

In 2023, we had over 5 million page views and published 4,300 stories.

We have 16,000 followers on Facebook and 8,000 on Twitter.


There are a whole host of ways you can advertise on YourHarlow.

The key strategy is that we keep pushing your message across all our platforms.

We offer a banner ad that clicks through to your site. We offer editorial, interviews and much more.

What is very important is that we share your posts on Facebook. That means your post goes straight to our 13,000 followers and beyond. That’s a lot of local eyeballs!

What we think you want is a local business helping another business get its message to the people of Harlow. We also know you want a competitive price.

We deliver on all fronts.

Firstly, just ring us on 07757167689 and we can chat. Whether it is for one day or a whole year, we can find a package that is right for you.


As you may see from our banner ads, we have a host of clients. Some want to advertise for a week, some for year. Whatever you want, we can provide.


Whether you advertise for a week or a year, our aim is to keep your profile running across all channels.

We offer the following deals.

Starting a Business

This offer is for small businesses.

Want to tell our readers, you are open for business?

Want to tell readers, you are starting a business?

We offer a £199 a month deal to let our readers know.

That’s banner ad, advertorial, social media presence, retweet your tweets, share your FB posts.

As much help as you need to tell as many people as possible.

Again, just give us a ring on 07757167689

Our other deals cost

£60 a week if you take out a six month deal

£48 a week if you take out a one year deal.

We also have a very competitive one month package.

We can advertise for one day or one week and are happy  to discuss.

What does the package involve?


Banner Ad on the site, which clicks through to yours.

Unlimited editorial/advertorial

We publish a press release/advertorial on our website. That is also placed on our Facebook page and our Twitter page.

Periodically, we repeat it.

What is also a key tool is if you have a Facebook page, we will share any of your posts. That post appears on our page, seen by thousands of followers. Very much the climb on line model.

We give you full feedback on the stats. Click throughs on the banner, page views on the news item, reach of the Facebook entries.

This is all about return on investment (ROI) and we work very hard to ensure you get that.

As we say, pick up the phone and let’s have a conversation.

We know this is a really important time for businesses in Harlow just now. We are here to get your message out there. Let us help each other.

Thank you

Michael Casey

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