Chihuahua struck down by joyriders

THE dog’s owner was walking her dog, a Chihuahua/Jack Russell cross, along the cycle track between The Stow and Burgoyne Hatch, Harlow on December 2 around 7pm when two young men on motor bikes, without lights or helmets, rode past her and hit her dog. They did not stop. The dog was taken to local vets but fortunately was not seriously injured.

“Postcards and Penguins” at Gatehouse Arts charity auction

‘AND £15 to the man in the unusual shirt’, flanked by artist Kien Vong who for Saturday’s event is known only as ‘The Penguin’, Harlow MP Robert Halfon has just sold a piece of art featuring hands locked womb like around a foetus, to Labour Councillor Ian Beckett.

FA “blocking my progress” claims Francesca

AFTER building her footballing career at Mark Hall Girls and Harlow Town FC, Charlton Athletic Ladies midfielder Francesca Tye, has claimed further progression has been blocked by recent FA decisions. This season the Football Association have announced that the Women’s Super League (WSL) will expand to two divisions.

Fitting farewell to beloved Mick

THEY CAME in their hundreds to Parndon Crematorium to pay their respects to Mick Stock. The size of the congregation and the warmth of the eulogies illustrated how fond everyone was of Mick. His wife Dee and sons Thomas, Jamie and Jordan were joined by family and friends who had known and been touched by knowing Mick.

Trevor’s clever investigation on Jack the Ripper

THE show opened with Mr Marriott introducing himself and asking the audience about their own knowledge of Jack the Ripper, who seemed to know their stuff having read books and watched documentaries. Well, Mr Marriott changed all that the minute he started talking in a fashion that one couldn’t help but compare to the great Columbo.

Burnt Mill: The “Outstanding” school where no child is left behind

FOR A long time, Burnt Mill had a reputation as the school that battled with Mark Hall for top spot in the town. Both schools saw a decline in their fortunes. In 2009, Burnt Mill’s nadir was the fact that only 27% of all pupils gained 5 or more GCSE’s at A* to C (inc. English and Maths). And so, that is where Helena Mills came to take charge. Since then, the school has seen a remarkable transformation in its fortunes. In 2013, the school recorded a record 76% with 5 A* to C (inc English and Maths).

Feature: Sunday evening on the Chocolate Run

THE charity gained its name when it was initially set up as a service that delivered hot chocolate to the homeless in central London. Now based at the Playbarn, at the Great Parndon Community Association, the charity reaches out to anyone in the area who is without a home, or who is struggling with financial hardship. Two hours spent at The Chocolate Run reveal that this encompasses a wide range of people, young or old and from all kinds of different backgrounds.

Stride attacks Halfon over energy prices

ROBERT Halfon has voted for higher energy prices in the House of Commons says Labour candidate, Suzy Stride. Under this government, energy bills have risen by almost £300 a year for families, and businesses say it’s the second biggest cost they face. On Wednesday (6th Nov) Labour held a debate in parliament calling on the government to freeze energy prices to ease the escalating cost of living for families and help out small businesses. Labour also called for all over-75s to be automatically put on the lowest possible energy tariff by their supplier. Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs voted down the proposal meaning higher energy bills for households and businesses in Harlow.

Review: Award winning Vikki Stone definitely has the X Factor

HILARIOUS and relatable, Vikki Stone is an absolute must-see. Expect the unexpected as the winner of The Soho Theatre “One Night Stand Up” award delivers her intelligent analysis of popular culture, peppered with profanities and side-splitting wit. The over the top, musical comedy is fresh and fast-paced in a show that cleverly satirises ‘15 minutes of fame’ TV by mirroring its format.

Council warns government over expanding Stansted

COUNTY councillor David Finch, Leader of ECC said: “The UK does not have the time or the money to waste on unpractical or undeliverable schemes that could suck up a sum of taxpayer’s money equivalent to twice the UK’s defence budget. Any proposal for a giant super-hub airport at Stansted is completely unacceptable to the council and Essex residents. “

Man in clown mask robs six in Harlow Town Park

DETECTIVES have appealed for information after six people were threatened during a knifepoint robbery at Harlow. The three men and three women were sitting chatting near the bandstand in Harlow Park when they were approached by two masked men at about 10.30pm on Monday, September 23.