Celebrations after u-turn on Harlow’s lollipop patrols

LABOUR’S parliamentary candidate for Harlow Suzy Stride said: “I am very pleased that Conservative Essex County Council has seen sense on this and have finally agreed to not cut school crossing patrols. “After months of campaigning by the local community and councillors, I welcome the U-turn by the Conservative administration. School crossing patrols provide a vital service to people in Harlow and people across Essex, and cutting them would risk children’s lives.

Nishall’s Blog: Reasons why you should vote…

SIX months ago I turned 18, and guess what? I can vote, and have been so excited to do so. What a wonderful opportunity to have your say in how the our country is ran. Some people always vote. Others actively choose not to. But if you’re one of those yet to decide, here are some reasons why you might want to have your say.

Harlow Independents Party still in good heart

The leader of the Harlow Independent Party, Joshua Jolles is in positive mood and wants to remind voters that there are alternatives and the HIP squad offer a fresh look at Harlow politics. It is fair to say that Bush Fair candidate, Bob McKenzie is the only candidate that has delivered a personal leaflet to the candidates in his ward.

UKIP on the march in Bush Fair

WE ALWAYS like what we call our Blue Peter moment, when we see a council candidate march past our office. Our office happens to be in the ward of Bush Fair. So, when we saw UKIP candidate, Dan Long going door to door, we thought we would take the chance to grab an interview.

Labour ask for urgent talks as Gypsy-Travellers play “cat and mouse”

AN ESSEX County Council member for Harlow has demanded urgent talks with Essex County Council as Gypsy_Travellers have moved from Third Avenue to Katherines Way and now to Southern Way. Cllr Karen Clempner said: ” I share the significant concerns of local residents and businesses on the impact of the current large group of Travellers in Harlow.

Are these the worst potholes in Harlow?

WE do know that there is quite a lot of stiff competition out there but there is something about the deep river of potholes that run along Minchen Road and into Mardyke Road. It does seem somewhat appropriate that a Mardyke is a valley that runs into the Thames through Thurrock.

Are thieves clocking on at midnight in Harlow?

HAVE A look at this video and make your own mind up. The footage shows a car pull up into a street in Purford Green in Harlow at just after 1130pm on Wednesday May 7th. They wait until midnight and as soon as the street lights go out, one person alights from the vehicle and into the darkness.

Labour outrage as Essex Tory councillors vote for extra allowances

COMPLAINTS and compensation claims from motorists and pedestrians are up, and Essex County is the 5th worst in the country for road maintenance, yet some of them are claiming the roads are getting better and there is no problem. I’d suggest that they come and speak to angry residents in Harlow. As one resident said, now they have turned off the lights at midnight, they can’t even see the potholes they are falling in to.

Essex Council on Potholes…”We are successfully tackling defects” says councillor

Cllr Bass concluded: “We are successfully tackling defects on roads and footways throughout Essex, although there is still much work to be done. “Adverse weather over the last few winters has taken its toll on roads in Essex as it has across the country, but defects on the county’s main routes maintained by Essex Highways are down. We have also invested in repairs to the footway network.

Essex Council: No Give Way on school crossing patrols

IF schools want to keep their School Crossing Patrols on sites with zebra or pelican crossings, it has been suggested funding could be obtained through sponsorship or fundraising. Essex County Council would continue to employ, train and manage the School Crossing Patrol officers and retain employment liabilities. We would also continue to provide absence cover.

Ward by Ward: Great Parndon: Could UKIP let Labour in?

ESSEX County Councillor, Karen Clempner is hoping that this seat is a Labour gain. They may well do that. One of the reasons is that popular Joshua Jolles who regained the seat in 2010, left the Conservative group last year and became an Independent. He then started the Harlow Independent Party and that is the banner he is standing on this time. As affable a chap as he is, many people will vote on party lines. All he may do is split the vote and let cllr Clempner in.

Democracy at Essex County Council

CABINET, Tuesday 20 May 2014 from 10:00am, Committee Room 1: Members and Officers Foreign Travel Committee, Tuesday 20 May 2014 from 10:30am, Committee Room 1: Essex Health and Wellbeing Board, Tuesday 20 May 2014 from 14:00, The Council Chamber, Tendring District Council, Town Hall, Station Road, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, CO15 1SE:

Ward by Ward: Netteswell

IN 2010, Mike Danvers won this ward by 287 votes. That was in an unpopular year for Labour as they sank in the General Election. Mike Danvers is a well-embedded local councillor for the area and an advocate for the causes and concerns of residents in the ward.

Longwood Primary lurches further into crisis after shocking Ofsted report

THE CRISIS gripping Longwood Primary school in Paringdon Road has deepened after Ofsted have told the school it has got worse after bein placed into special measures. With most schools, special measures is often the “feet touching the bottom of the pool” moment. Schools often then start an upward journey of recovery. St Marks in 2013 and St James in 2014 are just two examples.

Ward by Ward: Old Harlow: Too close to call!

The reason for the narrowing of the gap? Gilden Way and the Junction 7a M11 situation have clearly not helped. It must be the type of ward that Robert Halfon has an eye on when it comes to retaining his seat or not in less than twelve months time.

What is is blessed with is two very good candidates thrashing it out. We interviewed Labour’s Tom Newens at the top end and then the Conservative’s Joel Charles at the bottom end.

Housing plan for Harlow to be unveiled

THE exhibitions give residents and businesses the opportunity to see up close the five examples which form part of the proposed Emerging Strategy and Further Options consultation, which one or a combination of the examples, will become an important part of the emerging Local Development Plan. Visitors will be able to pick up copies of the consultation leaflet and questionnaire, as well as talk to members of the Forward Planning Team about the proposals.