Have the unions in Harlow just given UKIP a free advert?

YESTERDAY, a leaflet dropped onto the doormats of Harlow properties. One dropped through the Your Harlow letter box. With Nigel Farage’s face beaming out, we thought for a while that this was part of the big Day of Action on March 29th. In fact the leaflet is published by www.unionstogether.org.uk and is part of a campaign in Harlow to ‘expose” UKIP.

The Harlow Conversation is coming….

ON Saturday 5th April, 80 citizens from Harlow will gather in Harlow for a one-day community event. The People’s Poll is part of a new research project being undertaken by the University of Cambridge. For the first time the People’s Poll is taking place in Harlow.

Harlow Conservative MEP on campaign trail over economy (and UKIP).

CONSERVATIVE MEP, Vicky Ford joined Harlow MP, Robert Halfon in Staple Tye at the weekend to campaign on a number of issues. Most of the issues involved the economy, from energy prices to VAT on fuel. The formidable Ms Ford has a clear message for the Harlow voters whether it is local, european or general elections and she also has a clear message for UKIP as well.

Bans and fines for three Harlow bus companies

DEPUTY Traffic Commissioner for the East of England, Miles Dorrington, determined that Roadrunner Coaches Ltd, Olympus Bus and Coach Ltd and Roadrunner Buses Ltd must pay a total of £10,450 following evidence they failed to meet standards for registered bus services.

Suzy asks what do women want in Harlow?

Suzy Stride hosted a community event with women in Harlow to mark International Women’s Day and heard them talk about their day to day lives, the challenges they face as women and how they can overcome them.

The event was part of a national day of action organised by Labour to celebrate and ensure women’s voices are heard with events also taking place up and down the country.

Nigel Farage plans UKIP Day of Action in Harlow

A further war of words occurred on Saturday (March 8th) Thurrock UKIP tweeted a photo of four of their team who had been out campaigning. The tweet was seen by Harlow Councillor Tony Durcan who, in his own inimitable way, noted that not one of them was a woman. “Nice to see the ladies of UKIP not available,cleaning behind fridge?”

“Some UKIP members are like Nazis” says Robert Halfon

MR Halfon, MP for Harlow, said: “To me there are two kinds of UKIP – the Godfrey Bloom guy who’s like a cross between Sid James and Bernard Manning, and then there’s a much more sinister element, like the MEP who said every Muslim has got to sign a declaration of non-violence, which to me is literally akin to the Nazis saying Jews should wear a yellow star.

Burnt Mill and Passmores top school places bid (but stats make grim reading for Mark Hall and St Marks)

PASSMORES ACADEMY and Burnt Mill Academy have once again topped the poll judging by the number of applications they received for pupils to enter Year 7 in September 2014. Passmores Academy had 706 applications in total for just 210 places. Burnt Mill Academy wasn’t far behind with 643 applications for their 210 places.

MP Halfon raises tragic case of Eystna Blunnie in House of Commons

BEFORE she met her ex-fiancé, Eystna was a happy young woman who had a close relationship with her family. During her relationship with her ex-fiancé she became withdrawn, and had little contact with her mother and father. In April 2012, she was taken to hospital after being strangled and falling unconscious. She was pregnant at the time, with a daughter called Rose. She made the decision to leave her ex-fiancé, and returned to live with her family. But two months later, and just days before her baby was due, she received a text from him saying he had a surprise for her. She was found by the roadside with over 50 injuries, and died shortly afterwards from severe head injuries.

Questionnaire for proposed M11 junction 7a reopened

A QUESTIONNAIRE about the proposals for the new M11 junction 7a has been reopened for further comments to alleviate some confusion which arose around the last question. The questionnaire, which originally closed on 31st January 2014, has been reopened until 17th March 2014, with the question which had previously caused some confusion subsequently revised.

Labour education minister impressed with ambition in Harlow students

LABOUR shadow education minister, Lucy Powell visited Harlow College, Burnt Mill Academy and Passmores Academy and was clearly impressed with the drive and sense of purpose shown by the students and staff that the shadow minister met. YH caught up with Ms Powell, who was joined by Labour candidate, Suzy Stride, and assessed what her impressions were of Harlow students.

Over 3,000 homes improved in Harlow in less than a year

HARLOW Council has so far completed 3,000 home improvements as part of its Modern Council Homes Programme. The £22m programme, which started in July 2013, has seen over 3,000 improvements carried out in more than 1,500 Council homes and in addition nearly 2,000 electrical safety tests completed. The Council is planning to spend a further £26m on around 5,000 home improvements in 2014/15.

Labour candidate slams Halfon over “Scumbag football hooligans” tweet

YOUR tweet and picture was a gross misrepresentation of the night’s events. Further your tweet bears a scary resemblance to the misguided black propaganda that fills the Hansard of 17 April 1989 in which Tory MPs rose in the chamber of the House of Commons to decry the football hooligans that had caused a fatal crush at the Hillsborough stadium the previous Saturday.

New figures show 35 people in Harlow affected by Bedroom Tax loophole

AT the beginning of this year, it was revealed that government errors in legislation had led to a loophole in the Bedroom Tax which meant thousands of people have been wrongly charged. At the time Ministers insisted it would hit only a handful of households. Iain Duncan Smith MP told the House of Commons on January 13th that, ‘that the number is likely to be between 3,000 and 5,000. When asked how many people were affected by the loophole on 13th January, work and pensions minister Esther McVey MP said ‘This information is not available’.

Councillors praise new welfare rights contract

COUNCILLORS from across the divide have praised the new welfare rights and advice contract that has been agreed by Harlow Council. Due to legal restrictions, there was no mention made of the winners of the contract but both Labour and Conservative councillors agreed that it was a new chapter in helping the Harlow residents.