Blogpost: Mark Hall voters far from apathetic

“I walked out the door, swiping my keys off the side and took a last bite out of a bread roll I’d grabbed on my way out. I had not been back from sixth form an hour before I found myself emptying my bag to fill it with a massive envelope stuffed with election leaflets and quickly slurping a hot mug of tea.

Special Report: The homeless at St Paul’s in Harlow

IF you’ve walked past St Paul’s Church in the town centre recently, you might have noticed that Harlow’s homelessness problem has become a lot more visible. The small gardens at the side of the church have been filled with tents, pitched by the homeless looking for a safe place to sleep.

Harlow Foodbank now feeding over 300 people a month

SINCE April 2009 Harlow Foodbank has fed over 14,000 people in crisis with emergency food. It has this year distributed 65.5 tonnes of donated food in Harlow and the surrounding area, through its referral system working in partnership with 154 front-line partners. The foodbank now feeds an average of 313 people each month (209 adults & 104 children) and referrals this year have increased by 5.5% in comparison to the same period last year.

Update on illegal encampments in Harlow

It is reported that there are seven caravans in this encampment. Essex County Council obtained possession of the land in the county court on Thursday 5 February 2015 and have served the encampment with an order to leave. If the travellers have not vacated the land by today (Friday 6 February 2015) ECC will be instructing bailiffs to carry out an eviction.