Running: Fell runs well in Hatfield

HARLOW Running Club members were out and about at several events at
the weekend and during the previous week.

At the Hatfield Midweek 5K Series, the 3rd race of 3, Adrian Fell finished in 22nd place out of 102 finishers in an excellent 18min 51sec. He was followed home by John Tennant in 38th place and 1st Vet 60 and also the overall series Vet 60 winner. Dionne Jones was 48th and 3rd Female Vet 35 in 21min 20sec, Sean Flynn 52nd in 21min 32sec.
and Sharon Wright 57th in 22min 01sec.

Athletics: Jamie impresses in Ware 10K

HARLOW Running Club member Steve Murtagh completed the Great Eastern Half Marathon at Peterborough in 45th place out of 3842 finishers and 3rd Vet 45 in an excellent 1hr 16min. He was followed home by Lyndon Cooper in 56th place in a personal best time for the distance of 1hr 17min 03sec. In their debuts at the distance, Sandra Rust was 1393rd in 1hr 49min 24sec and Sarah Marriage was 3114th in 2hr 11min 21sec.

Athletics: Jared proves to be man of steel

HARLOW Running Club member Jared Bethell endured an exhausting but enjoyable weekend at the acclaimed ‘Britain’s most beautiful Marathon’ event at the Kielder Reservoir in Northumberland. On the Saturday Bethell completed the 11K run, 25K bike ride, 6K run Duathlon finishing in 6th place out of 163 finishers in an excellent 2hrs 10min 06sec.

Athletics: From Dunmow to Tallin for Harlow road runners

HARLOW Running Club members contested a number of events over the weekend, both at home and abroad. At the Maidenhead Half Marathon in Buckinghamshire Jamie Jephcott finished in 197th position out of 1672 finishers in a superb 1hr 30min 43sec. He was followed home by Steve Ambrose (294th, 1.35.09), Sean
Flynn (495th, 1.42.01), Janice Page (774th, 1.50.00), David Page (964th, 1.55.48), Karen Moir (1238th, 2.05.08) and Debbie Smith (1239th) in a personal best time for the distance (PB) of 2hrs 05min 09sec.

Athletics: Great debut for Saville

HARLOW Running Club member Stuart Saville made a fantastic debut at the 5K distance by winning the latest Gunpowder Parkrun at Waltham Abbey in an excellent 19min 43sec. There were also personal best times for the distance for many other Harlow runners at the event. Terry Ridge (3rd, 19.58 PB), John Bull (10th, 21.06sec PB), Graham George (21st, 22.34 PB), Robin Lozeau (28th, 23.07), Graham Saville (29th, 23.17), Michelle Aitken (46th, 26.12 PB) and Jane Carey (58th, 27.14

Athletics: Strong finishes in Gunpowder run

HARLOW Running Club member Andy Terrell completed the Gunpowder Parkrun 5K in 5th place out of 74 finishers in an excellent 20min
22sec, just 7 seconds outside his personal best time for the distance.

He was followed home by John Bull (13th) in 21min 27sec (PB), Debbie Barry (38th) in 27min 04sec, Jane Carey (42nd) in 28min 24sec (PB) and Vicky Calver (74th) in 36min 05sec.

Running: Fine run by Gardiner in Ladies 5K

HARLOW Running Club hosted the second in a series of three Ladies 5K races last week. First to finish was Harlow’s own Julia Gardiner in an excellent 21min 39sec. She was followed home by Catherine Ridge (2nd) in a personal best time for the distance of 22min 49sec, Lyndsey Hodge (4th) in 24min dead also a PB and Janice Page (7th) 1st Vet 50 in 24min 35sec. There were also personal best times for Debbie Smith
(11th) in 26min 54sec and Louise Cootes (13th) in 27min 09sec, and Laura Jephcott (21st) was 1st Junior in 30min 17sec.

Athletics: Lyndon plots a great finish at Gunpowder 10K

HARLOW Running Club member Lyndon Cooper finished the Gunpowder Park run 5K at Waltham Abbey in 4th place out of 123 finishers in an
excellent 17min 44sec. He was followed home by Terry Ridge (11th) in 20min 11sec, John Bull (22nd) in a personal best time for the distance
of 21min 29sec and Robin Lozeau (34th) in 22min 44sec (PB). Debbie
Barry (63rd) in her first race for HRC finished in 26min 05sec, Michelle Aitken (70th) 26min 39sec and Alison Bull (71st) 26min 59sec.

Athletics: Hilly challenge in the Town Park

HARLOW Running Club held its first of three Ladies 5K Series of races last week on a hilly course through the town park. The winner of this first race was Rebecca White of Saffron Striders in an excellent 20min 26sec. She was followed home by HRC members Paula Reynolds (2nd) in 22min 08sec and Catherine Ridge (3rd) in a personal best time for the distance of 23min 24sec. Lyndsey Hodge (5th) also ran a PB in 24min 31sec, Janice Page (7th) was 1st Vet 50 in 25min 16sec and 13 year old
Laura Jephcott (22nd) was 1st Junior in 30min 23sec. Harlow Running Club won the team prize in this first race.

Athletics: Harlow 10 blazes a trail through the town

HARLOW Running Club staged the 24th running of the Harlow 10 Mile Road Race on a warm and windy Sunday morning. The course started in London Road, opposite Mark Hayourll Sports Centre, went through Newhall, Church Langley, along Hastingwood Road, Threshers Bush, Foster Street,along Harlow Common, cross Potter Street onto the cycle track, through
Ladyshot along Momples Road, then into Felmongers and finished on Mark Hall track.
Hall athletics track.

Athletics: Mob no match for Harlow runners

At the Chelmsford Parkrun 5K on Saturday Roy Steven finished in 41st place out of 213 finishers and 1st Vet 60 in a superb 21min 12 sec. He was followed home by Dave Page (96th) in 24min 20sec and Janice Page(101st) 1st Vet 50 lady in an excellent personal best time for the distance of 24min 39sec.

Athletics: Busy weekend for Harlow Running Club

HARLOW Running Club competed in the last round of the Herts/Essex Mid Week Road Race League division 2 over a 5 mile course at Welwyn Garden City. The men’s team finished 3rd, the ladies team 4th and Harlow were 4th overall. The final league positions show the men’s team 3rd, the ladies team 4th and overall in 4th place out of eight teams.

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